the hung and the restless - wall hung toilet and basin

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the hung and the restless  -  wall hung toilet and basin
Over the years, the gay characters in the film are destined to die from terrible deaths.
Whether they are brutally killed or a tree falls on them, death is the only logical way to deal with a living, breathing gay presence on the screen.
Others prefer "unpleasant endings ".
From Sultan Brunei to Scott Esk (
Tea Party Republican, Member of the John Birch Association, who is a Republican candidate for the House of Oklahoma City)
Some people still like the idea that LGBT people are killed.
Recent research has shown that those who are freed from tyranny in the closet tend to lead to more integration, self
A full life
Those who are still struggling with their desires and trying to deny their sexual identity often make bad decisions that can be dangerous and lead to catastrophic results. Three-
The intersection of love and desire will definitely bring stress and anxiety to those who are unsure of themselves or do not know what they want.
The two foreign films shown at the Frameline 38 Film Festival provide a large number of nude and beef cakes, showing a dramatic contrast to gay-choice life ** written and directed by Tomasz Wasilewski, poland's first gay, bisexual and transgender film left no questions about where the beef was.
Floating Skyscrapers follow the daily grind of Kuba (
. Mateusz Banasiuk)
He has been training in Warsaw for the past 15 years to become a competitive swimmer.
Unfortunately, Kuba also has to deal with the increasingly tense environment outside the pool. Kuba (
. Mateusz Banasiuk)
Got a temporary strike from Michal at the gym. Bartosz Gelner)
When he lives in a floating skyscraper with his girlfriend Sylwia (
Marta Nieradkiewicz)
There is no problem with his mother Ewa in her apartment (
However, there has been friction since Sylwia gave up her apartment and the couple moved in with Ewa.
Kuba's mother thinks Sylwia is an economic and emotional drain in her life (
And competing for her son's attention)
Want that young woman to move out. Kuba (
. Mateusz Banasiuk)
Trapped in a relationship with Sylvain (
Marta Nieradkiewicz)
Unfortunately, contemporary Poland is still very homophobic in floating skyscrapers.
Nobel Peace Prize winner Lech vawensa said gay members of the Polish Parliament should sit behind the wall at the meeting).
Even if Kuba began to explore his own side, he never knew there was (
With someone he never thought would fall in love)
Danger lurking nearby
Sharing joints, sex and midnight swimming with Mihar distracted Kuba from training and girlfriends.
Sylwia announced that she was pregnant, which brought a crisis to all interested parties.
While both mothers want their sons to give up their brotherhood and face it, the two are newbies who think with their hearts rather than with their dick. Kuba (
. Mateusz Banasiuk)and Michal (Bartosz Gelner)
Began to fall in love in the floating skyscrapers and succumb to the angry demands of his mother (
"How can you do this to me? ")
Kuba called Mihar and broke up with him rudely.
He was upset for Kuba's refusal that his father could not take him seriously, felt desperate and helpless, and Mihar offered himself to a group of local thugs who liked to attack the Québec, like a sacrificed lamb.
Wasilewski's actor is committed to five
During a month's rehearsal, the director wanted his sexual intimacy scene to look completely natural (
Not like people "acting ").
As the filmmakers have pointed out: "The most important thing about floating skyscrapers is to portray Kuba as a human being.
Well, he's gay, but that's not the most important thing for him.
Kuba is a swimmer and son.
He has his own dream and his girlfriend.
His homosexuality is not the most important thing.
Although it pushes him to make some decisions, sometimes it also determines his life).
I filmed intimate scenes between Kuba and Mihar and between Sylvia and Kuba in the same movie language as all the other scenes.
"With the help of Jacob kihoski photography, the poster art of floating skyscrapers, floating skyscrapers remind the audience to live in a depressed environment, gay and/or bisexual men must try to contact what it feels like to them.
In this hate-filled environment, it is not surprising to see the violent death of hungry queer.
But it would be great to get through this dramatic device.
The trailer is here.
* In stark contrast to the Polish crackdown on society, as described by Argentine director Rodrigo grero in the third film, it is completely refreshing for gay men to relax their confidence and be free to engage in casual sex. Franco (
Nicholas Armenia)and Hernán (
Carlos echefreya)
It's been eight years.
Although it is still obvious that we love each other very much (
Make fun of each other though)
Franco spent a lot of time on computers flirting with young people on gay online chat sites.
One night he began to chat with fade.
Dior)A handsome 22-year-old boyyear-
Old college student living with his father.
Over the next few nights, Franco and Fayed flirt online and participate in the standard gay cruise game (
"You show me yours, I'll show you mine ")
Until Franco suggested three people.
During their video hat, Hernan (
Who's missing the computer-oriented)
Access is visible from the kitchen.
When Franco agreed, he was invited to have dinner and sex.
What happens next is very rare in gay movies.
Franco and Hernan invited fade to come over for dinner, and in the third room after fade arrived at the apartment, three people sat down for dinner and took the time to get to know each other.
No guilt, no panic, no anxiety.
Fayed learned how Franco caught Hernan's eye while making stupid monkey faces in front of friends, and the couple learned how Fayed's mother became seriously depressed
After dinner, feide and Hernan smoked and chatted on the balcony of the apartment, and Franco tidied up the kitchen.
Hernan, feide and Franco soon enjoyed three games in their third game, with three kissing in the hallway.
The move will eventually move to the couple's bedroom upstairs (
Unlike most porn films)
Their sex is tender, intimate and inclusive.
After they finished, feide spent the night.
Many years ago, fade, Hernan and Franco took a break on the third bed while visiting the club baths in corral Gabriel, Florida, and I was surprised to note that, the video being played is very different from the usual porn movie menu.
Instead of heavy beats and ring shots, there is a lot of tenderness and kisses between dark brown eyes and attractive smiling men.
The third is to do so, providing a highly emotional and sexual experience in which the three gays get to know each other before they take off their clothes.
Happy result?
Greater affection, connection, trust, real sex is usually more afraid of depicting intimacy than is found in gay movies, rather than having the camera zoom in on someone's erect penis or huge ass.
Although the third one may be only 70 minutes long, it offers spades.
A very satisfying experience for the audience (
With more promises coming)
They will definitely finish the film with a smile.
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