the home front: flower power - bathroom vanities

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-11
the home front: flower power  -  bathroom vanities
Jehna Chrysler has never thought that she will eventually work with flowers, but she has been doing so for the past 13 years, becoming the boss of Vancouver in last October.
"I never wanted to work in an office," Chrysler said . ".
"I can't sit too long.
I worked with flowers for a year and decided to tick all the boxes: it was active at the same time, creative, and some stupid things were relaxing.
"When people take flowers home, one of the common mistakes that people often make is choosing the wrong container," she said.
"They chose a big vase and then they wanted to spend $10 to fill it up, but that wouldn't happen," she said . ".
Chrysler says another tip when you order flowers for your home is to choose one.
"If you want to do something beautiful and elegant for your entrance, go and buy 10 hydrangea flowers," she said . ".
"Because you can't mess things up, get the same thing.
This is a way of looking at things.
In general, they are very beautiful ".
Similar to the neutral color palette, which is popular inside the home, Chrysler says, Vancouver's most popular flower color options are white and green.
"They really like clean white flowers.
"There may be some leaves, but nothing is too picky," she said . ".
"We are very lucky to be able to get them shipped without paying extra, and they are very fresh," Chrysler said . ".
The interior designer is a regular visitor to Hillary Myers flower.
"Over the years, I have called on them to do some very crazy projects, from rebuilding the African plains indoors to having a very chic outdoor client wedding at West Vancouver beach," she said . ".
"They are my first choice.
All my photo shoots and customer gifts were given to people!
The Knight added: "flowers add vitality to the family.
"They are infused with color and fragrance, bringing warmth, creating an atmosphere and creating a mood," she said . ". “Fresh-
Flowers are usually received as gifts, purely for the enjoyment of the recipient.
Amazing things so simple and natural can be so indulgent and luxurious.
Knowing that they are temporary and must be enjoyed at this moment reminds us to live for today.
Knight says she prefers a neutral interior color palette with layered textures and shades instead of patterns and bold colors, so she likes to add colorful flowers to the mix.
There is no better way than having a beautiful floral arrangement in the foyer, fresh bouquets on the table, bedside tables and bathroom vanity sets, Knight said.
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