the hard rock tv wall mount - 20 inch wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
the hard rock tv wall mount  -  20 inch wall mount sink
During my stay at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, I noticed that the TV in the room was installed on a fake "wall" so that the cable and TV stand could be hidden.
The fake walls are then mounted to the real walls and covered to make them a feature.
Since I just bought a flat-screen TV and drilled a big hole in the house I rented, I was intimidated, so I thought I should do one.
Since I had a fireplace and a drawing rail in my room, I decided to put the frame in.
This also means that as long as the frame is fixed to the real wall and prevents it from moving, all the weight of the TV will be transferred to the solid fireplace.
The framework is pre-by Homebase-
I complained about spruce to save some elbow expenseswork.
Every one is
Connect to the next one and screw in place.
The frame is tested for installation and screwed to the wall, and only four long screws are used in each corner.
Install horizontal support at the correct width to remove the TV stand.
Install the low profile TV stand on the horizontal stand, then cut several hard plates into the right size and test on the frame.
You can also see the small entrance holes under the bracket, and the cable will be inserted in the frame behind the TV.
At this point, I realized that while I made an entry hole for the cable, I forgot to make an exit hole. . . . .
After the exit hole is added, the cable is run and then the frame is re-
Screw the TV to the wall so the TV can be tested.
Following the idea of initially inspiring the frame, I want the panel to look like a panel in a hard rock.
To achieve this, each panel is covered in inches
Thick foam, then wrapped in fake leather and bound from the back to keep everything working.
The rear of the panel is fitted with a very strong 2-
Inch wide velcro so that they can be easily removed if I need to run more cables in the future.
They will of course be thicker once the panels are covered.
So when I modified the TV, I couldn't tilt it down to get a good view.
Quick removal of panels (
Thanks for the Velcro)
The 20-minute cutting work means that the stand at the rear of the TV can sink into the thicker panel now.
Finally, twist the frame to the wall, install the panel, hang the TV and congratulate yourself on successfully mixing the business with the leather (sorry. . . . ).
All in all, it took only three nights for the whole frame to be built and it cost me £ 80 as I can get everything from ebay store or B & Q.
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