the frame: samsung's new 4k tv transforms into wall art - wall mount sink with counter

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-14
the frame: samsung\'s new 4k tv transforms into wall art  -  wall mount sink with counter
In Paris this week, designer Yves Behar presented the framework to Samsung.
It aims to address the fact that when the TV is turned off, especially the huge flat screen that is now prevalent, the living room is dominated by a large black rectangle.
Behar explained, "We want TV to get into your home in a way that doesn't ruin your social life.
The Samsung Frame is a normal 55 in or 65 in uhd TV with a wooden frame (
For example, choose from a piece of oak or walnut wood)
It is attached to the screen with magnetic properties.
Yves Bihar said the frames were chosen after visiting what he called a real craftsman's frame.
The frame is rather thin and the Samsung logo can only be seen on the edge of the TV.
This is the illusion of a normal photo because it is flat on the wall, thanks to a recessed area on the back of the TV that matches the thin wall frame.
This is possible to some extent, as there is no HDMI or other connector on the back of the screen, only a custom connector for the thin power cord and the thin optical cable, which Samsung calls "invisible ".
Obviously it's not-if so, you'll never find it in the box-but it's very thin.
This links the TV to a box where you can find a regular cable connection.
In use, it offers the same advanced picture features as other Samsung UHD screens.
Instead of fading to black, however, turn it into standby and the frame blends with other pictures to show an artwork.
Thanks to the light sensor on the screen, the images are discreet and dim, and really appear like what Samsung calls a normal artwork, "analog photo frame ".
Or, we might say, a picture frame.
You can even set it to have a white or gray card frame around the artwork in the center.
This was done so convincingly that I had to be close enough to touch it to determine if it was real or not.
There are more than 100 pieces of art to choose from, TVs are available for free, and more.
They have everything from landscape art to painting, street art, architecture and photography.
"We can see ourselves working with museums and galleries to provide more art in the future," said Behar . ".
"We designed it and it looked like an artwork printed on paper, so it didn't reach full light," he went on . ".
"The motion sensor on the screen means that if there is no one in the room, then the photo will be completely off.
"Even if the image of art is opened, Samsung said that the attraction of power is not just a set --
The top box for standby and screen burning should not be a problem.
The screen really looks like a picture or photo, no difference.
In fact, there is a way to tell the difference.
The frame does not have a distracting reflection from the glass found on the artwork hanging next to it.
At a time when television's focus is relentlessly focused on technology, brightness capabilities, and resolution levels, it's refreshing to see market leaders focus on different innovative ways.
The TV has expired in a few months, and although there is no price yet, it is very promising.
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