the block 2018: week 1, bathroom room reveal - small wall hung bathroom sink

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the block 2018: week 1, bathroom room reveal  -  small wall hung bathroom sink
Norm and Jessie won this week in the bathroom of the block.
Courtesy: The nine-network Hayden and Sarah's bathroom presentation made the judges a little overwhelmed.
Source: The block Source: a vertical garden sounds beautiful and Zen
Like, in reality, it turns out to be a huge No.
There is no bathroom in the bathroom, especially one that is too small to handle its wow factor.
This is the bathroom room for the first week of the block.
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Unfortunately, the contestants of The Block, Hayden and Sarah, struggled to recognize that the vertical garden was not suitable for the bathroom.
The recently married couple was the 48-year-old winner last week.
Hour challenge, but when their styling choices disappointed them, they tasted the other end of the leaderboard.
They are pursuing modern luxury.
Looks like a bathroom, but the judges took it apart due to too many "hero" features added to the cramming style.
"I don't like anything I see here, and I don't think the bathroom is big enough," Judge Neil Whitaker said in a couple room show tonight.
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Au through iTunes "It (Vertical Garden)
Dominated the room but not in a good way.
This feeling is too exaggerated. it's just an ugly choice.
Judge Shaynna Blaze described the room as "too many heroes" from brass faucets and lighting decorations to toilets and vertical gardens.
However, their floor tiles have been praised on the wall all the time.
This is not enough to force them to enter the bottom of the leaderboard with a score of 21.
The couple's bathroom was a bit overwhelmed by the judges, especially the criticism of their vertical garden.
Source: blocked Source: they are criticized for having too many "heroes" including brass faucet renovations.
Source: blocked Source: provided the judges with a vertical garden that they did not like, saying it did not belong to their small bathroom.
Source: blocked Source: Apartment 1 suppliers kerrie and SPENCE: score 22.
Last week, the couple designed the master of all the ceilings, but this week, they started with Spence, took on the work of a raiser and suffered the consequences of uneven tiles.
But according to Whitaker, they redeemed themselves with a bright and spacious bathroom that checked all the function boxes.
Kerri and Spence increased their bathroom by 450mm, creating enough space for the stone top double vanity, round shaving cabinet, thin line toilet and large bathtub.
They have white tiles on their walls, a timeless decoration.
The judges noted the uneven tile and said they wanted to see the couple take more risks, saying the bathroom lacked personality.
They say they are confused about what kind of owners Kerrie and Spence are trying to attract.
The couple managed to turn it into a clean, simple
It looks like the bathroom despite some tile problems.
Source: blocked Source: supply soap and towel rack in bathtubgenius.
Even better with the wine rack!
Source: blocked Source: Supplied indoor plants is popular among all contestants this year.
Source: blocked Source: supplier winnershans and COURTNEY, Washington, Apartment 2: Score 25.
The WA couple went to a simple and elegant bathroom with a round basin, a deep tub and a black accent on the faucet.
They are praised for having plenty of storage space and lighting, giving it a waterfall effect by sending out characteristic light through the parameters of the falling ceiling.
This is their amazing factor and the judges like it very much.
Their terrazzo floor
A polished concrete floor with marble debris
There was a bit of controversy. Is it on trend?
Yes, according to the judge.
It's a taste of the day after tomorrow, but it works well considering the simplicity of the rest of the bathroom.
You can even use fake.
As the couple proved, it looked like a terrazzo.
Judge Darren Palmer says it's actually easier to maintain while maintaining beautytrend look.
I can't forget that pot.
The couple once again proved that the most prominent thing is the simple thing.
Blaze loved the pot they had in the window with sadness on their faces.
The plants they hang are also winners.
When Hans and Courtney won the challenge, they were criticized for not having too many downlights.
Although the judges liked their ceiling, it was not painted and the plaster was not suitable.
It seems that the terrazzo floor has become popular again.
Source: The block Source: SuppliedThey looks elegant with a round basin and a black faucet.
Source: Block Source: provide their grief
Looks like a winner.
Source: BlockSource: supply Bianca, Kara, Zhou Yumin and Yu Jun (PENTHOUSE)
: 25 points according to the judges, the tennis player was lucky to find a penthouse, the best apartment.
The ceiling in the bathroom was very high, with two huge marble slabs on the back wall and a huge bathtub.
The judges agreed that the girls used their eyes to particularly attract their main features, the slabs on the walls, and nailed them to a calm and luxurious briefing.
They also like the female speaker with Bluetooth connection.
Judge Neale Whitaker really didn't like the frosted window, saying it was "bad" and they were also criticized for the lack of storage space for vanity.
The grand reveal and made it impressive!
The marble slab on the back wall is the winner.
Source: BlockSource: supply as is the speaker cabinet they connect to Bluetooth.
Source: Block Source: SuppliedIt is a simple function to win the judges.
Source: the outstanding features of the ceiling of the wooden panel.
Source: BlockSource: supply norm JESS, Queensland, apartment month (PENTHOUSE): SCORE 24.
NOM and Jessie have a lot to do, especially with their "stone" tub.
They want a luxurious look with double vanity, black tapwear, professional mirror and 2.
5 m potted Japanese maple.
Rule: when buying a bathtub or any home decor feature, it might be worth it to quickly feel what you invest in.
Jessie managed to replace her fiberglass tub with an oval "stone" tub on Gumtree, however, during the presentation of the room, the judge pointed out that it was still plastic.
Despite the show, they enjoyed it and said it was more practical and still looked expensive.
In this case, the fake is very good.
If you have ever suspected plants or trees in the room, your thoughts will change.
The judges liked their maple trees, which became possible due to the extremely high height of the bathroom.
"I mean it's special.
"If you have green plants in your bathroom, this is a way," judge Darren Palmer said . ".
Shaynna said they also congratulated the backlit walls, which helped make their simple bathroom look expensive.
The judges did not like the position of the towel rack, saying it was not practical to put it next to the sink.
They also don't think there is enough storage to serve the two bedrooms.
The judges like this tall tree.
Source: The BlockSource: The plastic tub that was provided for them ended up being The winner.
Source: their lighting is a block source.
Score: 25 points Courtney and Hans | score: 25 points. 5 (Winners)
Kerrie and Spence | score: 22 points.
Monthly specifications and ratings | score: 24.
Hayden and Sarah scored 21 points. 5-Shireen. khalil@news. com.
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