the black toilet: an unconventional bathroom accessory that's back - pedestal sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
the black toilet: an unconventional bathroom accessory that\'s back  -  pedestal sink
When the jet-
A century ago, Kohler introduced the black toilet, which is considered so avant-garde
It is on display at the 1929 Metropolitan Museum of Art about the design of "modern bathrooms and changing rooms.
"This spring, when designer Scott Sanders installed a black toilet in his dressing room at the 2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House-Kohler's memoir, "solemn" and the black sink-it was still considered experimental.
"The white toilet and the white sink are the things you expect most in the bathroom," said Sanders, based in New York.
"The dressing room should be fashionable and interesting.
It's great to have something really unexpected with your guests.
This is not everyone's expectation, Sanders admits.
"This is not the first time I have used it.
However, there are times when you do get in some way if you suggest.
Black toilet?
They look at you like you have two heads.
"But Sanders explained that the basic black is mixed more than white and more wallpaper can be selected.
Betsy Frolich, Kohler marketing manager, said Blake has been working for nearly 90 years in a row.
But in the past few decades, for example, black sales have risen.
In the long run, the choice in the toilet is still white or biscuit.
But black is not.
3. it seems to be getting more and more attention these days.
The luxury brand Toto sells 15 black toilets, and spokesman Lenora Campos says the company has received more requests recently.
The style and tone of the black toilet does change over time.
In the 1920 s, the black toilet was inspired by the art of decoration;
In the 1980 s, they reemerged due to the popularity of modern Italian design and black paint. Today, fashion-
The former designers present them in a dramatic way and with different finishes and textures.
Kohler has more than 30 black toilets and 40 black sinks with a wide range of styles and prices.
The brand is very interested in its new matte finish offered at Numi, which is its luxurious "smart toilet ".
Part of the surge, Froelich says, is due to the recent popularity of Black, stainless steel kitchen appliances and matte
Black finish on the car.
She added: "You will see a lot of moody people --
Cave bathroom, this look comes to life by using a black fixture.
Black makes the toilet look as delicate as the standard white toilet doesn't have.
Sanders said he chose black to add drama to his small space in Kips Bay.
To give it more dress up, he used brushed brass hardware with golden tips.
Black lights, burning candles and flowers look great, he says.
"Black tends to fit in more, while the white toilet is all you can see when you walk in.
"No other designers believe it.
Camille Somm of Washington, D. C. said: "I don't like them very much --"based designer.
"I don't like the point of water that appears on the shiny black finish.
New York designer Nick Olsen grew up in a house in Florida and he had a black toilet, pedestal sink and bathtub that his mom never liked, he said, for the residential bathroom, he thought it looked odd, "a bit too much ".
"This requires a very risky and open customer," Olsen said . ".
"In the bathroom of the restaurant, a black toilet can be charming and sexy.
But at home, it feels like a nightclub in her 1980 s.
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