the beautiful game - how to fit a wall hung basin

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the beautiful game  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
The drive is always made of gravel, which creaks under 4x4 tires when you drive to neo-
Georgian front door.
Of course, the brick is red and the window frame is white.
Inside, fake leopard.
On the matching sofa, the skin cushion is expanded perfectly.
Flashing from the sports channel on the width-
The screen TV is reflected in a Victorian safe oil varnish, while polished crystal glasses with golden rims twinkle in anticipation of the event at the rarely used reproduction Queen Anne mahogany table.
The football player's wife, the new TV series "creator of Bad Girls", accurately describes the football player's home with David Beckham's free kick.
Obviously, the average London footballer is not familiar with the wall of Philip Stark --
Hanging basin, light on the sofa of the lyneroset or the plastic tower of Tom Dickson.
His house is the dream of a lottery winner.
It is located in a wealthy area on the outskirts of the capital, a luxurious ranch --
Luxury home in style with pool, Jacuzzi, triple garage and golf course.
Or at least, since Paul Gascoine chug, this has been the accepted wisdom to accommodate the gods on the winter lawna-
Drag his first bottle of champagne.
However, a dramatic change is at the foot.
New players from the European continent, especially the French stars who are elegant and dazzling in sports, are not fans of shoddy British castles.
For example, the French Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has paid nearly £ 6 million, the most expensive house ever for British football players.
But it is not in the hometown, just like people's expectations of the hometown --
But he became the Premier League striker in Hampstead.
Not even the Victorian house in Hampstead;
Henry chose a modern house and created a dream of minimalism. His team-
Matt and his fellow Patrick Vieira bought the nearby ultimate bachelor apartment for £ 3 million. It is a space-
Age sanctuary next to Hampstead Heath on a small piece of land (
Two houses.
The website is in its thirties, leaving enough space for the gate and a small courtyard).
It's all hidden behind a 12-foot wall.
When you come out of a Ferrari and enter from the front door, the first thing to greet you is an indoor pool with a ticking sound --
A stream flowing from a secluded garden on the roof.
However, the bedrooms are designed and installed by yacht manufacturers.
A wall is nothing more than glass, canvas curtain with electronic control, open and close under the click of the remote control.
An adjustment on the same remote will drop an ultra-
Thin plasma TV turns off and activates surroundsound.
Chelsea's French midfielder Emanuel Pettit is one of the players who bought a trendy house in a smarter part of west London (
He chose Port Chelsea)
When he blinks
Toed's colleague Gianfranco Zola bought a house in the Super Grand Eaton Square.
Their example obviously encouraged the team.
Teammate Frank Lampard from Romford is considering building a mansion on sw3 Fashion Street.
Meanwhile, Gianluca Vialli, the current Watford manager's "Italian Stallion", has spent £ 4 million on an elegant Edwardian-style house in Hampstead, who has set out
Artificial cornice, replica fireplace and maplewood kitchen are available outside;
Built-in computer control lighting
Bathroom in sound system and bold limestone.
While working in the UK, the reason why sophisticated mainland players prefer city life is hinted in a recent interview book published in Paris with the French World Cup team Les Bleus De Sa majeste.
"London is an ideal place for me," said Arsenal's Robert Pillay.
"It has everything.
A person can do what he likes to do.
Open seven days a week and there is always something to do.
I want to live [in London]after football.
Marcel desailli, who is now with Chelsea, explained: "We don't know anything that happens outside London, because we live in London, a city that is so international.
Tim Wright, West London real estate agent at FPDSavills, said modern football players are also looking for investment.
"They bought well with professional advice.
The influence of the mainland is enormous.
They brought flavor to what the football players bought.
In these increasingly European
For the days to come, the Barratt Palace, once seemed so loved by the king and queen of English football, could grow as fast as the Prince of Wales --
Check the suits, stacked high heels and mullet hairstyles.
Thanks to Johnny Foreigner for all this.
Elegant Zola Sardinian
Zola, who was born at Chelsea, did not follow the British players into the vast village of Essex or Hartford.
Instead, he prefers central London and the most elegant Eaton Square. SPACE-
Arsenal's Patrick Vieira bought Hampton's ultimate bachelor mat for £ 3 million with a pool, running stream and plasma TV.
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