style, value and relief in one small space - wall mounted sink storage

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style, value and relief in one small space  -  wall mounted sink storage
(This Old House)--
Here's what you need to know to transform the dressing room or add the dressing room from scratch.
There was no sink or even toilet in the earliest dressing room in the past.
Their sole purpose is to provide a place for the servants to add talcum powder to the white wig of a decent man.
However, although the 18th-century wig fell on the side of the road a long time ago, the powder room (
Including indoor plumbing now, thankfully)
It is still an indispensable place to freshen up. While a first-
Flooring WC was rare in the 1880 s and can only be seen in the richest houses, and in the 1930 s we knew that powder rooms could be found in many houses of the day.
Still, it was not until the middle
In the 20 th century, comfort became the standard fare for the suburbs.
The dressing room is generally located near the family public room (
Foyer, living room and dining room)
For the convenience of guests.
So, according to a recent survey by Moen, Inc. , these semi-bathrooms are now one of the most frequently remodeled and updated rooms in the House---
Adding one to an existing home can add up to $20,000 in resale value.
Because they show too much, today's dressing room is often seen as a small display place, decorated with sculpture sinks, hand-made accessories, and decorative tiles or paneling.
After all, given their small size, they offer a great opportunity to make a big statement without huge cash expenditures.
But before you invest in that hand
Hammered copper sink or inlaid cherry vanity, here are some things to consider.
When adding a dressing room to an old house, the first task is to carve the space.
Look for a place that is easy to get from the main entertainment area, but avoid installing pipes on the walls shared in the dining room or living room, as the added noise there can be annoying.
Consider placing it in the groove under the stairs, or first place a large-floor closet.
To save costs, find the room near the pipe so you can take advantage of the existing water and waste system.
Rooms need ventilation and plumbing behind walls and under floors---
This can become very expensive if the bathroom floor is far from the main drain or chimney.
This Old House: start from scratch: only two fixtures can accommodate much of the pipe, with an average of about 20 square feet of half a bath.
After all, natural light is an added benefit without a huge demand for storage (
Windows can actually reduce privacy)
, Less confusion than in a full bath.
But one practicality you have to consider is the swing of the door.
In the best case, it will open so as not to hinder the traffic flow at the Bath entrance.
So you need to plan a 32-
1-inch open door, plus ground space (
Consider the width of the door and the arc of the surrounding Motor Room).
In a very tight space, the door may have to be opened, or you can install a pocket door that slides into the wall for storage when opened.
What is the minimum space you can squeeze the dressing room in?
In theory, you can squeeze one into 11 square feet in line with international residential norms (
Please be sure to check the local code requirements).
The code specifies the minimum clearance from one side to the other and the front of the sink and toilet so that they can be used comfortably.
From the center line of the toilet and sink to the nearest wall or fixture must have 15 inch and 21 inch in front.
At least 7 feet clearance is allowed;
If the floor area of the room is small, you may even want to lower a very high ceiling so that the space will feel proportional.
In the half bathroom under the stairs, the ceiling tilts and plugs the toilet to its lowest point.
Don't forget the power outlet for the lighting, and don't forget the exhaust fan for ventilation and white noise.
This Old House: design a small bathtub to feel a pointer to a more spacious layout. Traditionally the sink is the focus, the toilet is either placed next to it, when the door is half open, or can't see it completely on the other wall, where it is less conspicuous.
If space permits, using a dresser similar to a dresser or sideboard can make the room look handsome, fully furnished and connected to other rooms in the house.
In a small space, the base, console, corner, or wall-
The installed sink can be squeezed out a few inches extra, as can the round toilet, instead of the toilet with an oval bowl.
If there is no square foot squeeze, consider hiding the toilet in a niche created by half a wall away from the basin.
Try to think about the material and finish outside the traditional bathroom box;
The dressing room should look more like a decorated room than a practical toilet.
"This is one of the most used rooms for guests, so it's worth spending some money," Illinois said . "
Designer Mary Lou Kalmus.
Kalmus recommends choosing a special project to resolve.
"From the sink to the antique mirror, it can be anything," she said . ".
Highlight the building details by bringing the molding treatment and wall paneling from the surrounding space into the room.
Spring for hardwood floor, stone or mosaic-
Tile floor, giving rich colors and/or patterns to the walls.
A separate table close to the sink is an attractive way to show paper towels and hand towels.
This Old House: use tiles in the bathroom. Many make-up rooms lack natural light and use tiles most of the time at night, so proper lighting is the key.
Designers often rely on wall debris next to the mirror to cast flattering shadowsFree Mission lights.
But there is also an overhead environment where the light is good, whether it's a chandelier or even a skylight that lights up the room during the day.
Put all the light sources on the dimmer to adjust the light at night.
Plan the pointer along this line.
When making room for the dressing room, think about where the water and wastewater line can be connected to the current line.
Adding new lines will greatly increase costs, especially when they are on the outer wall and need insulation. Test-
Drive layout. Always dry-
Install the fixtures before installing them so you know how their position works.
You don't want to find out after installing the washbasin that you can't bypass the open door.
Make it comfortable.
In a small powder room, the ceiling should not be higher than 8 feet in order to avoid the vertical tunnel effect.
Any higher, you may want to paint it in a deep color to make the space feel more intimate.
Putting a pocket door on the diagonal or installing floor tiles will help make the small room feel more spacious.
Make it special
The use of stone bricks, hardwood floors or wall panels may be considered;
Transform the retro dresser with sink;
Or for a beautiful basin. --
After all, the dressing room is one of the most used rooms for guests.
In addition, its size means that the scale of this split is small.
Informal surveys by architects from California to Massachusetts show that sometimes two and a half bathrooms are bigger than a whole. Many home-
Design experts report that more and more recent projects have involved the construction of a level 2 makeup room for families in new homes and add-ons.
Features ample storage space and practical fixtures such as additional
Large sink or small shower, these family dressing rooms are all about features--
To cater to the smallest potty for potty training, rinse the muddy young sports stars, or give mom and dad a place to clean up after working in the yard. Connecticut-
Jay Haverson, an architect based in Jay Haverson, recommends placing a second-and-a-half bathroom at the back of the House, near the mud house, or in a great place
A room kitchen in a big house with a main dressing room near the front door.
The focus of the home dressing room should be the durable, easy to clean material, not the stylefriendly.
If there may be excess dirt, a tile floor with a drain can help clean up quickly.
Depending on the size and layout of the house, this second half bathroom may include large cabinets or linen closets for storing towels and toiletries.
When it comes to a small 30-
Inch shower, dressing area and washer/dryer---
Extends the limits of space, not to mention the meaning of the word "powder room" itself. E-
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