storage space ideas for the home - wall mounted square sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
storage space ideas for the home  -  wall mounted square sink
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If you have ever lived overseas, you will realize that most people in the world have much smaller living space than those in the United States and Canada.
Most European apartments account for half or third of most American apartments.
The necessities are the mother of all inventions, so when you are stuck in a small space, you can take advantage of the space you have.
Although I have enough space in my home in the US, I also have a property in Rio close to the beach, more like a very large hotel room in New York City.
I came up with a lot of ways to use every little bit of wall, counter and cabinet space due to the large space.
Here are some of my favorite options to create a livable space in a small apartment.
I have credit: Put some of these ideas into practice through the BrokenSphere of Wikimedia Commonsalready, while others are in progress. Full-
Size stackable washers and dryers are now available, they take up half of the space compared to the traditional sideby-
Side units, but still allow clothing of the same volume.
Cube or rectangular wall
The installed box acts as a storage area for the bedside table and inside.
In addition, you can place the item below or on its open space to make it easier to clean the tiles or hardwood floors.
Floating shelves at different levels add interest and functionality, allowing you to use vertical space in a tight environment.
If your ceiling is high, try to place the space with the space on the door.
Custom shelves for odd or inaccessible walls in your home are a great way to take advantage of vertical space, otherwise the vertical space will be idle.
Take advantage of corner shelves in all corners of the narrow area.
Carve the dry wall area between bolts and create a recessed shelf on the wall.
You can piece together the drywall and mud, or you can tile the area.
The idea can also be used in the shower to create space to accommodate shampoo.
Amazon price for a set of Walnut finished products: 3 floating U shelves for $20. 45 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2015)
The pocket door or sliding door is much smaller than the space occupied by a complete revolving door: the sliding door through the common direction of Wikimedia.
The space behind the traditional door must remain free to open all the time.
This is not the case with the pocket door, or if there is a problem with the wall structure, electrical or plumbing, the sliding door rolls along the wall on an external track.
Custom bookshelves add space available in remote locations. Built-
Ins is a great way to add style and features to your home.
The bed drawer built into the frame allows the use of space under the bed.
These areas provide a convenient, clean linen place for the particular bed, and also a storage area for off-season clothing.
Recliner, under the bed is a great choice for small niches in your home.
Bunk beds are a great choice for families with tight space.
Strong hooks placed on ceiling beams allow items such as bicycles and other items to be placed vertically, leaving them out of the way.
KitchenCredit: Amazon's storage philosophy.
The ComUnder cabinet sliding rail allows you to hide anything from the kitchen trash can, or allows you to have easier access to the pan bowl pans basin with a convenient slide-out walkway to suit your needs.
Hanging pots on fixtures on the wall, under upper cabinets, or on the ceiling above the bar saves space.
Replace the coffee table with boxes that are allowed to be stored inside.
Replace your oven with a gas range of 24 inch, which has all the features of the normal size range.
Replace the refrigerator with the 24 "model to save space and energy.
These models have all the traditional features of the full size model.
Dynamic classical series-
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Prices as of January 11, 2015)
The idea of providing space services for bathroom credit: through the Wikimedia commonspedetta sink, gulkan Sengen saves space by eliminating the storage area for towels and other items below.
They are also usually smaller than vanity tables.
You have to adjust the sink space at the top, but the wall-mounted toothbrush and other glass shelves can provide extra space. Wall-
The installed bathrooms save space in the small bathrooms as they do not contain cans.
The bowl is bolted into the wiring harness on the wall.
The water tank and flushing system are completely contained within the walls.
If you are concerned about water leakage or water accumulation in the walls, you can easily enter the area with a panel.
These types of designs save a lot of space without a central toilet base and an upper water tank. Wall-
The installation vanity for towels or laundry work well in combination with the base sink. Over-the-
Toilet shelves take advantage of real estate that homeowners with limited space often miss.
Do not use the area when decorating;
Use its features, such as stand-up units or walls that span the toilet-
The version installed on the top of the tank. Kohler K-2359-8-
Toilet with 8-0 shooter base
WhiteAmazon Price: $315. 15 $199. 33 Buy Now(
Prices as of January 11, 2015)
Summary if you really have a tight bathroom, you can take the road to Europe and do the so-called wet bathroom.
What's going on, imagine a shower head spewing water from behind or above the wall of the toilet.
The idea is that everything gets wet and stays wet most of the time.
This is not what I want, but I have seen it in Brazil as well.
Americans really don't know how most people in the world live.
Hopefully you'll never have to think about things like wet bathrooms, but the ideas presented in this article should give you some solutions to reclaim some space from the cramped living areas.
These types of goods can be found in most retailers with home stores.
Ikea has a range of space-saving products and a number of other online retailers.
When I got back to Rio, I was planning on installing my LCD on the wall, throwing away my bedside table and replacing it with a shelf installed on the wall.
I have implemented several ideas in this article and I am looking forward to finding more.
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