Spaces: Starting from scratch on Woodlawn Terrace - pedestal sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
Spaces: Starting from scratch on Woodlawn Terrace  -  pedestal sink
Roland quintanera was going to take a moment to gradually renovate the building that became theirs last year.
They scaled down a house in Monte Vista, twice as large as the Spanish --
The fashion house they bought from San Antonio ExpressNews reporter .
"The original plan was to remodel the bathroom," Quintanilla noted . ".
But when his father, a retired contractor, saw these two-bedroom, one-
Bathroom house built in the 1920 s
"His dad came up and said, 'Let's get it off and start redoing, '" Mohundro said '. ".
So they moved out of the house they had just moved in and started a three-month overhaul. “His dad ()
Did most of the things;
We did our best, "said Mohundro, a business owner who once built a house in Austin.
The interior was removed onto the studs.
Rebuilding allows the installation of things that the House has never had before: heat insulation, central heating, and air conditioning.
Added a second bathroom and extra-
Bedroom closet.
The narrow linear kitchen is a few more square feet, with a small porch at one end and a breakfast corner at the other.
The kitchen is also modern with marble countertops, glass tile tailgates and stainless steel appliances.
The quiet green on the walls is one of the two green Roland quintanera shades that all rooms choose.
Floor-to-ceiling windows replace a pair of windows between the dining room kitchen and the living room, creating a second entrance from the front porch.
The interior French doors from the dining room to the back bedroom were replaced by a solid wall that improved the placement of furniture in both rooms.
The living room fireplace is the only feature of the original house kept in the modern interior.
But it was not touched.
The fireplace is redecorated with fresh plaster and marble fireplace.
Although they wanted to keep the original wood floor, it was impossible.
"They were polished many times," Mohundro explained . ".
A new dark wood floor was installed on the old floors of each room.
Roland quintanella, who is also a businessman, wants to capture the essence of the spa in the original bathroom.
The owner drags out a very heavy tub and base sink and brings a whirlpool tub surrounded by green glass tiles and double glazed tiles
The sink vanity is covered with the same marble used in the kitchen and fireplace.
Not all the work is in there.
There was also a lot of attention outside.
The previous white exterior was painted brown.
The frame of the new window is outlined with terracotta warriors to match the roof tiles.
In the backyard, a covered deck is added to the two bedrooms.
After swimming in the brand, it became a comfortable place to rest-
The new pool is scaled down to a smaller, cheaper house that will enable them to afford it this summer.
Chrissie Murnin is a freelancer in San Antonio. ncer.
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