Spaces: A slice of bucolic heaven in the middle of the city - pedestal sink

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Spaces: A slice of bucolic heaven in the middle of the city  -  pedestal sink
A five-
The year-long construction project turned one of the oldest houses on Castle Hill into one of the newest houses, giving a couple an area and deer country house
In the center of the city.
Oh, the leader of such a good band!
A lawyer started decorating in 2006 and 10 years ago she bought the house from a lady who went to church with her when she needed to move.
"Our children are (
Across the street)
We went to the church there for many, many years, so we drove through the house every day, for many years, and we loved the house all the time, "said Meggie.
At first, the couple lived in the house in their Shavano Park and rented it out.
"One day I came in and saw that the ceiling had just collapsed and I had to take the tenant away from here.
"Either sell it or fix it or do nothing," Hankins said . ".
"We have three architects and three builders telling us, 'don't do that!
"Just tear it down and start over," recalls Meggie.
"They are right," Hankins joked . "
The couple did not hesitate to find the architect who showed them how to proceed.
Hankins took on the work of the contractor and hired a crew member.
"It was completely eaten by dry rot and termite.
We tore off the second floor of it.
We tore the floor.
"We have to redo the foundation completely," said Hankins . ".
The house has new wires and pipes, as well as new metal roofs.
The new floor is either recycled wood or stamped and textured concrete that looks like limestone.
The drywall looks like plaster.
A door salvaged from a building warehouse.
Go to East Texas to retrieve the ground floor of the hankins grandmother's house, rescued by a cousin, producing enough wood for the striking cathedral ceiling in the living room.
"We loved everything about our other house and we brought it here," said Hankins . ".
From their design, they added 12-
Across the Wide-foot room at the back of the house, including the kitchen, dining space and study room.
Exterior wall of the floor-to-
Ceiling windows bring daylight and a view of a country
Like the backyard, deer knocking on the back door of corn is everywhere.
Some of their furniture moved away with them, and then Meggie bought a few pieces for their new home.
An antique French flower cabinet in the living room shows her collection of folk art, the virgins of Guadalupe and madonas.
Two European antique cabinets destined to be sink bases are intact because she can't bear to cut holes in them.
A base sink in the bathroom;
Another storage room used as a second bedroom.
The couple moved in on Labor Day weekend.
Hankins says this is a magical place.
"It's a happy, cool, magical place," he said . "
"A lot of wildlife, a lot of privacy, a lot of quiet --
It's just a cool place.
Right in the center of the city, it's a paradise. n. ”
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