space-saving counter-top kitchen compost pail - cheap wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
space-saving counter-top kitchen compost pail  -  cheap wall mount sink
A cheap and simple stacking bucket that can be mounted on a wall or on a countertop.
I have a narrow kitchen with large counter space.
I want a counter.
The pile of fat barrels on the top, but could not find one small enough.
I came up with the idea of using a simple metal mailbox --
The one that would hang on the wall, or sit at the counter and take up only a small amount of space.
Once I went to the thrift store, I found what I wanted! Clean and (apparently)unused at $3. 99. Mine is 10-1/2"h x 8-1/2w x 3"d. -Wall-
Hanging metal mailbox-
Mini Kitchen bag designed for compost box (
Size 17 "x 16 "(
Just a little smaller)-
Two strong magnets (www. amazingmagnets.
Com is a great source.
You can find mini kitchen bags in most hardware stores (
I found it at Ace.
They are perfect for keeping in the mailbox.
Plug the extra bag to the back of the box and fix it on both sides with a magnet. Amazingmagnets.
Com has a lot of strong magnets to choose from.
If you want, you can put your mailbox in a cabinet under the sink.
Since the box is designed to be wall-mounted, you can still open the lid.
If you make the wall, the bag needs to be fixed to the side with a magnetmount. That's it!
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