sonoma ii's kitchen keeps entertaining on the bubble - small stainless steel wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
sonoma ii\'s kitchen keeps entertaining on the bubble  -  small stainless steel wall mount sink
People who like to host get-
Get together with friends and family and know the kitchen is the key.
Not only does it need to act as a cooking space, it also needs the ability to support mobile as well as the collection and chat.
This design is one of the core parts of the kalbridge heritage home Sonoma II show home.
Calbridge recently obtained the generation of BILD for this year (
Construction and land development)
Calgary area 2,301-square-foot front-
Spacious L on Sonoma II Avenue
The shape of the kitchen, there is a lot of space between the island and the wall.
This makes it easier to socialize on the island, or involve multiple people in dinner preparation and circulation without getting in the way of each other.
The island sits under a chandelier with a sink and an extended dining bar that can accommodate four people.
In terms of function, there is also an effective rhythm between the appliances, so one can be in the oven and the other can be in the microwave without standing side by side.
The appliance is stainless steel and has a complete
High-profile tailgatecatching. A large walk-
Connect to a mud room through the pantry and enter the doublecar garage.
This creates a convenient road for carrying a bag of groceries after a trip to the supermarket.
Great room and restaurant sitting on one sideby-
Along the side of the back wall, each window has great natural light. Open-
The concept kitchen, large rooms, and dining area feel even greater as the stairs on the second floor are not part of this space but are close to the front of the main floor.
The main floor also includes a curved area, known as the lifestyle room on the floor plan, which is closed by stylish barn doors.
Parents of young children will appreciate the ability to use this space as a play area, so the confusion caused by toys and books will be hidden.
There are four bedrooms on the second floor to meet the needs of a larger family.
The master bedroom is good-
Large and small windows and an upscale suite connecting to the walkin closet.
The bathroom comes with a double vanity, a soaking tub and a shower with glass doors.
Next to the master bedroom is a bonus room with elegant Plaid ceiling and beam handling.
There are two sitting in the second bedroom. by-
There are windows overlooking the front yard.
They were sitting next to a full bathroom and laundry room with one in front
Washer and dryer.
The development of the traditional southeast West Creek City community. It has a 121-
It has more than 15 kilometers of roads and a hectares of environmental protection area in a community garden.
Its first retail complex is under development and is expected to open this summer.
What you need to know is: Sonoma II is a move-up single-family home.
Builder: Carbridge House.
Area: Legacy is a community of southeast Calgary.
Developer: Xixi development company.
Hours: The show house is open from 2 to 8. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Weekends and holidays
(Show home is located on the traditional landscape S. E.
To get there, please follow the McLeod trail to 210 S Avenue. E.
And then turn right on Legacy View.
Message: Carbridge House.
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