some quick-fix 'do-it-yourself' tips - times of india - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
some quick-fix \'do-it-yourself\' tips - times of india  -  sink attached to wall
Don't wait for the man at home to help you with simple manual work.
Here are some quick ones.
Fix DIY tips to help you get your own fix done and when something goes wrong at home it's easy to turn back and rely on your husband/boyfriend or trusted old father to help you.
But let's face it, it doesn't help much with your independence, does it?
What about when they're not around, you're alone?
This is not rocket science.
Just a little bit-
How, a little skill.
You can do it if they can.
Here are some simple tips to show you how it is done. De-
Dredging the sink is one of the simplest and cheapest DIY jobs.
Pour two to three tablespoons baking soda into the plug hole and add some vinegar
The supermarket brand is very good.
Then simply flush in with hot water. Voila.
If your sink is not playing with the ball yet, you need to take more drastic action.
Place the bucket under the sink and start removing U-bend.
You don't need tools because all the connections are manualtightened. Wash the U-
Bend and reassemble in another sink.
In order to prevent a big mess, carry some old clothes and nasal nails with you in the case of smell and overflow.
Guaranteed to impress friends and family, but for quite a while --consuming task.
Once your bathroom tiles and the black mold begin to appear around the toilet, cut off the old sealant between the tiles with a tool knife.
Clean the area with white wine and wait for drying.
Then, use the nozzle attached to the long tube (
Easy to find in any hardware store)
It is cheap to apply silicone sealant or white plaster from Paris slowly.
Keep consistent pressure on the tube and don't let it form a lump.
Once you have placed even beads around the tile, smooth it with your fingers or flat board.
After applying the sealant, keep the bathroom dry for at least 10 to 12 hours in order to dry it.
The scale cleaning faucet again uses a combination of trusted baking soda and vinegar --
Add two tablespoons of bic Wei and one tablespoon of vinegar to the plastic bag.
Tie the bag to the tap and make sure the end is immersed in the solution.
Leave for two to four hours and scrub with an old toothbrush.
Before you start drilling, use an electric drill, practice in the air, and then practice on some scrap of old wood prime.
For solid surfaces such as bricks, you need a hammer drill and a masonry drill.
For softer service, please use the wood drill and remove the drill bit from the hammer.
Start with a smaller hole and process it.
Paint window exterior windows and doors need to be painted regularly as it protects the wood from elements.
Scrape off any flaky paint, cover the area with sand, fill any holes again with wood filling and sand.
Clean the area and apply paint with a smallinch brush.
Do not overload the brush or over-use the paint.
Work slowly and methodically and your window will look beautiful. Re-
The oily wood surface, door or table of the kitchen table or bedroom door that looks a little lacking-lustre?
Like all natural products, they only need good feed.
Make sure the wood is clean and polish off any nasty marks or debris.
Wipe the surface with a white spirit or tack cloth (
Sticky cloth or sticky paper roll provided by hardware and stationery store)
Very suitable for picking up leather Cotton)to banish dust. Pour some oil (
A hardware store can point you a good one)on a lint-free cloth.
Work on the wood and follow the grain.
Apply another coat when it's dry. Ta-da. . . all done.
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