soak up the style: how to make the most of your bathroom - wall hung sinks with drawers

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soak up the style: how to make the most of your bathroom  -  wall hung sinks with drawers
Most of our bathrooms are small and they don't even have windows if you're really unlucky.
But designers say there are a lot of innovative ways to maximize space and create a bathroom that can add a family value of 20.
"Don't take a shower," says interior designer Hugh Leslie . ".
"It sounds radical, but people tend not to take a lot of showers and they take a lot of space.
But don't be tempted by the current round shower trend-it doesn't make sense to install a circle into a square in most households.
"When in the shower, using a piece of glass, the water is discharged directly from the floor, rather than a separate compartment, which can make the small bathroom look more spacious.
The Darryl shower has the idea of space in all shapes and sizes.
It also offers wetrooms, which will give your bathroom a clean, luxurious and spacious look without spending the Earth (www. daryl-showers. co. uk).
Small bathrooms need eye-catching finishes and colors, Leslie added.
"A lot of people think the opposite is the case, they choose limestone or white walls and tiles, but the best way to get rid of this poky feeling is to create influence and interest.
"If you really want a white wall, please choose a quality paint or tile and don't compromise on the quality of the craft.
Uneven or serious
The color grouting line will be very prominent.
Interior designer Nina Campbell said: "Consider using wallpaper if you have a window or a good extractor.
"But choose an open design-you feel like you're going through the branch rather than some small and drastic design," she warns . ".
Clarissa Hulse's fascination with color and nature is a good example (www. clarissahulse. com).
Unlike Leslie, Campbell thinks the bathroom can work in a small bathroom.
"Just don't put them in the box.
Replacing it with a separate floor means you suddenly see all the floors and only it can stop you from feeling squashed.
"This change can be incredible, especially if you give your tiles a border around the edges.
"Albion Bath provides products of all sizes, while" Biella "from www ". jacuzziuk.
Com can be installed against the wall, but the appearance is independent.
She suggested using the long, thin bathroom to inwards the shorter end wall and bury the shelf inside.
"When you are facing any wall towards you in a long room, it looks wider and adds storage to a very clean room --looking way.
Amii Yokochi, interior designer at Brahm Interiors, said: "The bathroom needs maximum hidden storage for all kinds of potions and supplements essential to modern life, as well as display of daily necessities
She suggested replacing the traditional sink with an embedded bowl with a built-in floating vanity
In the storage below (www. duravit. co.
The UK is worth a visit).
"At the same time, the wall cabinet can be embedded in the wall, so it can be flush
Install the mirror open to reveal the hidden storage space.
"Croydex offers some cheaper but still stylish storage solutions, including the Nile High cabinet (www. croydex. com)
, While the Bali modular furniture range offered by Bali bathrooms offers flexible and affordable storage options with a rich brown color.
Consider the corner unit of the sink (www.
Good choice for Com;
These make room for walls and allow more movement in the room, says Cheryl Gurner-remember, no matter how small your bathroom is, you can always afford a 20 cm loss in depth to the creative director of bathrooms International.
I often go to a wall.
If you keep doing this on the wall all the time, you can use the space behind to create about 20 cm of the cabinet space.
Compared to the traditional bathroom cabinet, this is a very useful storage space. Use touch-
Grab the door with stained glass or back
Light up your reflection and increase your sense of space.
She said: "Hang your washbasin from the same wall and under the basin and consider the open shelf where towels are stored, which looks very smart.
"Or, what is often overlooked is pulling
Forward drawer benethe basin can also be cleverly doubled as a laundry basket.
"Compact sanitary ware is ideal for small bathrooms. uk. roca.
Make some great houses-old if the house is traditional --fashioned high-
The tank can work.
You can build it too-
Furniture in the bathroom but avoid lowCabinets (
These are completely impractical). Wall-
Install taps from stores such as www.
Bathroom. co.
The UK looks bright and clean, saving space.
Jane Gilcrist, director of alternative bathroom, said that if you want to take a shower and shower, you can place one in the bathtub.
Some are really good. looking bath-
There is a shower screen now, so you don't have to compromise on the look.
"Installing under-floor heating systems can avoid the use of radiators-although it is important to note that you may not be able to get enough heat from the floor if the floor space is small.
Heating the towel rack is another option, providing ample storage for towels and gowns while heating the space.
Visual effects that can make the space look larger include frameless wallsto-wall mirrors.
"They can help double the space and jump around the light," he said . " He added that the current trend of compromise mixing or antique mirrors hanging together as collages may be
Black and white photography is also very effective in small bathrooms, she said (www. ikea.
Com will help you sort it out).
Leslie Taylor, design director for luxurious interiors and bathrooms such as Taylor, advocated the use of shiny surfaces for smaller rooms: "glass mosaic tiles, for example, will help to reflect light around the room, create an open feeling.
"Try the neutral glass mosaic on www. firedearth. com.
That is to say, don't be afraid of big tiles.
"The small bathroom should be away from the big tiles, which is a long-standing misconception-in fact, the larger bathroom with tiles contains less grouting and less disconnection, expanding the illusion of space, "Graham Bailey, treasure.
Paul Freeman, owner of Yorkshire, said: "When tiling, consider using the same tiles on the floor as on the wall, as this will make the floor area look larger
Headquartered in BMF, a luxury bathroom retailer.
Lighting is the key, he added.
A dark room or corner makes the room feel smaller.
Using the spotlight on the dimmer is a simple and cheap way to increase mood lighting and make the room feel even more. "Consider wall-
Look on both sides of the mirror.
If there is no space, take a mirror.
Heals offers a range of flexibility and reasonable prices.
"The other idea is to add two pendants on both sides of the basin," said Sally story, design director at John Cullen Lighting . ".
She said: "If possible, highlight any niche with lighting and add a little lower
Provides soft horizontal lighting
Wash the lights on the floor.
Interior designer Nina Campbell said: "The smallest room in the House" The toilet downstairs is the most overlooked room in your home.
"However, there is a space here for some bold design. My advice?
Tell the wife of your inner football player. "1.
Put your wall, bold design, textured wallpaper from Tektura (www. tektura.
Com, 160 per meter). 2.
The best sheets in the world sell luxurious hotel towels that create a pure sense of indulgence at a low price (www.
Thebestbedlinintheworld. com, from £8). 3.
Introduce the metal of the lightly elegant pastoral style Lombok
Plated round mirror (www. lombok. co. uk, £325). 4.
Burning mosaic tiles with dark offset of the Earth (
Right above)
Offers the latest urban look for small spaces (www. firedearthshop. com, £249.
50 per square meter). 5.
Throw away those cracked soaps-quality hand sanitizer and hand sanitizer is a fast, cheap and simple luxury way (www. moltonbrown. co. uk, £15). 6.
Car four
Wall lights (bathroom)pictured above)
From the treatment can bring a little entertainment, otherwise ordinary mirror. (www. heals. co. uk, £128). 7.
Cherry blossom coat hook as a wall art (www. Rocket George. co. uk, £12). 8.
Crowds of black and cream-colored flower roller blinds are an economical way to hide windows that see better days (www. diy. com, £26. 98). 9.
The smart bench PurAir from Villeroy & Boch is a stylish alternative to traditional toilets that can be used as a bench seat (www. villeroy-boch. com, £3,260). 10.
Modernize your wall space with one of John Lewis's various abstract images (www. johnlewis. com, from £40)
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