Small changes, big results - wall hung sink cabinet

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Small changes, big results  -  wall hung sink cabinet
Nowadays, more and more homeowners are using a little creativity to maximize their living space.
They don't want to move, so they are changing where the home is underused and often creating more features and attractive spaces without adding any extra area.
Not only did they enhance their personal haven, but they also added value to their homes --
The final victorywin.
In the case of many old houses, the turret becomes the final cloak, and the closets in this 1870-watt House in Cambridge are very lacking.
There is a small master bedroom in the house with a small closet.
"You see all these new houses now, with his and her walks --
The University of Cambridge says in the closet
Based on Charlie Allen, project contractors and experts in the old
House repair. “Forget that.
There is almost no basic wardrobe for the house.
"The bedroom is in urgent need of a large closet, but this is not the option to increase the size of the House or reconfigure the bedroom.
However, there is indeed a turret with elegant round windows in the room, which the homeowner uses as an area for comfortable chairs.
"We realized that the only place we could put the closet was in the turret.
However, the turret is a special aspect of the house and we don't want to ruin it in the process, Allen said.
Since the windows remain intact is critical, Allen's storage solution is to design custom cabinets that fit between and below the windows in a circular space.
The high cabinets between the windows provide space for hanging items, the lower cabinets open and display drawers for folded clothes.
The styling and decoration of the bedroom is integrated into the refurbished turret to make the cabinets look like they have been there all the time.
"The turret is slightly less than 100 square feet, which is good --
Allen said it was large in size and had a lot of room for clothes inside, and he felt the beauty of the turret was that it had more than one use: it was also used as a dressing area.
The window was restored to its original condition during the renovation, and the window was covered with a film that could be looked out, but people could not see it.
All three windows have bench seating at the bottom, providing a habitat for relaxation.
"I think the clothes in the shops in the area are 24/7 very neat and have a warm connection with the outdoors," Allen said . ".
"It's a cozy corner, a dressing room, a closet, and a huge value at the same time.
The dramatic change in Dormer has made Margaret Steele's Gothic style
The Revival style house in Edgartown is charming and has a long history.
But the house, built in 1860, is narrow and has four small bedrooms on the second floor.
Salem said: "One bedroom is very bad.
Architect Katie Hutchinson is Steele's daughter. law.
"My husband squeezed under the eaves and couldn't stand up in some parts of the room.
There was only one small window and it was dark.
It's hot in summer and cold in winter.
Hutchison Whampoa has found a way to simply lift the space by creating a Shed dormer.
"The roof of the old house, the sloping ceiling and the limited natural light and ventilation tend to waste space.
"Adding dormer can solve all these shortcomings," says Huchison . ".
"Compared to other dormer Types, The Shed dormer has a long and simple roof that adds the largest floor space and more opportunities to the windows.
"The new dormer is nested on the roof of the main house and has flat windows installed that match the existing dormer, so it looks like they are built at the same time.
Dormer at the cottage has greatly improved the bedroom: The clean air, daylight and ventilation have all increased.
Dormer also eliminates the sloping ceiling on the other side of the wall, which makes the closet in the master bedroom significantly improved.
"Before, you couldn't hang your clothes in the closet, which was an awkward storage space.
"The new dormer allows the ceiling to rise to full height, so now it's a normal, more useful closet," says Huchison . ".
The architect points out that when you do a renovation in an old house, you never know what you will find.
Here, there is a huge wooden beam in the place where she wants to put the window.
Hutchison Whampoa has not been intimidated, but as a design element.
"We put the windows there so that we can integrate the beams into the windowsill.
So the window has an extra deep windowsill, which is a perfect place for a book or flower. It’s lovely.
"The closet turned into a beautiful bathroom, and Smith was almost raving about the Brooklyn apartment she and her husband Trevor bought in last November.
"This building, built in 1905, is very beautiful: it is a fusion of French architecture, Gothic architecture and rococo architecture," Smith said . "
"There are beautiful details and shapes inside.
"They don't like their 1,400-square-
There is only one bathroom in the apartment.
So they decided to turn a closet in the master bedroom into a closet.
Fortunately, the owner has two closets.
In another life, the room is a restaurant.
The closet that Smith chose to convert was originally a pantry.
The contractor did all the work, including plumbing and electrical work, which became quite complicated due to the age of the building.
"Our contractor said it was the biggest small job he had ever done," Smith said . " He made all the design decisions for this small bathroom, which is only 7 feet in size.
It took Smith several months to find both compact and stylish fixtures.
"We have to have a wall.
It's a challenge to get a red film and find a fountain that doesn't look like a fountain, "Smith said.
Small Kohler model.
By studying how to make the small bathroom feel more spacious, Smith learned the trick of keeping the color neutral.
She chose square white marble for the floor and used the same hexagonal tile material on the floor of the booth shower.
The bathroom walls are covered with smooth white subway tiles.
To introduce a bit of color, Smith installed a light green marble pencil shape on half of the shower wall, as well as a much needed corner shelf.
One of Smith's challenges is how to create enough storage space.
Luckily, install a good one
Cabinet size above the sink.
An additional benefit is that the wall has always been a doorway when the room is used as a storage room, so it is possible to remove the traditional white cabinets from the repair hardware for extra space.
On the wall next to it, there is plenty of room to install the glass rack for more storage.
Another benefit is that there is a window in the closet, so it is bathed in natural light when the bathroom is small.
"At first it was a daunting project because it was such a small space," Smith said . ".
"But I'm proud of the bathroom.
This is a very satisfying project and our place feels even bigger now. ’’
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