small-bath smarts - small sink in bathroom

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small-bath smarts  -  small sink in bathroom
Even crowded spaces can be practical and beautiful. NEW YORK (This Old House)-
The small bathroom must accommodate all the elements of the large bathtub in the smaller space.
That's why it's so challenging to plan a new or reinvent what you have now.
You have to consider features, appearance, fixtures and storage space, and how much space you have --
And how much you can spend on this project.
When every inch is important, you may consider getting professional design assistance at a kitchen and bathroom dealer or designer at a home center or plumbing dealer.
You can also contact the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association to request a copy of the "Guide to the planning of the 41 bathrooms.
"Then check your plan against the guide to make sure your tub looks and functions best.
We have refined the NKBA guidelines to get you started.
You will need at least 16 square feet to create a dressing room. ft. ;
A full bathroom takes at least 36 to 40 square feet. ft.
The finished room must be at least 5 feet.
Accommodate a bathtub in one direction.
The building code usually requires 32x32 in. (
Finished size)for a shower;
Bigger and better if you have space.
Just make sure the shower is big enough so you-
All your family.
When washing your head or bending over to get something, you can lift your arm comfortably.
Once you decide how much space you have, there are a lot of ways to make it look bigger.
Use a pocket instead of a hinge door, for example.
Choose the mirror as large as possible (use only one;
Multiple confusing eyes).
Walk with light
Color finish material. Clear-
The glass shower door visually expands the space and you can unify the tub by using one finish for all the decor and hardware.
Storage space is usually very expensive in small bathtubs, so consider using 8-in. -
Deep bath cabinet above the dresser.
Install the dresser at a comfortable height36 in.
43 years old for most adults.
If you're higher than average
Choose a dresser with drawers or bins, or an organizer who adds toiletries and cleaning supplies to equipment that is not equipped with these items.
Finally, avoid sinking in a small, complete bathtub base.
They look great, but are impractical because storage is not provided.
Keep them in powder chambers that are not important for storage.
If you have to use the base sink, including open shelves or tiles
There is a lined niche behind it or nearby.
Or consider using cabinets 16 or 18.
Instead of the usual 21 in. A small-
Each major plumbing manufacturer has a scale base lav, another viable option to consider.
A small-how much?
Bath renovation costs?
This depends on the structural changes and the price of the components.
NKBA's annual "trend survey" of certified kitchen and bathroom designers shows the average cost of bathroom redecorating
The model produced by its members is about $9,000.
You can reduce this number by more than half by shopping at the home center and doing the work yourself.
On the other hand, it is easy to get more than this amount of fruit. end components.
For example, a luxurious Jacuzzi costs $5,000 while a white bathtub
The barrel costs $500. A sculpted one-
Overall toilet with power
Assisting flush will cost you $1,000;
Basic gravity-action, two-
The white piece model costs only $150.
Sink with customdesigned solid-
Laying bowls and bases is an investment of $1,000 while simple self-
The white trim is priced at $100.
Another important factor in the final statistics is labor costs.
Because all major construction industries involve bathroom remodeling, even a small bathtub can be expensive if you rent out all the work.
No matter how small the bathroom you plan on is, it has to include certain items. Ground-
Faulty circuit breaker (GFCIs)
The code requires protection of outlets in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
GFCIs can quickly destroy the circuit, which can prevent potential fatal impact.
Hair dryer or electric shaver. Low-
Use a mobile toilet of 1. 6 gal.
The law requires the flushing of water each time in all new and remodeled bathtubs. Pressure-
The auxiliary toilet cleaned the bowl effectively with a flush, but it made quite a bit of noise during the process.
The gravity model sometimes takes two Flushing to clean the bowl properly.
For maximum efficiency, choose a bowl with a large water surface.
And make sure there is enough space around the toilet for you to enter comfortably
Ideally, there are at least 16.
Start with the center line of the toilet and the walls or fixtures on both sides.
At least 30 people are also allowed.
From the front of the toilet to the nearest object.
Proper ventilation prevents moisture from being trapped in the bathtub, which can lead to the growth of mold and mold.
This moisture can also damage wall coverings, damage wall panels and other building parts, and saturate the insulation to make it useless.
Extract moisture by installing a pipe exhaust fan on the timer.
Most timers allow you to set the fan for 15 to 60 minutes to remove heat, steam and condensate.
Select the fan based on the air cubic feet that the fan moves per minute.
To know how much you need, divide the cubic feet of the room by 7. 5.
Look for the fan that produces 6.
The noise is small or small.
Shaving, makeup and makeup remover and other beauty tasks require adequate lighting. Include task-
The light of a particular and environment, or of a general nature.
Multiple recessed ceiling fixtures are virtually invisible, eliminating lockers
Room appearance with single ceiling-Install the fixture.
Includes light fixtures above the bathtub and/or shower.
Decorate the vanity or base toilet with a decorative baking tray or multi-bulb drama strip.
Avoid using fluorescent lamps that change your skin color.
You might want to put a small low too.
For drama and night, the voltage light on the dresser-light.
Also, if you like to relax in the bathtub, please install some bathroom lighting on the dimmer switch.
Finally, receiving natural light through skylights, etched glass, beam windows and glass blocks without occupying extra space is an effective way to maintain privacy.
At the very least, the window area should be equal to at least 10% of the room area.
The installation of the correct grip in the shower should be directly bolted to the bolt.
Do not simply screw the bar into the wall panel or stick to the surface of the tile.
Please also keep in mind that if you live with young children or are visited by young children, lock cabinets for medicines and cleaning supplies are a particularly important safeguard against poisoning.
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