size wise: small bathroom, big makeover - small sink in bathroom

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size wise: small bathroom, big makeover  -  small sink in bathroom
When 2017 came to an end, Reva Choi started a new job, planned a wedding and moved from Pasadena to Santa Monica with her fiancé Abraham Flynn
But that didn't stop her from adding an item to the agenda: reinventing one-
The bedroom apartment is only five blocks from the beach and she and her new husband will soon build their new home.
"I want to change the atmosphere of the whole unit," Cui said . ".
40 of the apartment included-square-foot bathroom.
"We want it to be beach but modern," Cui said . ".
"My husband and I have a term: Meet the beach cottage in Medieval Modern Times.
Task: maximize the space available.
But she knew she needed help.
Cui said: "I don't have time to do all the research, and I don't have time to figure out the design elements, and I don't have time to see it . " I feel overwhelmed.
Her contractor and friend John Choi of the university (no relation)
The builders of God and son suggested hiring West Hollywood.
Amalia Gal, interior designer and project manager.
Reva Choi showed the designer inspiration images she collected for the bathroom, and the two hit it off.
"My goal is to make it useful, to squeeze every inch of the product I put there, plus every inch of aesthetics," Gal said.
But first, they have to agree on the budget.
"When you start, you don't know how expensive it will be," Cui said . " He initially speculated that it would cost about $10,000 to renovate a small bathroom, "but that's not the case.
"While a small space may require less material, it still needs the same new fixtures, design elements, pipes and Labor as a larger space.
Choi estimated her project to be close to $30,000.
"Amalia is very sensitive to my budget," Cui said . ".
"She will warn me, 'this will increase the cost.
But once you get started, you'll realize the value of all the extras and small details.
The whole process took about six weeks.
How did they do it?
Gal is large around the walls and shower using oversized tiles and Carrara marble
Look at the end from Daltile.
"I often use a large size.
Zoom the tiles on the wall, "said Gal.
"It gives a sense of expansion with fewer interruptions.
"Gal also laid a wall behind the dresser to maintain continuity.
Maximize the use of the smallest space
The piece San Souci toilet in Kohler is the floor-mounted, low-
The exterior design takes up less visual space and makes the room look bigger.
"The tank is very low and it is connected to the bowl instead of having a higher, separate tank," Gal said. ” Other space-
Savings: the shower door handle can be used as a towel rod, and the shower hook can hang a towel or robe on the bathroom wall.
"The shower hook is a genius," Cui said . "
As Reva did not want to keep the bathtub, Gal chose the transparent bathtub, so the frameless glass shower wall was installed.
Gal said: "When you stand in the room, you will see the wall to the wall instead of having something block the position of the bathtub.
The transparent glass makes it look bigger.
Ask the right questions through the new vanity (a 40-
White Kohler Tresham, linen)
The same size as it replaced, it has more visual space under it, with a lighter, polished qorstone Masis tablet at the top.
Choi's suggestion to choose the right cabinet is: "Look at your current space and think: where will this go?
How do I sit with my towel?
Make sure the cabinets you are looking at have enough space for the items you need.
"TextureGal creates a balanced style, replacing the medicine cabinet with a walnut frame, adding wooden shelves for open storage.
"The accent of the wood gives a little warmth to very smooth glass, polished tiles and polished fixtures," Gal said . ".
"With the introduction of wood, the shiny, hard surface will soften a little.
"Repositioning light inggal removes an outdated fixture and puts smooth embedded lighting above the shower and sink. “I put [the light]
Directly on the sink . . . . . . So it will reflect back on the viewer's Mirror ".
When looking in the mirror, the light should be placed slightly behind the head of the audience, or just in front.
"It's not a direct overhead," Gal said . ".
"No one wants to look bad when they make up.
"Using the color strategy gal says the trick to design with color is to use a dark vision of the space at the bottom of the ground (i. e. floor)
When your eyes move up, the color becomes lighter.
"It makes it feel lighter and more open. ” (
They used it in December. Dawn's shineEdwards. )
Splurge on the style of cubic tile made of woodgrained, wire-
Daltile's greased Cedar is one of the design elements to increase the budget.
"The appearance of the wood brings a little warmth with color and texture," Gal said . ".
In the end, Cui got the look she and her husband wanted and Gal said it should be a key part of any renovation.
"Homeowners are always thinking about what the next person wants, not doing it themselves," Gal said . ".
"The next person may like it, but they may also hate it, so you just waste your money and your personal preferences.
You must live with what you like.
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