side-opening above-the-fridge cabinet - wall hung kitchen sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
side-opening above-the-fridge cabinet  -  wall hung kitchen sink
The last major item of our kitchen remodel was the cabinet above the refrigerator.
This is not an Ikea cabinet, but a custom-built side-Open the cabinet.
You can watch the video build of this project if you want.
Otherwise, read on!
We used to have a cabinet above the old fridge, but we basically never used it because it was too hard to use.
It's the same depth as other upper-level cabinets, so it's just a chore to go deep into it.
So why not put an extra deep cabinet above the fridge?
This is a typical approach, but we don't want to do it in the kitchen because we feel that doing so can be too much of an obstacle to our layout.
Our kitchen is a kitchen layout so the fridge is not next to the wall.
In fact, our fridge was exposed along the right side of it as it was located at the crossroads of our home.
The fridge is right next to the kitchen opening to the living/dining room.
My idea is to build a side
Open the cabinet and install it above the refrigerator.
It looks like an ordinary kitchen cabinet from the front.
But the sides of the cabinet will open completely and I will build a drawer to go there.
We will enter the drawer from below, so the side of the drawer needs to be very low.
The end of the drawer will be connected to the cabinet door.
When it's off, it looks like a normal cabinet, just with a handle at the end.
I measured the space above the refrigerator, inserted the space into Sketchup when designing the cabinet, and then used it to make the Cabinet box.
This is just a plywood box.
It doesn't need to be very attractive because the front is getting more and more (fake)
The door, and finally a drawer, doorI wants to put some "fake" doors in front of the cabinet.
That said, I want the front of the cabinet to look like the rest of the kitchen
It's like there's a door on it.
I chose a simpler method instead of doing two full doors.
I cut a large piece of cherry veneer plywood--
The same is true for making door panels--
Fold it in front of the cabinet.
I then stick to the solid cherry in the shape of the door. (
Of course, these designs match the doors of the rest of our kitchen cabinets. )
In the last photo, you can see the finished cabinet with artificial doors in front.
I applied three pieces of polyurethane coating on the front of the cabinet and two pieces of coating on the rest of the cabinet, both inside and outside.
Then I built this weird shaped drawer and installed the soft one
Close the full extension drawer slide.
The drawer is just a nice box with glue, butt joints, nails and screws to hold it together.
So I didn't take any photos of the build process.
It has a very low side because that's how we got into the drawer.
This is a wall-mounted cabinet and we mainly stick out from below so the front really needs to be low.
Then I went ahead and built a normal cherry cupboard door that covered the end of the cabinet ---
This is the front of the drawer.
In the last photo, you can see the finished product ready for installation.
I introduced in detail how I made my rocking bed.
The Instructure style cherry cabinet door in this link.
The cabinets are brought into the kitchen and placed on top of the refrigerator.
I placed some blocks to take it to the desired height.
Then I fixed the cabinet to the adjacent one with a long clip (
I put it in the right position and tighten the clip.
Then I screw the two cabinets together with four screws.
I then had to put my head into the new cabinet and fix it on the wall with 3 "building screws.
Finally, drawer units can be installed.
This is an animated GIF that shows how it works.
This is a photo of some finished cabinets.
This is the last Cabinet in our entire Ikea custom kitchen project.
We renovated our kitchen using Ikea cabinets, but I customized Cherry doors and drawer fronts for cabinets.
I have posted instructions for some of the projects but have not posted instructions for the whole project.
There are more details on my website: www. wordsnwood.
I also have a YouTube video playlist (11 so far)
Displays the parts of the process.
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