shopping for bathroom vanities - wall mount bathroom sink vanity

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
shopping for bathroom vanities  -  wall mount bathroom sink vanity
A good bathroom dresser is a versatile workawayer that provides a surface for washing, shaving and makeup while hiding the pipes and storing a large amount of toiletries
All the space is small.
"Bathrooms tend to be the smallest room in the house," said Laura Kilar, interior and product designer who designed bathroom furniture and fixtures for Kallista.
"But you always have a lot to do.
Choosing the right dresser is part of a bigger puzzle, she says, including designing an overall bathroom storage plan.
In a bathroom with a closet or large medicine cabinet, a slender dresser is placed on high legs, or one is mounted directly on the wall, with a little extra toothbrush space to bring a clean look
"But if you need to make the most of the storage space . "
Kirar said, "something down-to-earth is a perfect choice.
What style is the room?
From traditional furniture to stylish, sophisticated dresser design
Lady, glossy film
Possible finishes include wood, paint, glass, stone and metal, Kirar said.
Will it be paired with the wall? or deck-mounted faucet? “A wall-
The installed faucet allows you to have a smaller sink in a tight space, followed by a smaller top and vanityKirar said.
Do you want to mix components?
Most dressers can only be used as bases, so they can be paired with different countertops, sinks, and taps.
Dressing table with matte paint with a push or two-to-
Open drawer for Cecilie Manz | from $3,150 for Duravit: 212-686-0033 or Duravit.
US Vanity has rounded corners and wind Elm finish | repair hardware: $1,095-$800762-
1005 or restore hardware. com____Shaker-
Stylish vanity extended with optional storage Bridge | from $532 in Kohler: 855-466-7031 or kohler.
Matte black powder-
Coated steel vanity with Carrara marble inlay | starting at $1,095, Venue: 800-786-
0862 or nativetrail. net____High-
Glossy gray vanity with optional legs | IKEA $189 from: 888-888-4532 or ikea.
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