Shelter: A lawyer’s elegant bachelor pad on Nuns' Island - grey wall hung basin unit

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Shelter: A lawyer’s elegant bachelor pad on Nuns\' Island  -  grey wall hung basin unit
Terry LaPier grew up in the Magdalen Islands, but at the age of 17 he decided to go to the big city on his own.
His goal is to attend CEGEP and eventually become a lawyer.
At the university, LaPier signed up for a paralegal program, then worked for four years in some public and private organizations, and then completed legal studies at the University of Montreal, then finished the legal study in Ottawa and finally, he took the bar exam, after which he found his current litigation lawyer job at a large law firm in the city center.
As a motivated person who constantly sets ambitious goals for himself, LaPier is also an accomplished musician.
He sang, played the piano and guitar, and when he lived in magic, he performed everywhere on the island.
For a while, he performed "One Man Band" on a cruise ship"Lawrence River.
LaPier even went on top 32 auditions for the TV show "Canadian Idol"
He said it was an experience that "taught him a lot.
As if these talents were not enough, LaPier was also interested in fashion and design.
In 2013, he moved into what he called a Bachelor's apartment "--a one-
Bedroom apartment in Nun 'island.
The sixth floor is a modern minimalist space with bare concrete ceilings and glass walls with a small balcony leading to the open living/dining room with a view of St-Lawrence River. (Laughs. )
I know it's old talk, but it's a TV show, whether you believe it or not!
When I was 10 or 11 I fell in love with a project called practice.
I want to be the right person in court, win honestly, and being a lawyer is a goal that has inspired me since then.
I also want to be a singer for a while, but now I'm just playing for fun.
Actually, I lived in this complex in 2009, but in a smaller unit in another building.
I really like it here.
I think this place is very warm and our staff are very warm. (. )
I left for a while to finish my studies and after returning I tried to see if my previous apartment was still available.
Unfortunately, it was sold.
This is also in the market, but the price is higher than what I am willing to pay.
I really like it though, as the owner has customized the interior and no other apartment likes it.
I really like the bathroom. (It has a glass-
Shower, two sinks and a rectangular bathtub. )
Because the couple had just given birth to their first child, the second bathroom had been transformed into a nursery.
Fortunately, I managed to reach an agreement with them to rent a house instead of buying a house.
I just renewed my lease for another year.
In fact, I completely redecorated the place in December.
I threw everything away and bought a bunch of new stuff
Furniture mainly in Saint-AshleyHubert.
I want to replace my old stuff with furniture that is more suitable for this place.
The Red Wall troops have arrived.
I think it's really cool.
This is actually an inspiration for my color scheme.
I 've always liked the contemporary look, so I say to myself, why not contrast bright red to gray, white, black, stainless steel? (. )I do.
But I have to admit, I'm a little crazy about fashion!
The shelter is a weekly series of conversations with tenants or apartment owners.
Terry LaPier, 27, and Sir Henry, a small dachshund (Nuns’ Island)
1,000 square feet $1,800 with small balcony (
Parking lot included): Since 2013
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