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  -  shallow wash basin
Released By Hugo Gye: EDT 12: 23 on October 30, 2013 | update: EDT 20: 37 on October 30, 2013, a toilet in west London so the price of 150,000 is for sale
More than half of Britain's average home prices.
The toilet is considered the most expensive toilet ever in the UK, located in a small storage room between two floors in a commercial building in Kensington, opposite the most expensive street in the UK.
You can buy a new one at the same price.
Building four-bedroom family homes in industrial towns like Stocktonon-Tees.
150,000 can even buy you two
Bedroom holiday home in Costa del Sol with pool.
This small property boasts a "toilet and bath room" with no bedroom, no reception room, no garden and only one window.
Arriving from the stairwell, the stairwell is located between the first and second floors of a red building
On the first floor, there are brick buildings with cafes.
The main selling point of the £ 150,000 toilet is located on Kensington High Street, just a minute walk from Hyde Park.
Although the room looks too small for anyone to live in, entrepreneurs may run an office there in order to benefit from this famous place.
Den star James Caan of Dragon opened his first office in Mayfair, although it was small and impossible to fully open the door, so he could impress potential investors with his business address
The average home price in the UK is currently around 240,000,-called 'super-
Gold property prices in central London have been rising in recent years.
Even in other parts of London, it is possible to buy one
Bedroom apartment in the suburbs for 150,000 which is the guide price for toilets.
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