- shallow wash basin

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  -  shallow wash basin
EDT, October 14, 2008, is a scientific discovery that will irritate men in most parts of the country.
Hope to send them to the washbasin.
Because according to a study, the hands of men in the north of England are the dirtiest.
Do you need a hygienic hand?
According to a study of handwork and bacteria, George and Liverpool people have become the worst personal habits, not just because they work hard in the garden or get involved in DIY. It's. . . ahem. . .
Just because they wash their hands a little slack after using the toilet.
In the test of more than 400 office workers in the UK, George and Liverpool have the worst personal habits.
On the other hand, men in London are the most hygienic.
The study was led by Dr. Val Curtis, director of the health center of London School of Health and Tropical Medicine.
She was shocked by the findings.
Dr. Curtis said that perhaps the northern mothers would teach their daughters to wash their hands with soap, but would not teach their sons to wash their hands.
The researchers tested skin samples of 409 people waiting at bus stations outside five railway stations.
They found that they had a special bacteria on their hands.
This is the sign that they did not wash with soap after going to the toilet.
The national health level of women is similar.
But in the north where they live, people become less hygienic. Fifty-
Three of the men from Newcastle and Liverpool have bacteria on their hands.
In London, the number is only 6, compared to 15 in Cardiff.
Dr. Curtis said: "This number is much higher than we expected, indicating that there is indeed a problem with people washing their hands in the UK.
The bacteria found in the test came from the intestines but had nothing to do with food poisoning.
Dr. Curtis added: "If someone of these people has diarrhea, the likelihood that it will be transmitted is greatly increased by not washing their hands after they go to the toilet.
Although the number of people involved in the study is relatively small, Dr. Curtis said the results of the study will be published in the scientific journal in the coming months, with statistical significance.
The contamination rate does not vary from age to age, nor does it vary depending on whether the person being tested claims to wash their hands that morning.
Because there is no difference in bacterial levels in women's hands, she added that the higher numbers in northern male hands are unlikely to be explained by differences in weather or public transport hygiene standards.
Although it is easy to kill bacteria with soap and water, research shows that many people still ignore simple hygiene rules.
A study in northern England showed that only 43 mothers wash their hands after changing dirty diapers, while the study found that the ratio of hand washing in public toilets was low.
Bad hand washing habits can also lead to a prevalence of hospital infections.
According to global craft organizersWashing Day -
Campaign to reduce the number of deaths caused by poor personal hygiene --
Encouraging people around the world to wash their hands with soap can save 1 million lives every year.
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