- shallow wash basin

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  -  shallow wash basin
Daily Mail Reporter Released: 11: 59 EDT on December 5, 2013 | Update Time: 11: 59 EDT, on December 5, 2013, millions of food vendors sold delicious food at roadside stalls and rickshaws across India, this has always been a symbol of India's noisy and chaotic spirit.
But now, Indian officials have sent a stern message to these unregulated roadside chefs: wash their hands after using the toilet;
Don't sneeze at food;
Most importantly, please don't pick your nose.
Tejinder Singh, 48, says many street gourmets are not very cautious. He served spicy black lentils at a booth in New Delhi, known as daal makhani.
"We are not the sons of God.
We have a lot to learn.
Singh, one of about 500 vendors attending the food safety and hygiene basics training seminar in New Delhi in October, is trying to contain the infamous "Battle of Delhi", which strikes down many of India's adventurous cheaters.
Initiated by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and the National Council of street vendors of India, the workshop provides introductory knowledge of safe drinking water and disposable gloves, as well as food lists
Deal with what to do and what not to do.
Number one on the ban list?
Don't pick your nose.
It is also forbidden to wash your ears, smoke while handling food, and spit on washbasins or sinks.
The goal of the project is to create "safe areas" in hot areas, but in India is it really possible to disinfect street food and suspend any critical attention to hygiene has always been part of the deal?
Many Indians already have a way to find the freshest and most juicy priests, small plates of delicious snacks sold on the streets.
Dharm Singh, 18year-
Old high school students in New Delhi say he only goes to places recommended by others, where there are no flies on the food.
He also paid special attention to where the vendors cleaned the dishes.
He learned the lesson hard, and by eating the chole bhature of the spicy hummus, he contracted a cruel stomach trouble from a vendor who used a dirty plate.
Singh said he washed the dishes right next to the sewer. On the latest afternoon, Singh was eating a plate of lentils, cucumbers and hot rotty flat bread.
"I was sick for a week. '
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