senator suggests restaurant employees shouldn't have to wash hands - bathroom wash hand basins

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
senator suggests restaurant employees shouldn\'t have to wash hands  -  bathroom wash hand basins
You can walk into the bathroom of almost all the restaurants and see a healthy-
Code-authorized logo that says "Employees must wash their hands before returning to work.
But one senator suggested that businesses should be free to give up that rule. In a question-and-
An answer session was held at the Bipartisan Policy Center on Monday. Thom Tillis, R-
According to North Carolina, certain regulations should be allowed for restaurants to "opt out --
For example, employees wash their hands.
Such a rule, he said, is an example of the fact that the United States is "one of the most regulated countries in the history of the Earth ".
The name of the stronghold, the senator recalled one in 2010 when he spoke to a woman about Starbucks health regulations.
"I said if Starbucks chose to opt out of this policy, as long as they put up a sign that says, I don't have any problems with them," we don't ask employees to wash their hands after leaving the bathroom.
"The market will solve this problem," Tilis said . "
"If you make an enterprise or industry opt-out, as long as they show through proper disclosure, through advertising, through employee literature that they may have this level of regulation on the books, said Tilis.
"But maybe you can decide whether they should apply to you based on the market.
Republican Senators from North Carolina went on to say that such a move by a restaurant could lead to the closure of the restaurant.
At the end of the discussion, MSNBC reported, Jason Grutt, chairman of the Bipartisan Policy Center, joked, "I'm not sure I'll shake your hand . ".
On Tuesday, Tilis denied the comments in an interview with The Huffington Post at the Capitol.
"I didn't say that," said Tillis . ".
"I think I have a blogger who has no sense of humor.
I think it's important.
But in an interview with The Associated Press on the same day, he also defended his position, "sometimes there are provisions that maybe we want to set the direction, but, let those who are regulated decide whether this makes sense or not.
"Tillis's remarks were made within a week when politicians and the public were debating health issues such as the vaccine for children.
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