screen breaks: how to hide or disguise your flat screen tv - wall hung bathroom cabinets uk

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
screen breaks: how to hide or disguise your flat screen tv  -  wall hung bathroom cabinets uk
Anyone who has invested in a new TV, especially a TV with huge walls
The hanging screen will enjoy a clearer and more colorful viewing.
Turn it off though, and you can leave a huge blank rectangle that looks dull and noticeable in the living room or bedroom.
Now, however, designers and manufacturers are coming up with clever ways to hide or disguise these eyes. Off-the-
Attractive folding screen is an easy way to quickly hide the TV.
Laura Ashley's wooden Tamar screen, £ 450, has a polished black frame with floral carvings. www. laurashley.
Wooden rise of Wood Brothersand-
Below is the autumn cabinet designed for the flat panel
Screen TV operated by remote control up to 42 in
Elevator control system.
The TV screen is completely hidden when the elevator is lowered.
Traditional designmodel OC2760)
£ 2,189, with a carved base in the old charm series with groove arches
The lower flaps hide the storage space of the DVD player and the game console. www. oldcharm. co. uk In-
The closet can hide the screen, but pop is a smarter idea
TV bed for LG HD-26
Built-in TV ready
In the Freeview tuner, rise on the mobile TV lift manually
Handheld remote control.
This bed has five hidden colors and four sizes, one with pre-
Cable compartments for DVD, satellite or gaming equipment.
Model Display of Park Lane for sale in Furniture Village Store (bedstead only; mattress extra)in four sizes;
Doubled from 4,795 (
2,595 at present)
Super Hotel Grand
King from 7,295 (
Currently From £ 3,995). www. tvbed.
Com's custom charm sliding door hides the TV screen in the smart Cineline multimedia/storage unit of Ligne Roset.
Configure separately for specific spaces in ebony-
Stained oak or white paint, the unit has an optional rotating mechanism that can tilt the screen.
The design shown here costs £ 7,138. www. ligne-roset. co.
The UK installed a TV in the Paradoxe entertainment device and when it turned off it seemed to disappear as the screen was flush with black glass.
The Walnut/glass unit is customized by French furniture expert RocheBobois.
As shown in the figure, yes, its price is 10,880 (
Electrical appliances are not included).
Other colors and finishes can be requested. www. rochebobois.
Com thinking outside the box you change the channel with your hands
So why not use the infrared remote control?
Red device covering walls-
Installation screen with picture?
This is the idea behind the picture elevator, from the priest (
£ 1,093 plus £ 500 custom installation).
The electronic mechanism that pushes the picture up or down can be controlled manually
Handheld devices, wall switches integrated into home automation systems.
It is suitable for more than 26 inch flat screen. www. chaplins. co.
UK can get more flexible version from audio
You can also provide the visual expert of oil painting, Atlantic tis. Its remote-
Controlled spoiled frame canvas shield screen from 26in to 65in.
£ 3,000 including canvas, frame and mechanism (
Installed from £ 150). www.
Antalya solutions.
Even more bonds.
Like a mirror, it becomes a TV screen with a single tap of the switch.
Home automation expert that Gibson music can customizeDesign a screen
Hidden system such as Ad Notam fireplace mirror, main drawing, £ 7,500, 37 mirrors on TV screengibson-music.
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