reviving textile traditions - wall hanging sink units

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reviving textile traditions  -  wall hanging sink units
The visual effect changed the office.
They focused on Tamil Nadu and showed the beautiful textile traditions of the country.
Illustration with Chettinad saris, check and stripes in bright colors, border of design of active self-temple sculpture, and hanging on the wall-
The tiger squatted in the bushes, the birds took off their wings from the trees, and the Peacock expanded its feathers.
Ikkat's patterns and various prints are also featured.
I'm at the Wever service center, Rajaji Bhavan, Besant Nagar, which is not surprising.
The center has departments such as design, weaving, printing and dyeing, and documentation.
In the design section, senior artist D.
Ravi, who graduated from the Madras School of Art, explained that the artists focused on the traditional aspects of Tamil Nadu design, such as "rudaraksha", "Fanji ",
Some designs are based on old innovations, but there are also additions to textile traditions in other regions.
Isn't that a dilution of tradition or a danger of losing identity?
"We must meet the needs of today," he replied . ".
"New and different needs.
Many people don't know that there is a beauty and simplicity in traditional culture.
We are restoring traditional patterns like Koorainadu near Mayiladuthurai, which specializes in wedding sari.
We have also restored many Chettinad sari designs as well as designs from Woraiyur ".
Artist Saleha Abdi from Varanasi holds a PhD
In terms of textile design, D. is developing Banarsi pattern for kanchiipuram sari, which is "zari pattern on Cotton", she said ".
A set of designs presented on the board originated from Chola temples.
Leather puppets and wood carvings in Tamil Nadu are also the inspiration for the design.
There are six looms in the weaving department.
Saris woven here is a prototype of Co-use
Optex and junior cooperative. P.
Deputy director Thennarasu (Weaving)
Explained how the center introduced new technologies to ease the burden on weavers.
Three-wheel belt-
Up motion helps to achieve the uniformity of the texture, while the draw box motion helps to weave the selected fabric.
"The constant use of single legs in traditional weaving puts pressure on the limbs, so we introduced pneumatic compressors developed by local engineers," he explained . ".
"The national hand loom Development Company will showcase innovation at the appropriate technology exhibition.
"All the Weavers in this center are recruited from the weaving family.
V said: "20 years ago, my father and sister and I used to weave on the loom before the Mylapore weaving association . "Kuppammal.
Hamsaveni, Kuppammal Subbarammal and Lakshmi Bai are working together;
They are making silk and cotton cloth.
The center also provides training in weaving.
Pallaveen of Bangalore army Fashion Design Institute spent a month here weaving samples of different textures and designs for a project.
In the design and dyeing section, fabrics printed using chemical and plant dyes are shown.
Get natural dye extracts from local markets such as myrobalan, onion skin and pomegranate peel.
"We also demonstrated in educational institutions.
"We are showing the use of vegetable dyes at a school in the world Craft Council," WSC staff said . ".
"We have produced some of the famous kodalikarupur saris, which was previously woven in villages near Kumbakonam, Thanjavur district.
These saris were used by the malattara royal family.
In this wonderful craft that has disappeared, it is important to synchronize printing and weaving, "said Thennarasu.
Interview with former director Paul's overall approach: B. said that the weavers service center was established in 1956 in accordance with the planning committee's decision to meet the needs of the handloom industryB.
Former director Paul (South Zone).
"Four centers have been set up in Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai.
They were originally set up as a design center.
Subsequently, the goal was increased, including product development, technology development, upgrading of weavers skills, expanding document support, revitalizing dilapidated crafts and implementing central government plans for weavers, dyeing workers and printers.
"There are now 25 centers across the country, 7 of which are located in the Southern District.
We identify beneficiaries through state organizations and cooperatives.
Said Paul.
"We also publish information through newspapers and hold technical seminars.
For example, we teach special skills to areas such as Korvai technology in Kancheepuran.
The beneficiary then contacted us directly.
"What are the WSCs in the textile department (Govt of India)
Achievements have been made in these many years?
"Despite the progress made in the mill industry, we can retain our traditional design and weaving," he replied . ".
"We study the design of the hand loom, especially the traditional Indian textile design.
There is a whole approach.
As to whether there is enough sample development, he replied, "we are doing sample samples.
We award national awards to weavers every year and 20 testimonials.
"He agreed that the number of weavers was declining --
From 35 Lakers to 25 Lakers.
But the assertion is that this is because of better economic prospects and educational opportunities for the children of the Weavers, "not because the industry has fallen ! "!
"We are creating new weavers that do not belong to traditional weavers," he said . ".
All plans must be implemented through their respective state governments.
Marketing by holding exhibitions at national, state and regional levels.
"We have held 710 exhibitions this year," he added . "
He added that the textile service center in Chennai has persuaded and trained some boutiques to start printing.
"A new step is to roll out credit cards to weavers to make them financially viable," said Paul, who is from a Weavers family in minapore, West Bengal.
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