Repurpose your home decor - vintage style wall mount bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
Repurpose your home decor  -  vintage style wall mount bathroom sink
Heather Jeffery believes in the value of re-
She has turned it into a life-long job.
"It's important that we start thinking about alternatives instead of buying new ones to provide our space," says the owner of Re4m . ", Get old accessories and materials from the business and re-use them in new fixtures, accessories and furniture.
Her target market is other businesses, bars, and restaurants, and she also operates residential properties.
"In terms of the waste generated by packaging and transportation, the carbon footprint of new products is much larger," she said . ".
"For these reasons, the source of use is important and if you buy local goods from humans to restore their habitat or other local stores, you will help the local economy.
After graduating from industrial design at Carleton University in 2014, Jeffery began picking up trash, giving it a new life, and then selling her finished product on Etsy.
She began her work again in 2015.
For residential projects, the homeowner asks her about anything they need-such as entrance passage benches, spice stands, headboards, and even entertainment equipment like a TV stand.
"The next step is for me to customize the design they want.
I give them some choices I can make for them.
"She usually designs these pieces according to the stock, whether it's Glebe refurbished cedar or metal tubes or pipes for the old museum exhibition.
"Instead of going out and buying new ones, it's better to look for items that can be reused at home first," she said . ".
"There is no group purchase on Facebook.
Try to find an alternative before purchasing a new method;
This can bring really cool, authentic furniture.
"Jeffery offers some advice for homeowners who want to redesign items for their own house or rent r.
She said that some of her suggestions when going through a typical house are arranged by room: If you're looking for a spice rack, you might put an old wood in the shed
This could be the shelf unit bracket for the incense can.
A small landscaping rake can be used as a tea towel rack.
Remove the head of the rake son and put it on an old wooden head.
Hang a towel with a spike.
You want some pillows on your couch.
The dress shirt you need can be sewn into a square shape and used as a pillow.
-Go to kijiji and find an old lamp.
Painting is an interesting color, metal or soft, to complement the decoration.
Put on a simple white shade.
"I recently made a project with a pile of pallet wood.
Tray can be used for headboard.
Pallets come from many different sources, they are placed in front of many industrial enterprises and you can pick them up for free.
"Another option for wall decoration is to re-utilize the coffee bags that you can buy for free at the bridgehead and other coffee vendors.
"At the Nepean branch of the public library in Ottawa, coffee bags can be painted or laser cut for free.
You can choose a quote that inspires you and print it out.
The laser cutting machine can be etched on the linen.
The coffee bag can then be mounted with an old frame or nailed to a piece of wood and hung up.
"People tend to put benches in the corridors," she said . ".
"I can do the bench myself with almost anything lying around.
To make a wooden seat, I glued some recycled wood together as a seat, polished it and dyed it in beautiful colors, and used the old milk case
She recently quoted a quote about a dresser with an old wooden dresser that needs to be renovated and painted according to the couple's style.
There will be a retro sink inside, and the plumber can connect it to make it work.
She made the cabin sign with her last name from the barn wood.
Many people like to use the beds and planters in the garden to bring green to their space.
"I actually used the deck wood that was being demolished," she said . ".
"The deck wood has been processed so it works well in the planter box.
"Please check for more information.
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