Republicans gone wild - small wall hung vanity sinks

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Republicans gone wild  -  small wall hung vanity sinks
Few people in the Republican party, Congress or the White House remember seeing Jack Abramoff.
Collective amnesia suddenly fell to the capital. The super-
Lobbyists, his plea deal with prosecutors requires members of Congress, staff, former
Staff, lobbyists, friends, colleagues, and his own personal assistant are spending his time recalling the details of their relationship that could be the basis of the prosecution bill.
Abramov, who has pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe public officials, has left behind a series of hard evidence, in addition to his sworn testimony.
At the end of each working day, his former assistant writes a summary of all his contacts and their conversations
Mail it to him and keep it carefully;
These documents documenting the days and ways of Jack Abramoff are now in the hands of the prosecutor. (
Abramoff's former assistant, Susan Laston, moved seamlessly from his employees to the White House to become an assistant to Carl ROV, where she regularly reviews the pleading, with long-term political partners and business partners through Abramoff. )
Abramoff appeared in the Federal Court of Washington on January.
3 attired in black soft cap and black trench coat, like an old-
Style "beard Pete" Mafioso, strange but brilliant selfcasting.
He is not only his own producer, but also his own makeup artist.
In fact, Abramoff likes to recite the lines in The Godfather.
"His favorite point is Michael Corleone's response to a politician seeking to cut illegal business:" Senator, you can now get my answer if you want.
My offer is: nothing.
Abramoff's drama is intertwined with his politics.
Beverly Hills high school graduates are the son of the president of the Diners Club franchise division, close to Ronald Reagan's California millionaire kitchen cabinet.
Father funded the young Jack to take over the College Republicans.
After exhausting the wealth of American citizens, Abu Loff, a conservative group founded by drug store tycoon Lewis Lehrman, created a violence --packed, B-
The Cold War movie Red Scorpion.
"As Republicans occupied Congress in 1994, he rushed to Washington for a barbecue.
Abramoff has been crazy for more than a decade.
In the offices of Preston Gates and Ellis and Greenberg Traeger, he has abandoned politicians and clients.
He used false charities and false think tanks. expenses-
He himself opened a Capitol Hill steak house called "signature", where he picked the label of a congressman and became a rich and influential person.
He effortlessly moved from "Friends of the Inuit," former House Republican Speaker, Newt Gingrich, to "friends of Tom," former Republican House majority leader Tom Dilley.
His college-Republican colleagues Grover Norquest and Ralph Reid are his Musketeers.
Reid, former president of the pastor
Pat Robertson's Christian Union became a tool for Abramoff to buy and manipulate religious rights leaders, adding grease to the well-planned plan to hire him to help them win casino approval for the bilk Indian tribe.
These are just a few Abramovich scams that prosecutors are now undoing.
Abramoff is unique in his brazen, extravagance and recklessness.
Almost all lobbyists make money according to the rules of Washington.
But Abramoff is not unique.
He also has symptoms.
Abramoff's crime is not an example of widespread runaway control in Washington.
He is not an accident waiting to happen.
He's not the latest in a dime. a-dozen scandals.
Nor does he represent the interests of both sides.
The most important thing is that he is not a lobbyists who "bought Washington.
"Abramoff has been an integral part of the Republican political machine that has been thriving since the 1994 takeover.
He created a lot of money that could be used to delay.
For example, the United StatesS.
Family network funded by Russian oil tycoon)
Work closely with DeLay's political agents to support the Republican congressional leadership with money and concessions.
Abramoff's lobbying and politics are inseparable, one after another, to make him a valuable member of the Republican machine at the same time and serve himself.
He's not the most important player.
He also earns no more than tens of millions of dollars than the big numbers. (
The former chairman of the Republican National Committee, a former senior partner at a major Washington law firm, and the current governor of Mississippi, Haley barber, came to mind. )
But Abramoff, who has more influence or wealth than those who have, has a difference as the recent historical climax of the Republican Congress.
The Abramoff incident is the biggest scandal in congressional history since cre dit razier.
On 1873, a congressional survey showed that the holding company of the United Pacific Railway Company allocated inventory to 30-
Some members of Congress;
The two were accused and no one was prosecuted.
There is no doubt that the punishment brought about by the Abramov incident will be more extensive than the one from cradette mobile.
The main point of a recent Republican conversation with Abramoff is: I can't remember.
DeLay previously called him a "close personal friend ".
But an article in The Washington Post last month strangely reported: "According to a former senior delay assistant, the two met at a late fundraising meeting on Capitol Hill on 1995.
His assistant recalled, Edwin.
Buckham, who was the chief of staff at Dilley, told his boss: "We really need to work with Abramoff.
He will be an important lobbyists and fundraiser.
As a Christian conservative, Delai did not know what Abramoff thought of him. he had a beard and a yar hat.
According to their colleagues, they have established political relations, but they have never been close. " The anti-
Semitic's revisionist flash undercurrent pulls his own distance in his belated efforts, a sharp touch.
On Tuesday, at the first news conference of the new year in his country's assembly Hill office, Speaker Dennis hast said Abramoff was completely unfamiliar: "Well, you know, a year ago, most people in Congress can't tell you who Jack Abramoff is or who his colleagues are or what they have to do with it.
Meanwhile, at a press conference at the White House that day, press secretary Scott McClellan gave a vague explanation of Abramoff's deal at the Bush White House.
Abramoff was one of Bush's most important fundraisers.
Designated "pioneer" to raise more than $100,000 for re-election ")
He is a member of the Interior Ministry transition team and charges two tribal chiefs $25,000 for White House lunches and meetings with President Bush.
McClellan admitted that Abramoff was invited to a couple of light festival parties. At his Jan.
When asked about Abramoff's attendance at the staff meeting, McClellan said, "I make sure to submit a complete report to you on this.
Hopefully soon I will bring it to you.
Once again, a reporter asked, "who is attending a staff meeting," and McClellan replied, "I don't like to discuss employees --level meetings.
So the history of Abramoff and Republicans is being distorted, screened or blocked.
In 1994, Preston Gates and Ellis law firm issued a press release praising its new partner, Jack Abramoff, who "developed and maintained contact with speaker newt
The national daily reported: "The victory of the Republican Party in 1994 has changed [Abramoff]
As law firms recruit activists linked to the New Gingrich team, it becomes a valuable asset.
"Gingrich represents a Congressional constituency from a white suburb of Atlanta, who boasts a cosmic thinker and Napoleon's military strategist.
On a large painting stand, he called himself a "teacher of the rules of civilization" in a speech ".
Born in Newt McPherson, Gingrich is the stepson of an abused officer.
He married one of his high school teachers and later, while recovering after her cancer surgery, he handed her divorce papers in her ward.
He left West Georgia College to teach and enter politics.
He is a secret 1960 admirer who sees the enemy as a "great social anti-cultural model" with the goal of a Conservative Opportunity Society (
The name of a group he founded).
Dick Cheney, the Republican whip in the House, secretly supported the rise of Gingrich.
Gingrich's approach is to accuse congressional Democrats of scandal and manipulate media coverage of the scandal.
"I think one of the biggest problems facing our Republican Party is that we don't encourage you to hate it," he said . ".
He boasted: "We are reshaping the whole country through the news media.
"After Gingrich incited a stir against Democratic House Speaker Jim Wright, forcing him to resign for the union's massive purchase of his memoirs, gingrich's staff was found to have blacked out the new gentleman's Tom Foley as a gay man, but he wasn't.
Then, Gingrich set off a commotion on the House members' banks, a credit union that always pulls out loans on paychecks from such a union.
Political scientist Nelson Polsby wrote in his book, How Congress has developed, that it is a comic book
The news media, spurred by a group of enthusiastic Republican members, injected a dramatic fiasco into wagenian Gode Mellon.
"Several Republicans in Gingrich are being faked like this.
But he was willing to cross their bodies.
In the Republican election of 1994, Gingrich held a crazy celebration, dressed up as comics like Power Rangers and Rush Limbaugh.
Sonybono, a new Republican lawmaker who has fallen out of favor as a celebrity, warned Gingrich to be wary of arrogance.
The failed professor, now a speaker, sent his assistants and followers to the United States for training. S.
Army Training and Doctrine Center in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
And Fort Monroe, Va.
Claiming to be CEO.
He experienced extreme mood swings, bouncing from grandiose plans to uncontrollable crying.
He told his aides, "You have to tell reporters that if they are going to cover Republicans now, they need to have a romantic view of history.
"He took $4 almost immediately.
Rupert Murdoch's 5 million book, forward, was also quickly forced to return in the ensuing controversy.
For Murdoch, given his stake in Telecom legislation, this ridiculous and overkill progress is a foolish change.
DeLay, a former exterminator from sugar fields in Texas, called the Environmental Protection Agency the Gestapo, a new whip for House Republicans.
The K Street Project, which brought Republicans and lobbyists together, was launched in January 1995.
Initially, the delay was called Project relief.
He convened 350 industry lobbyists to work closely with his staff to draft legislation to stop regulation.
"They have expertise," DeLay explains the lobbyists for his proposed bill drafting.
Even before Republicans won control in 1994, DeLay had lunch with 30 to 40 corporate lobbyists every Tuesday in the conference room of the US independent insurance agent.
The lobbyists funded his Republican whip campaign, even before the brand appeared --
The new Congress met to vote on its leadership, delaying the end of his position.
Among the Republican leaders, he is the only one with his own independent power base.
Project relief immediately felt its strength.
Within a month after the new Republican Congress took the oath of office, it voted for 100-
All federal industrial regulations are suspended.
According to the contributions of each industry political action committee, DeLay compiled a book listing more than 400 committees, either "friendly" or "unfriendly" based on their contributions ".
"Look, you're in the book," he said to a lobbyists when he showed him his PAC list.
DeLay put the book on the coffee table in his office.
A whip hangs on the wall.
He is the executor of the Gingrich rules: "If you want to participate in our revolution, you must follow our rules.
"In 1995, DeLay met privately with more than 400 of Fortune 500 companies, explaining why it was in their interest to comply with" our rules.
"By then, Republicans raised twice as much campaign money as Democrats.
Tobacco companies are among the top donors.
The relief of the project evolved into the K Street Project.
"We don't like to deal with people who are trying to kill the revolution," DeLay said . ".
Law firms, industry associations and industries that employ Democrats are excluded.
"You need to hire a Republican," DeLay told these Washington agencies . ".
Business groups also have to invest a lot of campaign money.
DeLay wrote to the PACs in person, telling them how much money they had to contribute, and the Republican candidates and committees.
The K Street Project merged corporate interests with the Republican Party;
A career agency for activists and staff who later became lobbyists;
Turn lobbyists into authors of legislation and Washington's services into party banks.
In November 1995, Gingrich asked President Clinton to agree to slash health insurance and cut taxes on the return of the rich on almost the same scale. This is the first time in AmericanS. history.
He was quoted as saying that health insurance should "wither ".
Then, after reopening the government and negotiating with Clinton, Gingrich was forced to close it again.
"I don't care what the price is," he said . ".
But it turned out to be his dishonesty.
Most of the Republican's 1994 manifesto, the contract with the United States, has never been enacted.
In 1996, the House Ethics Committee found that Gingrich made false statements about him during the investigation, fined him $300,000 and issued an official condemnation.
This is the most severe punishment for a spokesman.
The scandal involving his special interests has crossed his intellectual vanity.
This has to do with the government shutdown he insisted on.
Through his political action committee, GOPAC and the think tank Foundation for Progress and Freedom, Gingrich used tax cuts to fund political action.
One of the actions was a series of lectures he recorded entitled "updating American civilization.
"The biggest donor to GOPAC is J.
Patrick Rooney, chairman of Golden Rule Insurance(
Wayne Rooney's daughter served as deputy chief financial officer for GOPAC. )
The golden rule seeks privatization of medical insurance and is replaced by a "medical savings account.
In his "university course", Gingrich even included a promotional film for MSAs, produced by the golden rule.
In 1997, other Republican leaders tried to replace Gingrich with a coup.
DeLay agreed to the plot but in the background.
But the coup failed, and Gingrich asked his leader, a young star representative.
Bill Parkerson of New York resigned from the house
A few days later, a clever young journalist, Sandy Hume, committed suicide, using Parkerson as a source for his disclosure of details of the coup.
It is said that Hume was frustrated by the arrest of drunk driving.
At a low ebb, Gingrich seized the lifeline of impeaching President Clinton.
He pressed No.
In 1998 midterm elections, Republicans lost five seats in the house.
The public is only against impeachment.
Within two days, Gingrich resigned as speaker.
The Republican leadership, especially the delay, believes that Gingrich was not strong enough to fight Clinton.
"I melted when I was by his side," Gingrich confessed to his second wife about Clinton.
For more than a year, the Republican Party has a bodyguard, and tough Richard almei has accompanied Gingrich to the White House, fearing that Gingrich will compromise.
Some Republicans also know that Gingrich is vulnerable: his mistress is on the House payroll.
A few months after he resigned as Speaker, Gingrich told his second wife on the phone that he would leave her. Rep.
Robert Livingston of the state of Luis Anna became the acting speaker, but it was not long.
Impeachment day, December.
19, 1998, when porn writer Larry Flint threatened to release sex videos of his affair, he resigned.
Livingston is a capable dealmaker, but he left before he arrived.
Former high school wrestling coach Dennis Hatter from Illinois is a sock puppet for DeLay.
Delay forcing impeachment, with far-
The right main opponent, which leaves his power among Republicans in the house intact.
His ability to intimidate members has increased. Gov. George W.
Bush from Texas has positioned himself as a rational and moderate voice in the presidential campaign, which is flawless in the Republican Congress.
He chose a strategic war,
To prove that he is a "compassionate conservative", an income tax credit is given to the working poor.
"It's clear who has no compassion.
After Bush was elected, the Republican Congress, especially the House, became an important pillar of his power.
There is no actual legislative process in the house.
The working week is usually only two days, like a small legislature like the State Council.
The rules committee prohibits members from amending the bill at the venue.
In a bipartisan bill, voting was blocked, such as extending unemployment benefits, which was opposed by most Republicans.
The bill was secretly drafted by a select group of Republican leaders late at night, often without floor debate.
The Boston Globe said in a series of 2004 reports on the impact of lobbyists, "on the health insurance and energy bill, businesses and other groups that are lobbying for these two measures have spent an astonishing $799,091,391 to influence lawmakers, who often employ former members of Congress and former staff, relatives of members lobbied for the bill.
In addition, according to the Global Times, the Republican Congress added 3,407 "pork barrels" to this year's federal budget allocation bill, items that have never been debated or voted on by the House and Senate, and their congressional supporters are kept secret.
"When the health insurance bill seems to be going down on the floor, hast continues to debate for three hours outside of the prescribed limits.
The delay distorted the representative arm.
Nick Smith, Michigan, promised him that if he changed his vote, he would donate $100,000 to his son's campaign.
Smith changed from "yes" to "no ".
Smith admitted the charges of taking bribes and then withdrew his confession.
Nevertheless, the ethics committee, which was trying to close the delay, gave a "public warning" of the delay ".
This month, under pressure from criminal trials in Texas and the revelation of Abramoff, DeLay resigned as majority leader.
In Texas, DeLay has been charged for illegally using corporate funds for an in-state political campaign.
He used his political action committee, the Texas Republican majority, as a channel to fund the campaign for the Texas state legislature;
He then pushed the Legislature to re-divide Congressional constituencies, remove Democrats from seats and fill the Republican majority in the house.
Last month, The Washington Post revealed that lawyers at the US Department of Justice found that Mr. Delai's plan violated the Voting Rights Act and deprived black and Hispanic voters of voting rights, but Bush administration officials
There will be a victory in the battle of delay.
The main candidate for the majority leader.
Roy Blunt, Missouri, has a close relationship with lobbyists, leaving his wife to marry lobbyists at the company ochiya, which owns Philip Morris.
In 2002, he added a clause to the Homeland Security Act to increase penalties for selling stolen cigarettes.
Blunt's son happens to be a lobbyists.
His other son is the Republican governor of Missouri.
He only represents business as usual.
His challenger, his representative.
John Boehner of Ohio manages an organization called the K Street cabinet.
In 1995, Boehner issued a check to Republican lawmakers in the house for tobacco lobbyists, which he regretted.
This week, House Republicans re-launched their plans as advocates of reform, proposing a plan to clean up the stains left by Abramov and the delay.
However, as long as they are linked to campaign fundraising, their proposal will not prevent members from accepting lobbyists meals and travel.
But such a project does not distract people from the upcoming scene.
The Abramo incident is just beginning, and many lawmakers and prominent Republican lobbyists and agents may soon be in trouble.
Abramoff and his partner, Michael Scanlon, were singing behind closed doors.
Future historians will look at the Abramoff event, the impact and nuances of the K-Street project, and the trajectory of the Republican Congress from the start of the "revolution" to Thermidorian twilight.
For now, however, the matter is in the hands of the prosecutor.
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