remodeling : cleaning up around the house - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
remodeling : cleaning up around the house  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
Over the years, Orange Joyce Hayes and her so-called "bowling alley" have spent their lives ---
There is a narrow space next to her bed with a temporary small sink and counter leading to a small room with almost no air conditioning and bathtub.
"This is not a 'master' bath.
Bathing in that small space can make people feel claustrophobic, and there is very little counter or drawer space for The Dresser, "said Hays.
Then last year she turned the bowling alley around and moved the fixtures to get more space in and out, added a Jacuzzi and installed a userFriendly Vanity
"It is not a small hole;
You feel like you're in a real bathroom right now.
"The plight of Hays is not as many homeowners face it, they bought the house with very little bathroom space.
Bill Grimes, a plumber at Fullerton, said: "As interest rates and property values decline, many people are now buying a small house cheaper than renting an apartment . ".
"But many of the old houses built in the 1950 s have two or even three bedrooms and a hall bathroom, which are usually small or poorly designed.
"It takes ingenuity to turn a bad bathroom into a good bathroom, not necessarily a large checking account.
"You have to really check what's wrong with your bathroom," Grimes said . ".
"Maybe the sink is slow or the toilet is broken.
If you fix some small things and add a new medicine box and paint job, you may find that you like your bathroom.
"The new, lighter shadows on the walls can add to the feeling of more space, just like mirrors and clear glass enclosures around the bathtub or shower.
The mirror brings more light to the room to make it look bigger, and the transparent glass gives a good view of the shower or tub, making it part of the room, rather than being separated from it.
Another common complaint is that the bathroom door opens in the wrong direction, facing the toilet instead of the wall.
If the door turns around and the hinges are mounted on the other side of jamb, it may be easier to get in and out of a small bathroom.
Expanding the size of the bathroom is much more complicated than simply changing the fixtures or paint, but this will be greatly improved.
"If you don't add space to the house, knocking off a wall might mean taking the space in your bathroom from another room," Grimes said . ".
"But if the bathroom is adjacent to the unused bedroom closet, it may be enough extra space to get rid of claustrophobic.
* Living in-
For those with a growing family, the bathhouse may be inconvenient.
The question surrounding adding another bathroom to a small house is usually: where?
If you want to lower the cost and create a bathroom without expanding the space, it can be difficult to find the space.
"Most of these old houses have a bathroom in a central location, like a lobby.
But now most people like the concept of the master bedroom and bathroom, "said Rich Haagsma of orange faucets and lamps.
"In some cases, you can turn a wardrobe area into a small bathroom with a toilet and space --
Save the base sink and shower, then add the sliding door to save more space.
"This may require the use of a closet to store clothes, but the bathroom-for-
Wardrobe exchange may meet your needs.
"Your home has only so much space, and if you don't scale it up, you have to give something," Grimes said . ".
Smaller fixtures are required to provide minibath.
Ordinary toilets with short water tanks, embedded lighting, medicine boxes and towel rods, instead of slender toilets, can help keep the bumps in small spaces to a minimum.
A modest vanity can be built around a small sink that contains only the necessities.
Forget the crazy idea of making a plane
Bathroom/shower or RV size toilet;
The new bathroom must comply with the building area specification.
The full bathroom with a standard bathtub/shower, sink and toilet is 5 feet by 7 or 8 feet. For a half-
Bath, the space for a toilet and base sink can reach 30 inch by 4 2 feet.
If your home has a laundry porch, this is also a potential location for an extra bathroom.
The washer and dryer can be moved to the garage and the bathroom fixtures can also be installed in place. Many older two-
The story house built a closet under the stairs to creatively turn the closet into a bathroom.
Many of the houses built before the 1960 s were built on a raised basis, which made it easier to transform the pipes.
"Being able to move pipes under the house is a big advantage," said Haagsma . ".
"When you try to configure a pipe from the new bathroom to the sewer, the space between the ground and the floor of the house is important.
"* The drain pipe must be a sewer with a downward slope of 25 points-inch per foot.
"With a raised base, the right downhill is never a concern, and it's a big advantage when you plan to build a bathroom, because calculating drainage is one of the first problems you face, "said Scott Blanke of La Habra central plumbing and heating supply.
In order to prevent the danger of fire, the new and remodeled bathroom must also reconnect the ground fault interrupt circuit.
If your new bathroom doesn't have a wall outside your house, you have to come up with a way to install a vent instead of a window.
Adding a new bathroom is a major undertaking and that's why it's on the list of dreams for many homeowners.
Anaheim's Paul and Mary Zamora recently priced fixtures at a plumbing supply store to find ideas for the day they added a second bathroom in one bathroom.
"Ideally, we would like to put the master bedroom and bathroom in and drain some space in the backyard," said accounting Mary . ".
"But the cost of construction is too high. now we are still in the stage of dreams.
"I'm a little determined," says Paul, a computer programmer . "
I don't think we have to delay this increase for too long.
If we do the basic framework, electrical and plumbing work on our own, we can save [money]
Because the raw materials are not so expensive.
I want to go beyond the stage of my dreams.
I can already feel the water in the new shower.
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