raheja revanta - overview - wall hung double sink

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raheja revanta - overview  -  wall hung double sink
About the builder Raheja developer Co. , Ltd. in 1990 by Mr. Navin M.
Raheja, the first generation of entrepreneurs.
Today, the company has a strong presence in the NCR and has become one of the largest companies in the real estate industry.
The company is one of the fastest growing entities in the real estate industry, providing luxury goods at reasonable cost, excellent customer service level, the highest customer satisfaction index, and the highest imaginable standard of employee, social and environmental welfare.
The company has gone through the path of steady growth and expansion, and the turnover and profit have increased year by year.
These systems have been strengthened and new procedures have been added.
Today, the company is one of the largest companies in India's real estate industry, with projects all over India.
It is also one of the largest companies in India with more than 60 million square feet of executable and sanction programs. ft.
At different stages of consideration, the project covers over 900 acres.
So far the company has executed and delivered 29. 5 million sq. ft.
More than 15 major residential and commercial projects including farmhouse, planning and development, and hotel properties.
Under construction 50 million
The company is managed by highly qualified professionals who are fully focused on ensuring that the company maintains high standards in terms of quality building, timely delivery and customer satisfaction.
The company has been working hard to fulfill its commitments and therefore enjoys an extremely high reputation in the construction industry.
Revanta is a mix of high-rise buildings and separate floors.
There are three towers together.
Surata will have more than 56 floors.
There is also a supply of helipad * at the top of the building.
The company is waiting for approval.
Surata is an iconic building with luxurious double high entrance hall, high speed capsule elevator, bourgeois building and clean glass facade.
Apartments with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 bedrooms and luxury penthouse are available.
Revanta will change the skyline of Gurgaon.
On the third floor, the independent floor is called TAPAS townhouse.
There are 3 rooms, 4 bedrooms and a penthouse to choose from.
They have lawns on the ground.
The elevator and double high lobby are also equipped with elevators.
Revanta will be a landmark project in India as it brings you the facilities that no other developer in the country has ever provided so far.
This is the miracle of advanced technology and the real achievement of modern engineering.
Revanta will have the highest and highest Sky Bridge on the 46 th floor with unlimited swimming pool, observation deck, fine dining room.
Residents can use facilities such as a laundromat to wash clothes quickly, a mini theater to watch movies on a large screen, an automatic car wash and valet parking.
Other facilities in the hotel include world-class sports facilities such as swimming pool, tennis, squash, table tennis, basketball and billiards, club clubs, dedicated retail centers and business centers. a)
Built by the largest construction company in the UAE
The world's tallest building-the Burj Khalifa manufacturer
Security is guaranteed by Thornton Tomasetti of the United States.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia building is 1 km tall in structural engineers and is the tallest building in the world, with Taipei 101, Malaysia and Taiwan. c)
Clubhouse managed by one of the best Spa in India with full Spa massage, Jacuzzi, sauna, steam, health care d)
One of the tallest buildings in India)
Sky Bridge with India's highest infinity pool f)
Choose your game using golf *, tennis, billiards, squash, table tennis, basketball facilities g)
Laundromat, mini theater, automatic car wash, valet parking, full 3-storey security check, earthquake safety building, power backup, USP a for advanced fire/fire alarm/smoke detection system project)
Built by the largest construction company in the UAE
The world's tallest building-the Burj Khalifa manufacturer
S. location advantage Thornton Tomasetti's security guarantee is towering over Gurgaon for 78 seconds, near NH8, near the intersection of northern perimeter roads, southern perimeter roads and NH8.
Close to the proposed metro line, there are many planned 5 star hotels, golf courses, shopping centers and office space around.
Project specifications living room floor: designer tile/marble wall: plastic latex paint ceiling: Designer designed cornice restaurant floor: designer tile/marble wall: plastic latex paint ceiling: Designer designed cornice bedroom floor: laminate/wood floor wall: plastic latex paint ceiling: oil combined with the designer designed cornice toilet floor Distemper: a combination of one or more designer tiles/marble fittings and fixtures: single-pole CP accessories, wall-mounted WC for all toilets,
Except for the servant toilet and dressing room)
Walls: A combination of one or more designer tile ceilings: plaster/silicone calcium/pop fake ceilings with integrated CFL Fixtures and hidden fountains on the kitchen floor: combination of one or more designer tile/Granite/marble fittings and fixtures: modular kitchen with granite countertops, SS sink and CP fitting walls: 2' high glazed tiles above the counter and oil on the ceiling in the remaining area combine distemper: oil combine Distemper servant/guest/utility room floor: one or more combinations of granite/glazed/terrazzo/tile fittings and fixtures: CP fittings, bathtub fittings and appropriate sanitary ware in the wall of the bathroom: floor: anti-slip/glass/stone tile fittings and fixtures: glass railing, integrated ceiling lamp Wall: Weather-coated emulsion ceiling: Weather Coat lotion/oil-based lobby/corridor floor for canine pest lift: imported marble/granite flooring wall: one or more combinations of granite/Marble/terrazzo/oil combined distemper ceiling: premium plastic latex paint entrance lobby floor: Imported/premium marble/granite walls: high grade plastic latex paint ceiling: cornice elevator designed by designer: Brand high speed elevator structure: Earth-
Seismic structure according to the latest seismic code-
GI frame structure, with brick, block or plate/plastic wall on GI frame, electrical module switch copper wire running through concealed pipe for light spot, Power Point TV, Lan and telephone socket
Stair flooring: anti-slip glazed/Granite/slate fittings and fixtures: painted MS railings, ceiling lamp walls for solar cells: Weather-coated emulsion ceiling: oil-bound Distemper: door frame with paneled blinds.
According to the plan, install fire protection engineering doors where windows are needed: UPVC/aluminum anodized frame window safety system CCTV monitors the AC independent unit ACs for each bedroom and living room/dining room.
Structure built by the largest construction company in UAE
Burj tec, manufacturer of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, import/premium marble/tile doors and windows
Door frame with paneled blinds.
Fire protection door for Windows-
Terms and Conditions raheja revanta No.
& License date: 49/2011 dt 01. 06.
2011 types of colonies and their areas: residential areas, 18.
Name of 72 acres colonizer: M/s Raheja developer LimitedNo.
Approved construction plan date: 13734 dt. 16. 9. 2011 Max. No.
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