purely canadian: via rail's transcontinental journey a ride to remember - wall mounted toilet and sink

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purely canadian: via rail\'s transcontinental journey a ride to remember  -  wall mounted toilet and sink
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As Canadians meander along the banks of the mighty Fraser River, a steady drizzle splashed over the windows of the skyline dome.
Passengers who follow the panoramic car turn from one side to the other and marvel at the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains.
Suddenly, an alarm was issued on the radio of a service worker.
"Bear on the rails.
"The buzz of the moment made passengers rush to the side of the train, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beast.
The train slowed down, and the explosion of the air horn sent the bulky brown bear to a safe track.
"They often eat grains spilled from freight trains on track," explained VIA waiter . ".
This is a simple part of life along 4,466
Kilometers from Toronto to Vancouver.
This is not a train-it’s a once-in-a-
Experience for life.
The name of the country and the love for hockey are real, with three stars: scenery, food and people.
The panoramic lounge at the Toronto Union Station begins a trip for sleeper and first class passengers.
They relax on the leather sofa, watch some hockey and book seats for lunch and dinner the next day.
The two-person cottage is perfect for one or two people.
The unit has bunk beds that can be folded into walls and ceilings with two power outlets, a closed toilet and sink with hot and cold water and a separate tap to drink water.
Two comfortable leather seats are set during the day.
The conversion is done by VIA attendant.
The sleeper compartment has a shower and towels and toiletries in each room.
The CN Tower is blue, and on a hazy Saturday night, it will keep a close eye on Canadians as it pulls out of Union Station.
What is your favorite way of traveling?
Once passengers check where they sleep, there will soon be a steady stream of water flowing into one of several skyline dome cars running through the entire train, or the one behind that dome Park
Later, VIA staff will offer you champagne to toast your journey.
The dome car is packed with dizzy travelers who eat cream cheese and capers, bacon and liver sauce on canned salmon.
At dawn, the scent of freshly brewed coffee wanders through the sky car.
When the train slides into the Sudbury junction, the early morning man waits for the sunrise.
Mother Nature will not be disappointed by the orange light on the horizon to greet passengers. By 6:30 a. m.
On Sunday, the train stopped at the railroad hotbed in Ont Capreol.
Come on, live with the adjacent dining car.
Fresh white linen curtains feature flowers, bone porcelain and sparkling tableware.
Joe Craig, from St.
Lawrence in Cornwall's authority and life, the chef's special omelet is provided by smiling Sylvie Dube --Forslund.
His wife ate oatmeal in January, and Montreal's friend Helen Moore ate cold cereal.
Severs can quickly replenish orders for coffee and tea and deliver cold cups of juice to the table.
"There is no better way to go to Canada than this," Joe said . "
Dense woodland and swamps in Northern Ontario slowly revive after a severe winter.
When the train passes through the rock at a steady and firm speed, the scenery attracts the audience.
Sleeper and passengers are free to roam the train.
Free coffee, juice and muffins on the Skyline dome car, as well as magazines and board games.
The whole trip was arranged in the car. Two F40PH-
2 locomotives are shipping 24 stainless steel Budd in Canada-
The trip made a car.
The panoramic dome built by the Colorado Railcar is located in Jasper, Alta.
Just in time for the Rocky Mountains. At 4 p. m.
The train stops in Hornepayne, a small town with a population of 1,200 in the Algoma area.
Some people walk to nearby shops to buy supplies, while others stretch their legs in light rain.
When the passengers had dinner, Annick Mabon was busy changing the cabin and berth to a place to sleep.
It was her second season in Canada.
"Meeting people from all over the world is the most exciting part of the work," Mabon said . ".
"We have some knowledge of a new country that many people have experienced for the first time, so it is beneficial.
"Along the way, bring up areas and landmarks of interest through the crew using the PA system.
Around 5: 30 on Monday, Shirl Nadeau in Houston, Texas found it on the skyline dome. m.
And write a book that goes back to the life of a grandmother she never knew.
It is peaceful and moody. Overcast.
"I always wanted to cross Canada by train.
It's spectacular.
"I like the leisurely pace and like to meet new people," Nadeau said . ".
"I will do it again and maybe find some small places along the way.
The Canadian Coast arrived in Winnipeg at 8: 00. m. local time.
The train will stay for four hours when the staff change the car and the supplies are re-supplied
Problems with inventory and maintenance were resolved.
Every window on the train was rushed to the platform by the staff.
Dozens of passengers set off on a city tour arranged by the staff on the bus.
Others decided to wander.
Many end up browsing the shops at Fox market behind the station. By mid-
In the afternoon, Canadians left a string of roadside grain elevators on their way through the province.
From the dome you can see the huge Yabo potash mine ahead.
VIA waiter Steven Gould is holding a wine tasting session on a skyline dome car.
He provided samples of regional wines and some history.
A violent lightning storm welcomed the train to Shakespeare cartoon, which will slide into Edmonton by Tuesday morning.
From here on, the scenery is a star.
Canadians will cross a series of mountains on the asabasca River (
Canada's seventh largest).
Somewhere near the disaster point (
After his whisky bottle was broken, it was named after surveyor Sandford Fleming)
A group of goats watched from the rocks.
Bob Haman of SydneyC.
Have dinner with new friend Diana Wells from altsherwood Park.
And John Douglas from Edmonton.
Wells and Douglas depart from eastern Canada, take a train to Quebec City, and then take a boat to Boston.
They are on their way back now.
Wells has won Canadians six times and Douglas 40 times.
"When it was run by Pacific Canada, I started doing it," Douglas, who retired from Ford, said . ".
"Even if I had to go on a business trip (
Head to Ford headquarters in Ont Oakville)
I will ask to take the train and take some money out of my pocket to do it.
"Most people would say that the mountains are their favorite scenery, but for me it goes through the Canadian Shield in northern Ontario.
It is very strong.
Harman began to cross.
When he was sent to the base of the Army in 1944, he made a long trek
Training facilities at Camp Boden.
Over the past four years, he has visited children living in Ontario at least twice a year.
Haman said, "How many rooms do you have . . . . . . I like the opportunity to move around . ".
"You can meet new friends at least three times a day (at meals).
We have such a beautiful country.
There is no better way than this.
Wells says her favorite time is autumn.
"The color change of the leaves is great.
I like to sleep on the train.
I look forward to sleeping so comfortably in that bed.
Over the past four years, VIA railway has spent $22 million to renovate its fleet across the continent.
Salmon rose lunch Main course: a piece of thin salmon wrapped with green leeks and garlic butter in Greenland Malin and Atlantic salmon cake.
Canadian roll into Jasper, Alta.
Tuesday afternoon.
Built in 1923, the former North locomotive mountain steam locomotive 6015 was exhibited at the station.
A group of passengers will leave Canada, two separate
Visit Prince Rupert on the Pacific coast for a day through Jasper National Park. After two.
At one stop in an hour, Canadians cross the mountain of whitestlers, cross the continental dividing line, cross the Yellowhead Pass, and enter the Rocky Mountains. Yellowhead Pass is used by fur traders and gold miners in the 19 th century.
The fog covered the snow peaks of Mt. Robson (
The highest point of the Canadian Rockies is 3,954)
But when the train passes the 92, the sun rises. metre-
Engineers slowed down while taking photos of passengers, and the high pyramid fell.
Past camloopsC.
The train travels 21 metres across the mighty Townsend River at 258metre-long trestle.
The train to Fraser Canyon will pass through Mount chillivak. Baker (
It's actually a volcano)
Before returning to Vancouver Pacific Central Station at 8 in the morning, bypass the edge of the Fraser River. m. Wednesday.
For John Douglas, the Canadian trip 40 is over.
"I always like trains.
"My dad is an expert in train models and I have always wanted to be a train engineer," he said . ".
"There is some nostalgia in Canada.
There is some comfort in returning to your roots.
The pace of life is slower and the people you meet come from all over the world. ”A SWEET —AND SAVOURY —
RIDEThey is a Canadian rock star.
Creating five requires some cooking skills.
Star cuisine 100/hour
Probably the smallest gourmet kitchen in America.
But for railway chef David Colvin and Ken Green, this is life on the railway. Wielding razor-
Sharp knife and scorched
Hot grill, they pass 18-
Three days an hour.
The course meal attracted favorable comments from passengers on VIA's flagship train.
Colvin has worked with VIA for 14 years and Greenall has worked for 16 years.
They worked on the road for six days, between Vancouver and Winnipeg.
Do you like to eat local food when traveling?
Both chefs are certified red print chefs from the Canadian Culinary Institute, allowing them to work at the International Culinary Associationprovincially.
"We 've been together for a long time and we can read each other's ideas, which helps to work at such a fast pace at close range," Corvin said . ".
"Preparation is the key, and alignment with the movement of the train has become a second nature.
VIA's Anne lupine says the menu for Canadians was developed through "create Challenge (
Win the recipe in viarail. ca/en/menu-creation-challenge)
Led by Martin Gemme, VIA's chef.
The result is amazing.
At breakfast, they chose some traditional food and added some delicious food.
It's like French toast stuffed with cheesecake center covered with warm berry fruit plates and whipped cream.
Or Benedict's duck, covered with duck meat on wild rice cakes with poached eggs and Dutch sauce.
You can also eat bacon and eggs, of course.
Lunch and dinner are served on three seats in two dining cars on the train.
The wine menu is colored, notes lupine.
It is recommended to pair for various main courses.
Diana Wells scan the lunch menu and select salmon rose dishes
A Greenland mealina and salmon cake wrapped in thin salmon slices decorated with leeks and garlic butter.
"I have always been impressed with the food of Canadians," she said . ".
"This is one of the highlights of the trip.
Other Lunch options include Angus burger;
A quinoa salad with grilled vegetables, Feida cheese and vanilla, all in a citrus sauce; and lobster-
Ravioli made with Alfredo sauce and put a crab on it.
There are vegetarian options for each meal, such as a vegetable pile-
Grilled vegetables, roasted lentils, and crispy greens pile up between grilled tortillas. The mouth-
Dinner menu for the last trip has 10-
Beef ribs per ounce, add Cajun spices with tomatoinfused demi-glace; horseradish-
A chopped cut of onion, burrito and vanilla sauce;
Butter and grilled chicken breast; honey and soy-
Glazed duck breast with belly BlackBerry and vanilla sauce; and beer-
Beef stew with pearl onion, European windbreak and maple sugarsmoked bacon.
Desserts are beyond decadent.
"We use really good quality products and the customer seems very satisfied," chef Corvin said . ".
"When we get great customer feedback, we end up with a sense of accomplishment.
"Prestige cars are retro.
Cool vibe, they'll call it Ritz on Rails.
VIA Rail launched its elegant new premium car at a recent trip and tour at Vancouver Central Pacific Station. The new cars —
Run between Toronto and Vancouver, Canada
Starting from August, it will be implemented gradually next year. 19.
"This is the best product I 've seen in 27 years," said Pierre Santoni of . ".
"This is the first fully accessible car to allow travel across the country.
"The prestige car is Budd-
Built 1950 s and completely renovated inside.
VIA replaces the traditional look of metals and plastics with dark wood tones, soft lighting and enhanced facilities, including flat panel TVs, video players and Stock Minibars.
Among the cars on display are Lauren de park, the first fully accessible sleeper car in the VIA fleet with a wheelchair lift.
Every modified Park car.
A dome lounge at the back of Canada
There will be a bedroom for three people with button controls at the entrance to the room, scrolling
In the shower and bathroom, plus plenty of room for day living.
"My father is in a wheelchair, so transformation is a must for me," said Dean Rockhead, senior manager of VIA products . ".
Bar will be available in the new park car Lounge-
Type tables and seats with granitetopped bar.
The new lights create a high-end atmosphere.
Denonville Castle has been converted from a traditional sleeper car to two sleeper cars consisting of six large cabins.
Each cabin of two in the Prestige Class offers 50% more space than the current cabin in the Sleeper Plus class.
Each unit has its own shower and bathroom, a flat-screen TV with a video player, 60% larger windows than the current sleeper and a fully stocked mini TVbar.
"The prestige market is a little upmarket," said Rockhead . ".
"We are not going to discount this.
"Very specific people are looking for train trips and it is the responsibility to expand to meet this population," added Rockhead . ".
"There is a lot of expectation for this product that has been in production for the past three and a half years.
"Compared to pure blue stripes, prestige class cars are designated by black stripes above the window line.
Canadians run three times a week during peak season and take two breaks a weekseason.
For more information, visit viarail. ca or call 1-888-VIA-RAIL (1-888-842-7245).
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