profit and despair inside california's largest immigrant detention camp - how to fit a wall hung basin

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profit and despair inside california\'s largest immigrant detention camp  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
Adriano, California—
On the outskirts of the desert town of adranto, there is a welcome sign that says "the city of unlimited possibilities ".
"For the residents of the immigration detention center located here, this sign must be a cruel scam.
I visited Adriano in the middle.
On November, a sunny day as part of an investigation into immigration detention under the government's oversight of non-profit programs.
The city is one of the largest detention centres in Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
On average, more than 1,700 detainees are waiting to hear their immigration cases every day.
The length of their detention varies from day to month to year.
Some will be allowed to stay and some will be deported.
For years, some people have not been alive from facilities operated by Florida.
Headquartered in GEO Group, one of China's largest private prison operators.
Founded in 1915 in the middle of the Inland Empire, the city of adranto, local historians say the developer created the area as a new center for Southern California.
This is not how it works.
The Inland Empire gradually developed into an agricultural center, but by the age of 1950, most farmers were driven out due to industrial and military development.
Once factories and military bases began to close in the 1970 s, the area entered a period of decline.
It experienced a superficial revival in the 1990 s, when high housing costs drove people out of Los Angeles, and bankers and vendors attracted them to the desert with cheap housing and easy credit. Then the real-
The real estate bubble burst in the 2000 s.
Residents find themselves trapped in a remote place, and the value of the house is far less than what they pay for them.
In Spanish, Adelanto means "progress", but the town is a dead flat wasteland of trailer parks, open spaces and desert bushes.
The working environment is as dull as the dry one.
The George Air Force Base was closed about 26 years ago.
Outside the logistics industry-
Goods in and out of warehouse-
Waste management is a major industry.
About 34,000 people live here, and about 39% people live in poverty.
The median household income is $34,000.
In a recent survey of the best cities in the state to raise families, adranto ranked 254 and the penultimate.
According to the survey, the condition that make the town the "worst place" for raising families is that it is the ideal location for Adelanto ICE Processing Center, the largest immigration detention facility in California
There are two other prison facilities in the city, and a large federal prison seven miles from Victorville, a large federal prison, earlier this year, many immigration detainees were held there and then transferred to adranto. I made the 90-
Along with the inland Union Jenna dunlapu, the non-profit organization's defense coordinator for immigration justice deportation, drive from Ontario to adranto.
Dunlap and other lawyers told me that most of the complaints from detainees in the adranto detention center were about health care.
"You have to wait so long to be seen and you will get better or die first," she said . ".
"A young man I know has diabetes and he needs two insulin, but they only give him one.
He was taken to hospital twice in a coma.
As we drove to adranto, the phone rang.
She said she had heard more about ICE's violation of the rights of detainees.
She told me that there was a man parked in front of his house and that he would not get off when the ice showed up to pick him up.
She said the meth officer hacked his tires, dragged him out of the car, and pepper sprayed him.
"He has an order for arrest and removal that has not yet been executed, but this is clearly a violation of the Fourth Amendment," she said . ".
Mr. Deng said that under the leadership of President Barack Obama, ICE often targets people who commit serious violations, but now it often attracts those who have a non-violent belief,
She said that under the leadership of President Trump, all previous convictions, regardless of age, were grounds for detention.
She was helping a man who took his teenage son's iPhone when his school called him to say he had fled.
In retaliation for his parents, the boy told the police that his father had beaten him.
After his father was arrested, the son admitted that it was a false complaint and the district attorney dropped the charges.
But two days later, according to the arrest, ICE picked up his father on the way to work.
"The father has no previous record, but any excuse is OK," dunlapp said . ".
"This is the typical logic we see.
Just as she finished the story, the man's son called to say that his father had been released with a bond of $5,000.
She explained that the family needed to go to the federal building in downtown Los Angeles, fill out paperwork in the ICE office, and buy five $1,000 bills of exchange.
Fortunately, his father will be released that night, but he may face deportation soon.
As the government has been seeking to expand the number of people deported over the past two years, adranto has become a key transit point in this process.
In many ways, this is a symbol of what critics believe is the most serious abuse caused by these policies: inadequate health care, labor exploitation, and higher profits than people.
A large part of this is the result of the immigration process, with special attention to deportation.
"The system has become a demolition pipe," dunlapp said . ".
"If you are Mexican and you have a prior deportation order, you will arrive at Tijuana by dusk.
If you are from Central America, you will be taken to adranto or other detention centers.
It may take them a few days to get enough people together to fly, but you will leave soon.
Three flags are flying outside the Anno ice processing center. S.
Flag, California flag and green, blue and white Company Flag of GEO Group, which operates the facility under a contract not publicly disclosed under a clause.
I visited the facility with the team at Dunlap, where they visited the detainees.
Dunlapu brought in a list of a dozen adranto detainees she suggested or recently asked for help from the inland Union: A Brazilian soldier who recently fled her home country, she just talked to him by phone;
A Guatemala man who was shot dead twice, three of his brothers were killed in gang violence;
An Indian detainee who recently arrived in the United StatesS.
She has not yet received information about whom;
Three women, two from Central America and a Roma from Romania, were abducted and beaten there for asylum.
We received a guard at the front desk and were seated in a large waiting room.
Lawyers in suits can easily be found with Brown accordion folders full of documents in their hands.
Except for me and Dunlap, only about 10 tourists prepare tax returns for immigrantstime job.
Four Latino men came from our permanent help Lady by the river who came to visit as part of the church work.
The rest are the families of the detainees.
"A lot of things won't happen because it's not easy to go out here," dunlapp explained . ".
"Many of them are concerned that they will eventually be detained or deported even if they are completely legal.
"We passed the gates of a geography training room and the Adelanto immigration court.
Setting the court at the facility means that ICE does not necessarily have to transfer detainees to an external location, which makes it easier for the government to deal with cases quickly.
The end of the short corridor is the large visitor room.
Alex Armando Villalobos Veliz, 27, is waiting to meet me at a table. He and his 18-year-
The old brother Wilson surrendered at the border, sought asylum and was detained for three months.
They say they have fled the violent threat of drug gangs in their hometown of San Pedro Sura, which is reportedly one of the most violent cities on Earth.
"The gang killed our cousin and told us that we would be killed if we didn't sell the medicine," Alex said . ".
Even if the government accepts their story, they may have a steep mountain to climb to win asylum, as former Justice Minister Jeff seesens has changed the standard of allowing drug cartels to threaten victims
And domestic violence. to win asylum.
His argument is that these threats come from individuals, not from the government. (
Earlier this week, the Federal Court rejected the Trump administration's proposal to change the standard of immigration fleeing gangs and domestic violence. )
I was sitting on a blue plastic chair on a small white table with Alex chalalobos.
Alex is wearing a blue uniform, like four of the six detainees in the room.
Others are orange, including a man with a heavy tattoo, a woman and baby crawling through the table between them.
All detainees in blue, orange and red uniforms
The color is determined by the safety risk classification, low, medium and high.
The brothers of Puerto alobos and their mother live in Honduras.
After their cousin was murdered and threatened, Alex said, they fled and took the train until they reached the border and turned themselves in.
They were first sent to Victorville and then transferred to Adriano.
At Adelanto, detainees perform most of the physical labor that maintains camp operations at a rate of $1 per day (
A recent lawsuit filed in the Federal Court of California says GEO's $1 a day salary is equivalent to "system and illegal wage theft ").
Wilson works in the kitchen, Alex said.
The brothers used their income to pay for the phone call to the mother and bought food from the canteen.
But Alex broke his arm because he played football, so he never worked.
Adranto is divided into two branches, with an average of about 1,500 detainees in total.
A bigger prison.
Like there are 4 and 8 in the West Wing-
Human cell, dormitory-
Like the East Wing, the cells without bars are larger.
Wings are not separated strictly by gender (
Although it is a personal housing unit)
But most of the houses in the West are men and women in the east.
Immigration judge
Staff of the Justice Department-
The case was heard in the wing court.
I visited the court in the West Wing of the White House with a picture of Trump hanging on the wall.
The list of 104 cases heard on the same day was posted behind a glass panel.
On the same day, a judge heard 10 cases in the east, while in the West, five judges supervised 94 cases.
Russell Jauregui, a staff lawyer at the San Bernardino community service center, is there to represent Alex's brother Wilson.
He sat among nine detainees in two rows, all in blue uniforms from Latin America or South Asia.
Wilson, who looks younger than his 18-year-old, showed up at the hearing with shell-shocked.
Brothers Villalobos are facing a difficult case as the actions of Sessions provide protection for victims of gang violence.
Jauregui advocates asylum based on religious persecution, but today's hearing is strictly routine.
The case of the brothers is being heard separately, and their lawyers have asked the judge to join it.
She said she would consider it and decide later.
The whole thing ended in five minutes.
Most of Adelanto's asylum seekers are traditionally Mexicans and Central Americans, but there are more and more applications from asylum seekers from Africa and Southeast Asia, Suarez said, in particular, Sikhs claimed religious persecution by the Indian government, the inland Union policy coordinator and the Mexican immigrant himself.
Detainees can be released on bail, but the price is usually high.
Bonds for people seeking to stay in the United States but not apply for asylum in the local community can start at $1,500.
For asylum seekers from Africa and Asia, this number is easy to climb sharply.
"For those who are considered flight risk, the bonds are higher and they think that almost everyone is a flight risk," he said . ".
"We used to have a lot of locals and their families can help them get out of their way, but now we have a lot of people who don't have roots in the community and don't have access to resources.
They may get lost in the system.
He said a Nigerian asylum seeker had a security deposit of $80,000 and had been in adranto for two years.
In the visitor's room, I also spoke to the muscular man in his 30 s from Cameroon, a West African country, gibeilin Yaro Amadou.
He met Alex in a cell in the United States. S. -
Along the Mexican border, they are also in Victorville.
He advocated the depressing English
He speaks the citizens of his country, where most people, including most ruling elites, speak French.
After he took part in the protests, Amadou's sister, an activist, was killed by security forces.
He said that then the police were looking for Amadou at a friend's house and they killed the friend when they did not find him.
He was able to escape the country simply because a local police chief he knew stamped his passport and took him to the airport.
Amadou went to Nigeria and then to Ecuador.
From there, he went to Colombia by bus and the government told him that he was not welcome.
He traveled by bus with about 40 Africans and was robbed by armed gangs while crossing the Darien Gap, an illegal jungle on the border between Colombia and Panama, arriving
About six months after fleeing his home, Amadou surrendered in San Isidro, California.
He was sent to Victorville.
A guard there told him, "I'm worse than a criminal because I 've broken the worst laws and crossed the border "--
Before being transferred to adranto
Like many detainees, he highlighted the lack of food, such as
Frozen taco shells, lack of medical care.
"I write a request to see a doctor every day, but I haven't seen one for six weeks," he said . ".
"I already had the medicine, but the only thing they gave me was ibuprofen.
The staff sitting at the front desk interrupted our conversation.
He read the last name of the detainee in the room.
"It's time," he said.
The country's booming immigration detention center has existed long before the Trump administration, with Adriano a gear.
Modern immigration detention originated from 1980 Mariel ships from Cuba to Florida, during which more than 100,000 Cuban refugees sought asylum in Florida.
It is often believed that this incident proves the generosity of the United States to immigrants, but has led to the detention of a large number of refugees in hastily built camps.
Detention center United with Reagan
The War of the times on drugs has made drugs a mandatory reason for detention and expulsion.
With the integration of terrorism and immigration policies during Clinton's administration, there were 1995 bombings in the city of Russia.
Immigration reform and immigration Responsibility Act.
The Act expands the number of offences requiring compulsory detention and deportation, and makes the offence retroactive.
Therefore, if you are convicted of a felony at any time before 1996, there is a reason to expel now.
It also denies most of the protection of permanent residents and places them in the same legal category as other non-citizens.
The 9/11 attack triggered a new crackdown on immigration and led to the birth of ICE.
Silky Shah, director of the Detention Watch Network, said Obama saw more transparency and better standards in the detention center earlier, but by the end of his administration, the size of the detention center had expanded.
"This is when we think detention is tantamount to deterrence," Shah said . ".
If Trump did not create an immigration detention center, he expanded the immigration detention center.
A violation of the immigration law is a civil offence, but on April 2018, the Trump administration announced
The "tolerance" policy calls for criminal prosecution of any person entering the country illegally.
That is why border families are separated because when parents and children are held in shelters or live with sponsors, they are detained for prosecution.
In the days leading up to last month's midterm elections, the president spent $0. 2 billion to send 5,800 troops to the border to fight thousands of Central Americans in a convoy hundreds of miles away. At the U. S.
Near the Tijuana border, border patrols fired tear gas at team members.
Photo of two young Honduras girls fleeing 2 clouds
The United States and most countries have agreed that chemical agents not used in the war, chlorhexidine, have entered numerous news media.
"Immigration and repression are integrated," said Emilio Amaya, executive director of the San Bernardino community service center, which provides legal advice to adranto detainees.
"We have gone from bad to worse.
Today, Adelanto is one of the more than 200 detention facilities ICE uses nationwide.
The agency only owns and manages some of them.
It allows state and local governments to operate the remaining facilities, which they subcontracted with private prison companies like GEO to manage directly.
State and local governments receive modest income in the form of "bed tax" paid by private prison companies.
For example, the town of Adelanto has a bed tax of about $200,000 per year.
The detention center also employs approximately 400 people, mainly for security work.
A 2018 report from the Office of the Inspector General of ICE concluded that the process of the country and the City acting as intermediaries meant that private contractors were "not actually censored by the government ".
Therefore, the agency "does not guarantee the execution of the detention center contract for the best interests of the federal government, taxpayers or detainees.
Adelanto was opened as a state prison in 1991 and was converted into an immigration camp in 2011.
Since then, some 75,000 detainees have been held there, most of the time short-term.
The population is a group of immigrants who have been marked as reportable by the federal government and asylum seekers found in smoothies who surrender at the entry port of San Isidro in the United StatesS. -Mexico border.
Adelanto has always been a gold mine for contractors.
GEO Group signed five agreements
The annual transaction of 2011 guarantees the payment of at least 75% persons per detainee per day at $99.
A second year Amendment made the agreement even sweeter: ICE agreed to pay $111 per detainee per day.
GEO signed a new agreement with ICE in 2016, but the specific terms are not clear.
For more than a year, ACLU and the inland union have been trying to obtain the latest contract through the request of the Freedom of Information Act, but have not succeeded. (
A spokesman for GEO declined to disclose the terms of the current contract, saying ICE should be contacted.
An ICE spokesman said a request for Freedom of Information Act must be submitted in order to obtain the contract. )
Many subcontractors are also involved.
Correct Care Solution
A company facing a large number of lawsuits alleging false deaths and denial of treatment --
Provide medical and dental care in Adelanto. Kefu supply company.
Manage the canteen and the detainees pay $5 for 4-
Maxwell coffee oz package (or $4.
10 equal amount for Keefe's own brand).
The security telephone company provides telephone services, charging detainees 11 cents per minute for domestic telephone calls.
Bail bond companies charge 10% of the bond price. BI Inc.
GEO's subsidiary, charges detained people $350 a month for ankle bracelets.
Due to the inability to vote, the majority of detained migrants lack substantial financial or legal resources and have few political champions, and remote areas of adranto also challenge supervision.
Nevertheless, the facility was criticized for its health and safety records.
According to a report in the journal Foreign Policy, on 2011, an ICE contractor reported a long-term delay in the health assessment.
In the second year, an ICE survey found that a detainee named Fernando Dominguez baldivia died of a "serious mistake" by medical staff.
Another preventable detainee death occurred on 2015.
This prompted 29 members of Congress to write to ICE asking for an investigation into health and safety issues.
From December 2016 to July 2017, five people committed suicide in Adelanto.
Last year, three detainees died in Adelanto for three months, one of whom committed suicide.
The ICE survey found that two of them were flawed in health care.
The 55-year-old Mexican, Sergio Alonso Lopez, vomited blood and was taken to a hospital in vitoville on April 1.
13 days later, he died of problems such as cirrhosis, stomach bleeding, severe hypertension and a history of drug abuse.
Lopez's death report shows that when he was first admitted to hospital in February, he said a doctor told him that he might have cirrhosis during his previous hospital stay.
Later in the month, the clinical director of Adele Ranto, who gave Lopez a physical examination, received laboratory test results showing abnormal liver function and possible cirrhosis, but did not take any response
Lopez's liver problem has not been resolved until an appointment with another doctor on March 30
Two days before his last emergency hospital stay
Gonzales-OsaGadba, a 32-year-
The old Nicaraguans hanged themselves with sheets about three months after arriving.
According to a doctor, Gonzalez looks "mentally ill, refuses to eat" and "illogical, impractical and delusional ". Vicente cassares-Maradiaga, 46-year-
Old Honduras died of a heart attack in an ambulance on their way to the hospital.
A report issued by the inspector general of Homeland Security on September
After a rare unannounced visit
"Significant health and safety risks" were revealed at Adelanto ".
Inspectors found ropes made of woven sheets in 15 cells.
One detainee told the Department of Homeland Security that the noose was used to commit suicide, adding that the guards laughed at people who tried to commit suicide and laughed at them for "failed suicide.
Inspectors found improper use of isolation
Including unnecessary restraints on detainees
Ill-treated by geographical guards.
The Department of Homeland Security inspector found 14 detainees in "disciplinary isolation", all of whom were placed "improperly" there without being found to violate any rules.
Some of the people who were isolated were put on unnecessary handcuffs and feet shack.
An isolated detainee was left in a wheelchair for 9 days and was unable to sleep in bed or brush his teeth.
Former adranto detainee from Mexico, Mario Perez, told me that as the only person in custody who is fluent in English, he became the voice of others, submitting a formal complaint to the camp authority, it's mainly about poor health care.
"They see almost everything as short-term," he said . "
"If the situation is really serious and there is no other option, they will send you to an outside specialist or hospital, but usually they will give you ibuprofen.
"Unless death is caused, poor health care rarely appears in public government reports, but may also be serious.
I spoke to lufino otuno Benitez, who was released from Adriano in May.
He is from Mexico and has lived in San Bernardino for the past 16 years.
Due to poor medical care, he almost amputated his foot and told me when we were sitting on a colored sunbathing sofa in the living room of his little wooden rack house.
In the room next door, his wife was taking care of several pots and bowls of pans on the kitchen stove.
The couple had four children living with them.
Otuno, a short fat man in blue jeans and black boots, said that one night in February, the sheriff's office picked him up at his house, about 8 p. m. m.
Because he did not pay the traffic ticket.
He admitted that he had been involved in a traffic accident, driving without a license, and had experienced drunk driving.
After a night in prison, he was sent to adranto.
"When I was taken to the sheriff's office, I overheard a police officer call someone and say 'I have a gift for you'," he said '. ".
"ICE was waiting the next morning when they let me out.
Ten days after his arrival, otuno's left foot was infected and he said it was a "dirty shower area" in the detention center ".
"He showed me a picture taken during his detention showing his swollen and inflamed feet turning green and purple.
Oruno said he went for a week and was not given medical care other than ibuprofen and was only sent to the hospital after the roommate threatened that if he did not receive treatment, he would protest.
"They tried to handcuff me when I was sent to the hospital, but they didn't fit," said oruno, he ran away in a bunch of administrative and medical documents with GEO and the right care solution logo.
"The doctor at the hospital told me that because of this and the time I didn't have treatment, he almost had to cut off my feet.
To save it, the doctor transplanted the skin incision on the thigh of oruno to his foot.
Oruno had a landscaping job before he was detained, but he was still in pain and walking was difficult.
He lost his job after he was released. He has a Feb.
He plans to apply for asylum in immigration courts, saying his hometown in the state of grero is mainly a violent drug dealer.
"I'm not a criminal," he said . "
"I don't have serious violations and I have been working and paying taxes since I came here.
This is my only chance.
"In response to questions about adranto, ICE issued a general statement stating that the agency was" committed to providing benefits to all those entrusted with supervision, and ensure that all detainees are treated in a humane and professional manner.
"The facilities that hold ICE detainees must meet strict performance standards, which set detailed requirements for almost every aspect of the detention environment," ICE said in a statement . ".
"The safety, rights and health of detainees taken care of by ICE are of the greatest concern, and all ICE detention facilities are subject to strict regular inspections.
GEO Group responded for a long time through Huancheng Highway public relations company DCI Group to questions including allegations of poor food and medical services. “Around-the-
Clock medical and mental health services are available to all detainees and on-site medical staff [at Adelanto]
"It includes 21 registered nurses, 26 certified nurses, a doctor, 8 mental health experts and two dentists," the statement said . ".
"The facilities we manage on behalf of ICE also provide high
High quality food service, three meals a day, based on a menu that meets a variety of dietary preferences and needs, and reviewed and approved by a registered dietitian.
"With respect to the superintendent's damn report on Adelanto, the DCI group sent a response to GEO group, which was released on last October.
"While we believe that some findings lack appropriate background or are based on incomplete information, we have taken steps to remedy the fact that our procedures are not up to our high-
"Quality Care," the statement said.
"In the event that the criteria we identified were not properly met, the statement also stated that GEO immediately worked with ICE to correct the procedure and that corrective action had been implemented
With our third in-depth review
Third-party medical service subcontractors ensure that all medical and dental care is provided in the highest quality and in a timely manner and hold accountable those who do not meet these expectations.
"Correct Care Solutions, a company that provides medical and dental Care in Adelanto, did not respond to requests for comment.
Vincent cassares-Maradiaga, 46-year-
This is the last time the facility was detained and killed.
According to the coroner's investigation, on May 22, 2017, cassares-
Maradiaga, suffering from severe high blood pressure, was sent to a medical facility in a detention center and evaluated by a doctor.
After taking the drug, his blood pressure reading dropped and was released into the general population.
He was arranged in the back.
Make an appointment three to four weeks later.
Never happened.
Less than two weeks later, on May 31, 2017, he fainted while playing football at the facility's training ground and died on his way to the hospital.
The inland union and ACLU asked the local coroner's office for an autopsy, but with the help of local officials it took a year to get the autopsy.
The coroner has decided that cathrace-
Maladia died of a heart attack.
ICE has not yet released a death review of what happened to Caceres by its detaineesMaradiaga.
These reviews assess whether ICE and its contractors have followed appropriate procedures.
Maria Isabel, his widow, said he had come to the United States. S.
She brought it in 1999, four years later.
"He always works hard on architecture," she said when visiting the little house in North Hollywood in the evening, with a friend and the couple's 21-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter.
Shortly after her husband's death, she moved into the house because she could not afford the rent of her apartment.
Her child lives in one room and the other boarder lives in the house.
"It all happened so fast," recalled Maria Isabel, about 7, that we were sitting in the living room after she came back from the housekeeper's work.
"He left the house at about 6 in the morning to go to work.
I went to work. a few hours later, he called and said he had a problem.
I didn't understand it at the time, but he called from adranto that night.
Maria Isabel said there was a problem with her husband and the police, but she did not know the specific reason. (
Records show he was convicted of drunk driving and fraud. )
"He has paid the security deposit and is doing community service and goes to court every two months," she said . ".
"Everything is normal.
She says they talk for a few minutes most nights.
A few days later, he began to complain about shortness of breath.
"He had no problems before he went in, he worked every day and ate well," she recalls . ".
"Maybe fear or tension.
I spoke to him the night before and he said they prescribed him some kind of medicine but he was fine.
When Adelanto called her, she thought she was saying her husband was going home.
She was told he was dead.
A few weeks later, Maria Isabel received a letter from Adriano
She's not sure if it's from GEO Group or ICE-
Mourning for her husband's death.
This is her only official message.
"They didn't do anything for us," she said . ".
"The consulate in Honduras contacted them for us and they should have sent his stuff out, but we never received anything.
The consulate paid for the shipment of her husband's body to Honduras.
His family buried him there.
Catherine Hawkins and Nicholas Trevino of the government-supervised project contributed to the report and research.
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