powder room’s transformation a creative solution - commercial wall hung sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
powder room’s transformation a creative solution  -  commercial wall hung sink
"It's terrible.
Looks like a prison cell.
Robin Siegelman talked about her being asked to redesign the little dressing room in Toronto
The head office designer Robin Sigman showed her 30-at her client for the first time-by 84-
One-inch powder room she wants to renovate
"It's terrible.
Looks like a prison cell.
At first I thought I couldn't do anything about it, "Siegerman recalls.
Just as she held her hands up in desperation, sigmann realized that the room was under the stairs.
"I was wondering if I could borrow some space from under the stairs.
But then I didn't know what I could do, "she explained.
However, this is the moment of the light bulb, resulting in a plan to steal a few inches from the stairs, the ceiling, and the wall.
The result is a small and perfect dressing room that is both practical and beautiful.
Take a hanging sink from one wall and insert a dresser 18 inch into the opposite wall to access the toilet, adding a few inches of clearance space while entering the ceiling to create an arched effect.
By building a drawer under the stairs next to the dresser and another drawer under it, storage space was found
The stair cavity is equipped with a mid-fiber board on a hinge, and once the door is opened, it is lit up by an automatic light and becomes more useful.
In bathrooms of any size, there is still a problem with mirrors, key design and functional elements.
"No flat wall!
Said Sigman.
"But I was wondering if I could do something crazy and wrap the mirror around the angle of the stairs.
I think it might be a bit whimsical and fun if we had fine frame and rim frame.
"It took a lot of time to convince clients because she couldn't really understand what I was trying to describe," Siegerman added . ".
"But it turned out to work very well.
She is happy because it is now a room they can use and she will not feel embarrassed when guests come over.
"The matching frame is used to decorate the embedded box that sigmann pops up from above the toilet to accommodate the old perfume bottles collected by her clients.
It is lined with a mirror that brightens the room and adds luster.
There is a limestone countertop on the dresser with a small protruding shelf on it, which means that Siegerman has to choose a faucet to clean it up.
Once again, a few inches are different.
The color is soft.
The equally pale champagne on the wall has horizontal stripes with matte and half-light, giving the space a subtle texture without making the space look crowded or busy.
A small and elegant light fixture looks like a more glamorous chandelier.
"It's amazing that it's as elegant as it is," Siegerman said . ".
"Of all the spaces I 've done, this is one of my favorite spaces.
When I see something ugly that I can turn into something so beautiful, it's a validation of everything I 've done over the last 20 years.
Getting such a positive response from the client is so creative and satisfying and wonderful.
"Vicky Sanderson is also a DIY Editor for Renault and decorative magazines.
Follow her on Twitter: @ vickysandersonEND, or email her at vswriter @ sympatico. ca .
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