pop it - vintage wall sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
pop it  -  vintage wall sink
Isn't it cool to hang vintage Elvis or godfather posters on your bedroom wall?
Or how about the Beatles' cheesy prints or The Sound of Music decorated on the door?
"Burning Candy" is called "retro Wall Art", the series is sold in Mocha on Ravel Road and consists of 22 frames, including Hitler, James Bond movies and the rare in Gancia
Burning candy finds inspiration from the art around us
Graffiti on the wall, special drawings at the back of the truck, or old funky posters that have stayed for years.
It started in August 2010 and aims to promote pop art from all over the country by restoring age
Old covers of magazines, posters, calendars and advertisements printed during 1940.
The panelists look for these things all over the country and restore them using graphics and other techniques.
Karanvir, who burns candy, recalls how it all happened.
"I quit my advertising job for five years.
I want to do something different, weird, of course,of-the-box.
After that, six of mine
This month's self-exploration tour begins with pondicry and ends with Malari.
One thing I realize is how this cool and unique art exists in many forms around us.
"The price of the wall art collection is between rupees. 890 and Rs. 1,820.
To stimulate your appetite, the burning Candy also brings you a range of hand-made
A color box painted by Indian artists with strange patterns.
It was born with the idea of making the storage space look suitable for change.
The boxes are scattered all over the place and look like art.
Limited box Stock starts with Rs.
1,700, rose to rupee. 3,000.
In addition to Mocha in Bangalore, the collection is also on display in Rio Grande in Delhi, Mocha stores in Mumbai and several stores in Kolkata.
It will soon appear in stores in Chandigarh, Hyderabad, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Pune. Also soon-in-
The store has mats, clocks, bags, coasters, beer cups and wine glasses.
The series is sold in Moka on Ravel Road until July 9.
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