photos of greg hardy's former girlfriend show multiple injuries - bathroom wall holder

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
photos of greg hardy\'s former girlfriend show multiple injuries  -  bathroom wall holder
After a year and a half of defense, Greg Hardy was arrested and accused of attacking and threatening him at the time
Girlfriend Nicole Holder, the first time the public has seen what Hardy allegedly did to her.
Photos released on Friday showed many bruises on Holder's body, including several Hadi with marks on his face.
Deadspin obtained the photos, along with hundreds of pages of records of the case, and posted them on its website on Friday afternoon.
Hardy played for the Dallas Cowboys, but was part of the Carolina Panthers, and Holder accused Hardy of throwing her on the bathroom wall in a row at his apartment, throw her on a bed covered with assault rifles, suffocate her and threaten her life.
In a court trial on 2014, Hardy was charged with domestic violence against Holder.
He appealed to the jury for trial, but the case was dismissed on February 2015, when the plaintiff Holder stopped working with the authorities.
According to the Charlotte Observer, when the case was dismissed, Hardy asked to remove the allegations from his records.
On April, he made the same request, which was signed this week by a judge in the County of mekburg, North Carolina.
This means that this event is not listed in Hardy's record.
Hadi missed a year of football.
Jerry Jones, the owner of the Cowboys, recently praised Hardy as a "real leader" and said the team wanted to extend his term.
Neither the NFL nor the Cowboys will comment on Friday's photos.
The NFL Players Association did not respond to requests for comment.
Neither Hardy nor Halder spoke publicly about what happened that night.
The legal record has been stamped from the public.
Holder initially worked with the police, after the prosecutor said they had "reliable information" indicating that there was a civil settlement between hold and Hardy and that she "deliberately prevented the state from reaching her,
"A source told ESPN's Ed Werder that the NFL saw all police photos released on Friday during an NFL investigator Lisa Friel's visit to North Carolina on April, before Hadi was banned from the NFL.
Sources told Werder that the NFL also sued North Carolina for the right to view seven other photos related to the incident.
In addition, an alliance source told Werder that during the NFL investigation, he did not pass his suspension and appeal, and Hardy showed any remorse for the incident.
Hardy was included in the NFL commissioner's exemption list. 17, 2014.
He signed one. year, $11.
On March 18, 2015, 3 million reached an agreement with the Cowboys.
That month, cowboy coach Jason garlitt said they evaluated Hadi's players and looked into his background, going back to high school.
Garlitte said: "We are going to give him a chance, and under the conditions that we think will give him the best, we will give him a chance and we will hold him accountable.
No one is in favor of domestic violence.
A source told ESPN.
Todd Archer of Com said the Cowboys were unable to reach the photos when they signed Hardy.
Hardy was suspended by the NFL for the first 10 games of the season in April 22, but arbitrator Harold Henderson reduced the suspension to four in July 10.
Hardy returned to the field on October. 11.
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