pedestal sink installation made easy - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
pedestal sink installation made easy  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
The base radiator is installed by EasyTOOLS and the required materials: LevelDrill bits9/month "wrenchTape measurement setting squareChannel lock pliersSome precautions, and then start again: Month)
Comply with all local plumbing and building codes. 2)
Before installation, open the packaging of the new toilet and check for damage.
Put the toilet back in its protective carton before you are ready to install it. 3)
These instructions are used to install the toilet into the wooden frame structure.
For other installations, a suitable support and fastening device of sufficient size and strength is provided. 4)
Walls and floors must be square, vertical and horizontal.
Step 1 of the installation instructions for the sink of the pedestal: 1)Rough-
In the supply and drainage pipe notes: when in an open position, the supply stop handle cannot extend more than 3 Pax from the finish wall. 2)
Install enough backing behind the finish wall to provide safe material for the anchoring device. 3)Apply two self-
Adhesive gasket (provided)
Each of the three ridges at the bottom of the toilet.
Tips to remember 1)
Toilet selection: when replacing the base toilet, in addition to the color and style, remember to select the additional standard for the toilet for the bathroom or dressing room. 2)
The device may expose defects in walls and floors, which may complicate the installation. 3)
If you don't want anything to come into contact with the floor or a system that is easier to clean, try using a covered lav that is as strong as the base lav and gives the room a good open look. Step Two: 1)
Mark the center line on the floor. 2)
Place the base on the center line of the floor. 3)
Carefully set the toilet on the base. 4)
Move the base as needed to make sure it fits in the desired position. 5)
Flat the toilet. Add more self-
Attach Adhesive washers as needed to level the toilet.
Note: The toilet must be supported by the base. 6)
Check the location of the toilet. 7)
Mark the center of each anchor hole on the wall and mark the floor through the hole at the bottom of the base. 8)
Carefully remove the toilet from the base.
The base is then removed from the area.
Tap selection: the tap needs to have a proper gap between the stopper level and the Wall. Step Three:1)
Drill a mounting hole at the mark on the floor, and then drill two hanging bolt holes at the mark on the wall. 2)
Install the hanging bolts to the wall, about 1-
1/4 of each bolt is kept exposed.
Note: Other fastening devices of sufficient size and strength can also be used. 3)
Install the faucet and drain pipe to the toilet according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Note: do not tighten the slip completely
At this time connection drainage pipe.
Existing hardware: toilet with base-type sink, wall-mounted or covered toilet, you will have a lot of supply and drainage hardware exposed to the line of sight.
Make sure your P-
Traps, power cords and valves are acceptable in appearance.
This is the best time to change and upgrade.
Before installation: When unpacking (es)
, You will need a quick check to make sure all parts are included.
There will be a part inspection list in your instructions.
Before installing the top, you will want to install the faucet and drain pipe on the top of the toilet.
It's easier to use at this point, and two pieces of clothing don't add much weight. Step Four:1)
Place the base mounting hole on the floor. 2)
Fix the base on the floor with wooden screws and washers.
Tighten the wooden screw until it is comfortable. Caution!
Risk of product damage: do not tighten too much.
Too tight wooden screws can cause damage to the product. Step 5:1)
Install the toilet on the base so that the hanger bolts go through the toilet hole. 2)
Flat the toilet. 3)
Install the cap nut and washer and tighten to tight. Caution!
Risk of product damage: Do not over tighten the cap nut.
Too tight may cause damage to the product. 4)
Connect and tighten the trap.
Connect the hot and cold water supply to the tap.
Installation tip: if any, it will be much easier for two people to install.
Some of the toilets are very heavy and it can be troublesome to walk around.
The most important time to ask for help is when you put the toilet on the installation hardware and line up
Set traps at the same time.
It's great to have someone lift and place when another person is in line.
Installing the legs to the wall is a relatively simple job.
However, when screwed from the thread side, place the screw bar connector on the thread to protect them (
Another option is to use multiple nuts).
This will make it easier to tighten the nut while holding the top of the lav.
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