opulent chance for a second lease of life at 5 second ave st peters - wall hung toilet vanity unit

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opulent chance for a second lease of life at 5 second ave st peters  -  wall hung toilet vanity unit
No. 5 St. Peter's Second Avenue
Provided by Toop & Toop Real Estate.
Suppliers Frank and Mary Mantovan said the source: suplieda offers the best of both worlds at the carefully decorated blue stone villa in St. Peter.
The original 1890 s facade was retained and effortlessly incorporated into the modern and bright decor of the home.
Mr. Mantovan said that the location of St Peter means that the villa is located in a 1093-square-meter block, completely sandwiched between city life and the suburbs.
The home received an outstanding renovation or add-on award from builder master SA in 2012 for its price category.
"The judge's comments are about high quality fixtures and accessories," Mr Mantovan said . ".
"All the products in the house were the best we could find at the time.
"The owners carefully retained the essence of the original exterior grandeur of the house, but the decoration produced a spacious, well-lit house that was perfect for modern family life --
Including a lot of entertainment.
"The three separate areas mean that parents can entertain friends in front of the house, and my son can watch a grand final in the middle area," Mr mantovan said: "My daughter may be upstairs with her girlfriend and no one is in the way of each other. ".
The apartment has four bedrooms and study rooms, four living rooms, three bathrooms and two dressing rooms.
Modern touches abound, with Hadron heating through two walls
Hanging radiators and coils under the floor ensure the house is comfortable all year round, in addition, there is a wood burning heater in the living room, the whole process is reverse cycle air conditioning.
Stylish stainless steel kitchen with integrated refrigerator and freezer, and full butler food room at the back of the home.
"We had a lot of dinners and the entire back wall slid into the backyard.
"The pool is heated by solar and has an outdoor toilet and shower.
This house is perfect for entertainment.
Mr. Mantovan said the house is one of the most beautiful houses in the suburbs and there are many houses in the narrow blocks.
"It's a pretty majestic home in a wide block," he said . "
"It has a double back balcony, which is a very solemn home.
"One of the most striking features is a two-story slate wall with stones from the demolished church hall.
A stone craftsman from Europe was flown over to build the wall.
Mr Mantovan says his own family likes to live there and he can envision a pre-
Children in their teens or teens bought a house and made it themselves.
The decoration was spotless and European materials were used throughout the family.
"This is a house that has done everything," he said . ".
"Our kids love to live in a nice looking house where everything is new.
"Inside this amazing home, see St. Petersburg's Second Avenue, price agent contact agent: Toop & Toop Real Estate, ph 8362 8888, Sally Cameron 0412 915 108.
Type: blue stone villa 1890s.
Bedroom: There are four bedrooms in the house.
Guest room and master bedroom with fireplace, walk-
On the first floor, there are robes and suites with shower, toilet and vanity.
There are two bedrooms upstairs, all built in.
These rooms feature a living room with a separate shower and bathtub, a bathroom, a toilet and a double vanity.
Featured: the character house was updated by architect ink and won the Best Renovation Award from The Builder's Association in 2012.
There are 4 metres at home-
High ceilings, American oak flooring, kitchen with refrigerator and freezer and full butler pantry;
Indoor pool with outdoor shower, covered entertainment area with built-in shower
In the BBQ, with a mesh watering system and four low maintenance gardenscar garage.
Land area: 1093 square meters.
Open: make an appointment.
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