onyx plays with nostalgia for split-levels - double wall sink

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onyx plays with nostalgia for split-levels  -  double wall sink
In previous life it was called the Garnet stone and this time the model name was changed to the Onyx stone.
But whatever the name is, this 2,273-square-
Georgian colony split-
Mattamy Homes's flat show home in the company's developing South West community of Yorkville is still a group of people --pleaser.
"One of our best sellers," Karla Schultz, Mattamy's senior marketing manager, said of Onyx . ".
"This model is based on one of our previous best sellers, Garnet.
As its Georgian elevation suggests, Onyx is a huge and elegant home with some unique and attractive designs.
Hardwood floor foyer has a split staircase to the basement and main living area.
The upper deck of the foyer has a dressing room leading to the kitchen and living room.
Spacious, viable kitchen centered around pie-shaped granite-
Four-seat islands.
It also comes with a double sink, dishwasher and doors and drawers for storage.
A long wall can accommodate lots of cabinets and corner walksin pantry.
The adjacent dining area leads to the rear deck while the living room has a fireplace with floor --to-
Tile facing the ceiling.
Now there is an interesting feature of Onyx agate --
A large room can be accessed by the stairs opposite the dressing room.
The added entertainment or family area has a fireplace similar to the living room with a railing that separates it from the living room below and one that leads to the full-
Front balcony width in front garage.
"Onyx is perfect for niche markets for those who want to split --level home —
Nostalgia for certain demographic featureslevel —
"The overall design/layout is great and very unique," Schultz said . ".
Eight steps from the big room, a private area of the family, including two smaller bedrooms (
One done as an office)
Laundry room with cabinets, sink, worktop, coffee station and master suite.
There is a design option that allows for a fourth bedroom on the upper level.
Master suite has a large, carpeted bedroom
There is a tile suite with a double vanity in the wardrobe, a large bathtub with a tile surround, and a glass shower.
Schulz says the house is a good size for a growing family or someone who likes entertainment.
"Many buyers are those who are at the stage of their lives involving children or family planning children.
"The floor plan and the options available in our design studio can be personalized, which really makes the home more attractive than it is now," she added . ".
Model: Onyx, 2,273-square-
Home of the Georgian colony.
Builder: Mattamy Home.
Area: Yorkville, southwest Calgary.
Developer: Mattamy Home.
Details: There are three bedrooms and two in Onyx.
5 bathrooms, large rooms, living room, first 2-
Balcony, double floor
Garage in front of car.
Price: including lot and GST, the price of Onyx agate show home is $534,990.
Direction: head south from the McLeod trail, turn west on spruce grass Road, and then head south on King Street Police Long Street.
Follow the signs of Yorkville.
Hours: The show house is open from 1 to 8. m.
Monday to Thursday, 1 to 6. m.
Friday, 11 to 6. m.
Weekends and holidays
Source: mattamyhomes.
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