on-site amenities a big draw at fraser commons - bathroom vanities

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on-site amenities a big draw at fraser commons  -  bathroom vanities
Serracan Properties founder Gino NOI has been working in the real estate industry for 35 years and his company's work covers almost all types, whether mixed type
Commercial or residential use.
Serracan's latest adventure is Fraser Commons in South Vancouver, the first residential development project under the company's new Serracan City Life brand.
"The most important thing we 've done over the years is to really listen to what the community and our customers are important to them," Nonni said . ".
"Real estate plays an important role in determining the quality of people's lives, so it is crucial to take the time to build strong relationships with the community.
Nonni said that for Fraser Commons, the company has adopted a neighborhood consultation approach, which greatly affects the plan and inclusiveness of the development itself.
This is most obvious in half the time.
The daycare center at acre park and Fraser Commons Center was developed in close consultation with nearby areas and the City of Vancouver.
The program also includes a fitness center and a private
Air roof terrace on the sixth floor.
"Serracan is a family --
"The Vancouver company owns it," said noney . ".
"For Fraser Commons, we are very careful about the people we choose to work.
Whether it's our marketing partner at Rennie, the architect of French architecture or Cristina Oberti interior design, we all know that they share our vision for the project and the community.
The Fraser Commons will include four buildings on 5 to 21 floors.
There are 363 homes in one to three bedrooms, covering an area of between 438 and 1,059 square feet.
The price starts at $439,900-
Bedroom unit, $709,900 for two
Bedroom House, $991,900 for three roomsbedroom home.
There are many varieties to choose from, not less than 28 floor plans.
"There will be convenience facilities in the form of shops and services on site so residents can go down for a cup of coffee, go to the bank or go to the doctor's office," Nonni said.
"Serracan will maintain control over the type of business we will have there, because we recognize that when the managers and owners of the building are able to guarantee the quality of the business, it will add and develop amenities for families.
Fraser is located at the intersection of Fraser Street and southeast Ocean Avenue.
It is very close to the Canadian line, which connects directly to downtown Vancouver, Richmond North and airport South.
Facilities at Marine Gateway, Sunset Community Center, Langara College, three local parks, many community schools, the Oakridge Center Mall and the frasavi golf course are all convenient.
"Personally, I'm glad we have a state --of-the-
Art day care on site, "added Nonni.
"Daycare in Vancouver is very short, and many parents are working now, so we will definitely meet the needs.
When you have a daycare close to home, it's a big difference for the family.
"The Fraser Commons house is air-conditioned, with wooden floors throughout the room and oversized windows with views of the city and the Fraser River.
Every family has a front desk.
Fitted with a massage washer and dryer.
The kitchen comes with European Armony cabinets imported from the Inform kitchen, painted and laminated finishes and integrated ground floor
Cabinet lighting.
There are quartz countertops and hexagonal tile backboards.
Product packaging is provided by Bosch, including 30-inch built-
At the bottom of the custom panel-
Refrigerator, 24-
Inch integrated dishwasher, 30-
30-inch stainless steel wall oven
Inch stainless steel gas stove and 30-
Inch stainless steel pullout hood fans. (The one-
Bedroom house with 24-Electrical appliances).
Large bathroom and suite
Lay tiles along the walls and floors.
The Armony cabinet has a floating bathroom vanity with a quartz countertop and a rectangular porcelain base sink. The Swiss-
Designed medicine cabinet from Sidler International with built in
Shower room. The two-and three-
The bedroom has a white bathtub.
There is no frame, tempered-
Glass shower and polished chrome Grohe shower unit.
Nonni says much of the interest in these houses comes from the community around Fraser's public place, partly because Serracan has established extensive connections with the local community.
"My business philosophy and history is working with all stakeholders, including residential communities, on my approach to developing and transforming commercial and residential communities," Nonni said . ".
"The demand for Fraser Commons is very good, and more importantly, community feedback based on our inclusive process is very positive.
The demo center for Fraser's shared space includes-
Bedroom and two
Bedroom display suite, open from noon to 5. m. every day.
Developers expect Fraser House of Commons to complete the winter of 2021.
725 Southeast Ocean Avenue-363-to three-
Bedroom homes ranging in size from 438 to 1,059 square feet, starting at $439,900-
Bedroom, $709,900 for two
Bedroom and three $991,900.
Bedroom Serracan performance frencl building cristinaobertiinterordesign 725 South East Waterfront Drive Noon5 p. m. , daily 778-737-
3178 frasercommons.
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