Nurses urge Staten Island hospital to move its entire maternity ward over mold and leaking gas fears after 53 staff fall sick - sink in wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
Nurses urge Staten Island hospital to move its entire maternity ward over mold and leaking gas fears after 53 staff fall sick  -  sink in wall
Nurses at a New York hospital hope that after finding elevated mold levels and traces of anesthetic gas found in the unit, the entire maternity ward is moved, which the staff consider to be the cause of their illness.
The nurse told New York Daily News that 53 people working at atStaten Island University Hospital North of Staten Island in New York reported that they experienced headaches, dizziness, and in the past few months, swelling of the throat and other symptoms.
Apparently, their symptoms began to manifest after air quality monitoring equipment detected mold and trace anesthetic gas from the obstetrics department of the hospital.
On September, the staff of the maternity ward first noticed a strange chemical smell in the nursery. eight staff members then reported that "The headache is very serious and dizzy"
Robin Jacobs, a 65-year-old nurse, told the newspaper.
Jacobs said that she had been in the maternity ward six times herself and was sick every time, and her complaints included headaches, and that losing her voice and chest tightness felt like an allergic reaction.
After the initial chemical smell was reported, the baby was transferred to a back-up nursery in the hospital.
At the same time, hospital authorities told the Daily News that the hospital began testing air quality and found a moderate increase in mold levels.
Then the worker found and purified the water.
The mold found behind the sink wall.
But it's not just mold that nurses worry about. Recently, on-
In a statement to the newspaper, the hospital said that air tests conducted in December showed the presence of fluoride and laughing gas, the anesthetic gas that is often used during surgery.
It is said that the gas levels found were "significantly lower than" the exposure limits recommended by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, and were not dangerous to anyone in the hospital.
Experts were also invited to determine if there were any leaks in the hospital's gas system infrastructure, but no leaks were found.
The hospital insists that the air is safe and is currently rebuilding the original nursery.
The nurse said the smell has been coming and going since the initial report was released, but people still experience the same symptoms.
Despite the hospital's claims of air safety and the fact that any of their patients do not appear to have any reporting systems, the nurse is concerned that the baby is still at risk.
Dawn Cardello, a 53-year-old nurse, told the Daily News: "morally, as a nurse, I should defend the patient . ".
"If I knew my newborn was exposed to something that might be harmful, my role as a professional was to speak out loud.
There is also the fact that the nurse has to get sick and go home, which means that you are not working enough time now (on staff)
The 60-year-old nurse, Darlene Stango, says it puts a higher burden on patients for those who stay
Brahim Ardolic said he did not know why the staff continued to report headaches, dizziness and other symptoms after the mold was removed.
As for the nurse's request to move the entire delivery room somewhere else, ardolic says there is no reason to make such a drastic move when nearly 30 tests show that there is no risk in the current location of the ward.
Ardolic says he understands "where are the fears and concerns coming from", but at the same time, we can't move patients and floors without reason to take these types of risks.
"Units are safe for people, units are safe for mothers, units are safe for children," Ardolic told the newspaper . ".
At this point, there is really nothing we can do to test.
"They keep telling us it's safe," Jacobs said . ".
"How safe is it?
Because we're all sick. 'DailyMail.
Com has contacted the hospital for comments.
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