nudge, nudge: halloween spirit gives me chills - wall hung toilet and basin set

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-09
nudge, nudge: halloween spirit gives me chills  -  wall hung toilet and basin set
During the nap, I had a dream of being eaten by a wild boar.
We all have dreams, don't we?
Basically, when a bunch of wild boars bounce around and start biting your legs and face, you do your business, brush your teeth or watch the Mindy Project. Anyway, mid-
Pig dream, I began to hear strange nasal congestion.
I woke up and found a huge skunk by the bed, which scared me so much.
It's just that it's not a skunk.
Dressed in skunk, the dog, Ollie, jumped up from the bed like a madman and snorted.
"Damn it," I said.
"It really scared me.
Why is Ollie dressed like a skunk? ” (
This is the PG version that I really call. )
This is the case.
Every Halloween, my wife buys Ollie a new outfit.
Past costumes include pumpkins, bumblebees, winged fairies and hot dogs.
This year, she went to a pet shop and bought a skunk costume.
Pet clothing is becoming a big deal as global warming, war and refugee issues.
My wife said Ollie tried on a variety of outfits at the Pet Shop: Eeyore, the elephant and the devil.
She said e-ears and elephants don't work because the legs of these outfits "look a little weird --
They hang there like Christmas gadgets.
"The Dark Prince didn't work because Ollie's neck was too fat for the dress.
My wife said the skunk Ollie was a runaway skunk in the pet shop.
People he likes shoot him straight. Excited (
There is no doubt that the taste of the dog stimulates it)
He frantically "ran" around the store, ran around where he amused customers, and a surprised family bought a hamster in a cage.
As usual, my wife plans to walk around our community on Halloween night, in hippie outfits.
Hippie and skunk will visit neighbors, including those who take commemorative photos every year.
"Why on earth did you do this?
I said to my wife.
"Because Ollie likes to go out," she said . "
I'm not a big Halloween guy.
Think of the lovely child appearing at my door and shouting, "Trick or treat without giving sugar!
It's just annoying.
What's worse is that sometimes it's a group of teenagers who don't wear clothes.
"Where is your costume? ” I’ll say.
"We don't. So, uh . . .
They muttered, "Trick or treat without giving sugar . "
Then you have to give them candy in case they light up Volvo.
I seem to be a minority here.
On the stage near us, many people crafted Halloween scenes in their front yard, including Tombstone, fake spider webs, and even animations: Witches, zombies, and evil clowns.
This is a far cry from my childhood on the island of Gabriel.
My mom's full of work.
As a school teacher, I will put a handkerchief on our head, tie a ring to our ears, and draw a beard on our lips with a shark.
"You're a pirate!
She will announce it wearily.
"But I want to be Illya Kuryakin from the United States. N. C. L. E. ,” I’d say.
"Oh, you will be a pirate.
You will like it, "My mother said. It sounds dangerous, like a counter. agent from T. H. R. U. S. H. (
Maybe my parents are tired of Halloween.
They're teachers. every year, Gabriel
Maybe the more challenges their students face.
Remove our front door and set it to the top of the six doors
Half a kilometer away, there is a metre-long rear fence in the park. )
I have heard that zombie costumes are particularly popular this season.
A man on the radio station believes that this is related to society's response to perceived threats such as global warming, terrorism and war.
There is an interesting article about what clothing is popular in the United States.
For example, the Disney princess is very popular this season.
Snow White is preferred in New York and Indiana.
Both Ohio and West Virginia are passionate about Cinderella.
Meanwhile, Rhode Island and Washington will dress up as Ninja Turtles.
The Virginia and Texans will dress themselves up as "simple skulls ".
"In Canada, the situation has become even more strange.
Manitoba travel advice several Manitoba-
Halloween themed costumes
For example, there is a sexy corbarcelona (
Basically a giant sausage).
You can also dress up as green Flintabbatey Flonatin
The immortal character on the side of the road
The form of attractions in Flynn.
Or you can be Fred Penner, which basically means wearing an ugly embroidered vest. (
See the full list of Manitoba fever. com).
We may be very strange, but at least we are quite healthy.
Other Halloween costumes on the market include Lions
Kill the dentist (
It looks like Cecil is taking bloody revenge.
, Toilet mask, Bucket Head (don’t ask), Pussy magnet (
Again, don't ask)
, Adult nude Greek Billy deformation suit (
Actually funny.
And flatulence-
Theme gun butt flame shooter. Me?
This Halloween, I will be as usual
An unstable middle classWhite shift guy
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