novel design showcased at 1555 west eighth - wall mount sink with wall mount faucet

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novel design showcased at 1555 west eighth  -  wall mount sink with wall mount faucet
Edwin Liang's development company, which built a 1555 residential project near South Granville, the 8 th Avenue in the West, said he started looking for the design of the property and the question was: how about a penthouse?
Five years later, it was a small collection of 20 singles.
Flat-story homes in the two buildings can enjoy the Vancouver city view, welcoming lots of natural light into the home and not sharing walls with adjacent suites.
Out of the House, homeowners can easily reach many attractions in Granville Island and South Granville.
"We acquired the site in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the location," said Kenstone proper'liang . ".
"It's part of the South Granville shopping district and part of its own block sub
Pocket: Surprisingly, it is intertwined with independent galleries, boutiques and restaurants on the tree --
There are many streets and narrow roads.
"We know instinctively that this will be a great place to show us how to design muscles and create special things.
As Liang's starting point suggests, these houses enjoy the same privacy as many penthouse apartments.
Liang said that 1555 of the designs "have different ideas from the beginning ".
In most buildings, buyers have the option to buy houses with mixed studios around themand two-
Bedroom homes are attractive to investors, and if not two walls, it is likely that the House will share a wall with the adjacent suites. “(At 1555)
"In fact, each residence is a corner suite with two or three views, natural light and ventilation," said Liang . ".
"We are able to do this because of our unique architectural form.
It's very high inside. to-exterior ratio.
"From a bird's eye view, most buildings are rectangular.
But our building looks like three rectangles in the center.
"The project is smaller than previous Kenstone development projects, including 12-
Monte Carlo on pine and 10 Avenue, 115 floor-unit 18-
Sage building in UBC and another 164 floor building
Unit development on Hornby.
But Liang said 1555 became a pet project for him at all costs and energy.
"We use it as a flagship project to show what we can do.
"In fact, this is
The fill project replaced a former wholesale printing and jewelry company and created its own set of problems, he said.
The original design required a brick exterior, but the challenge of temporary access to scaffolding and adjacent properties brought the designer back to the drawing board.
Instead, they developed a particularly choppy 22-
He said that the external reflection light of the instrument steel plate is roughly the same as the way the water surface flashes.
"The other challenge is how these really big threebedroom-and-
Den plans not to cast half of the house in the dark, "said Liang.
"You always see this in other buildings: the bedroom that is squeezed together.
"So we introduced a light well and a courtyard that surrounds the building and brings light into areas such as the bathroom and elevator lobby on each floor. ”Floor-to-
The ceiling glazing extends 29 feet along a wall with a deep hanging red cedar soffits on the balcony with views of the city lights and water in the distance.
Custom built in Main Hall and every family entrance
Sculpture lighting in Vancouver-
Glass craftsman company based in Bocci.
Simple, heavy oak entry door with access to eight topsfoot-
Six ceilings add a minimalist style to the interior of the house.
Engineering width-
The main living area floor is made of oak board.
Liang said that there are a wide range of 15 buyers who bought a suite.
"We have buyers from White Rock and West Vancouver who want to be closer to Vancouver but not in the city.
You have more and more families and some outdoor activities. of-
Buyers in Ontario and Nova Scotia and a couple in California.
"They are used to the comfort of being single --
Family homes, but they want simple maintenance and safety of the apartment life.
"Some of the remaining five homes for sale are different, but the kitchen comes with custom cabinets from Friul Intagli, Italy, white painted doors, soft
In the natural finish, touch the matte finish with a white oak door.
Door pull and soft
Turn the hinge on to pull-Drawer group.
Replaced the typical high
The glossy marble or quartz counter is a matte Crean in the waterfall package.
Set up on the island is 24-
Inch Julien bottom stainless steel sink with polished chrome Hansgrohe pull-down faucet.
Next to the kitchen is a smaller curved area that can be used in a study or living room.
Bathroom with white frosted floorto-
Ceiling glass can see a lot of natural light from the light in the back.
Cabinets, like in the kitchen, are designed by Friul Intagli with lava Grigia slate countertops with ceramic pots mounted at the bottom.
Features an oversized seamless walk
The bathroom comes with a frameless glass case and an aluminum linear shower drain. There are six-by-24-
Inch ceramic wall tiles with ensuite shower and embedded niches.
Use a programmable thermostat to heat the floor 24 with 24 inch tiles.
Two underground parking spaces are available for all families.
1555 West eight Avenue.
Vancouver 23-
Bedroom residential area between 1,682 and 1,855 square meters. ft.
Located in the South Granville shopping district, you can overlook the skyline of Vancouver and the Bay of England.
Close to art galleries, restaurants, cafes and boutiques.
Of the two 4-and 8-storey concrete buildings, 15 of the 20 completed houses are pre-built
Sale of the remaining five persons for the sale of Kenstone PropertiesMcfarlane biger architects and designers (OMB)
Starting at $2.
1555 million, 74 West 8 Avenue604-828-
Only 1555w8 is reserved for 3998.
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