Not your typical log home - wall hung toilet and basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
Not your typical log home  -  wall hung toilet and basin
Getting something for the first time-whether it's a car, a dog, a sports medal or a house-will take a special place in your heart and memory.
They have special meaning and extra emotional value.
In 2007 Danielle Dulwich and her husband Jean Lemin started their log house construction company, their first project.
Originally destined to be a hunting lodge hotel, the customer suddenly canceled the contract due to financial difficulties.
So Deraiche and lemlin left the house in their building yard, where the house was abandoned for six years and the wood shrank, dried and softened.
When building a log home for themselves, they can choose any new, more complex model that their company offers.
Instead, they wait patiently in their backyard.
"I think it's doomed," deleche declared with some sort of emotion.
As a result, after several structural modifications, the house was demolished and moved to a new location.
Now, hiding in the forest of Laurenson, near the holy-
Colomban, located north of Montreal, has become a quiet paradise for the couple.
"It may be small (
25 feet by 37 feet)
But this is a comfortable home that meets all our needs.
Isn't this the most important thing in a family ? " Asked Deraiche.
Due to the combination of several types of materials on the outside, its mixed appearance is a bit unusual.
The concrete base is covered with wooden vertical boards, and then you can mix the wood and the blue prefabricated partition siding (Canexel)
, Plus weathered wood frame elements.
Brown asphalt
The wooden tile roof extends on the side and the front is decorated with a awning that blocks the front under the high sun in the summer while allowing lower heat to radiate winter light in.
Six wooden steps lead to the front porch and the balcony is supported by three and a halflogs.
The internal layout challenges all the specifications and preconceived ideas of standard log houses.
The main bathroom is on the first floor while the only bedroom in the whole house is wide-open mezzanine. The U-
The shape of the ground floor open space maximizes the small space and creates a natural zoning.
On the one hand, there is Deraiche's office, life-Rooms and restaurants
Room and corner, slim kitchen.
White Oriental pine logs for construction, visible on ceilings and walls, 12 to 13 inch wide, a little smaller than what the company is using now, but for such a small house, this is a perfect size.
The wood is dyed to increase the gloss without changing its natural color.
Ceramic flooring completed in 12-12by-24-
Inch tiles mimic marble, with soft tones that blend well with the wood. In the living-
The room, red armchairs and pillows add a touch of light and a bit of a whimsy to the coffee table.
This is one of Deraiche's works and is easy to make for anyone with the lowest skills, with only two saw wood and one flat surface. The dining-
The rooms are bold and dramatic.
The defects shown on the desktop, like the axe gap, are not defects at all, but part of the design.
Delixi especially liked the second gorgeous chandelier she bought. hand.
The large windows, due to the roof protruding, do not require curtains or blinds in the woods, but are decorated with green furniture.
In the kitchen, red and black are combined to form a striking look, which may be possible if not sufficient brightness from the window and spotlight attached to the two logs in the ceiling
The couple had no shortage of clever and unusual ideas, such as carving a row of vertical holes in wine bottles on the square beams at the entrance to the kitchen.
In addition to the decoration, this strange wine rack has additional benefits.
"Wood keeps red wine at the perfect service temperature," said Sderaiche . ".
The color scheme of the main bathroom echoes the color scheme of the kitchen-black tiles and red accessories.
The shower room is filled with the back wall, large enough to accommodate a stool and a towel rack.
Glass wash basin-also red-stand on a 4-
Inch thick wooden countertops supported by majestic trunks.
This choice of vanity is also easy to build.
The cobblestone mats add to the rustic style of the room.
The stairs leading to the upper floor do not have handrails or riser, and the design is carefully ventilated.
The steps are cut so that the natural curved shape of the trunk remains below.
In the mezzanine, the sloping walls and ceiling are painted white to offset the dark floor and reflect light from the only window.
Behind the two doors on the right is a walk-
In a closet large enough to convert to a second bedroom or nursery if needed.
Half a bathroom on the left.
There's an old washbasin.
The old-fashioned look, above, the mirror is set in a niche.
The toilet is on a platform for practical reasons, not aesthetics.
Just because the floor is laid right on the top of the ceiling below, there is no space under the board that the pipe passes through.
The only feasible solution is to improve the toilet.
On the other side of forging
Iron railings, the master bedroom with comfortable essentials-King --
There are big beds, two bedside tables with lights and some decorations.
There is a patio door behind the curtain leading to the balcony overlooking the surrounding evergreen trees and fallen leaves.
"Sometimes, I like to stay in bed and listen to the birds in the morning," Deraiche said . ".
"It was very calm and relaxed.
"As a busy woman, she rarely has this luxury.
However, she looks forward to retiring one day in this cabin, their first effort in the construction industry.
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