north korea threats sink wall street, stocks overlook crude's gains - sink on wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-02
north korea threats sink wall street, stocks overlook crude\'s gains  -  sink on wall
Update from 2: 22 p. m.
Thursday, July 6.
Asia's geopolitical concerns are hanging over Wall Street, and the sharp rise in crude oil prices is shining.
The S & P 500 index fell 0.
The Dow Jones industrial average fell 76% on Thursday, July 6.
6%, the Nasdaq index fell 0. 78%.
The diplomatic opportunity to deal with North Korea's recent actions is "coming to an end quickly," the United StatesS.
Ambassador Nikki Haley told the United StatesN.
Wednesday, July 5, the Security Council.
"One of our capabilities is our considerable military power," she continued . ".
"We will use them if we have to, but we are not willing to go in that direction.
President Donald Trump vowed to address a press conference in Poland on Thursday that North Korea's behavior was very bad, but after the rogue nation launched an ICBM earlier this week, north Korea has not committed military action.
Speaking at a joint media event in Warsaw with Polish President Dada, Trump said he would not draw a "red line" against North Korea, but described North Korea's actions as "Shame ", and said there will be "public consequences ".
"We will have to wait and see in the coming weeks and months," he said . ".
"It's a shame how they behave and what needs to be done.
North Korea said on Wednesday that an ICBM launched early Tuesday, July 4 into Japan's exclusive economic zone could carry a large nuclear warhead. The U. S.
The Defense Department believes the missile could reach Alaska and other parts of the North American continent.
The missile launch took place a few days before the G20 leaders' meeting, which will discuss Pyongyang's arsenal.
World leaders will attend the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, July 7.
On the eve of the summit, protesters and police confronted each other in Hamburg.
Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet during the summit to discuss sanctions against Russia and Russia's involvement in the fight against ISIS.
As the Trump White House continues to fight allegations of collusion with foreign governments during the 2016 election, the outcome of the meeting will be closely watched.
Trump must also justify his decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement in June, a global voluntary commitment to climate change.
Before the United States, tensions also rose. S.
Employment report dueFriday, July 7, the most watched data point of any month. The U. S.
Economists surveyed by FactSet predict that the economy will add 176,500 jobs in June, up from about 138,000.
On Thursday, according to a report from the payroll processor ADP, the private sector added about non-farm jobs in June.
This is below the expected 185,000 growth.
Weekly claims for unemployment benefits have risen over the past week, although the number is close to largeyear lows.
The number of new claims for unemployment benefits has increased by 4,000 over the past week to 248,000, worse than analysts expected 243,000.
Four with smaller fluctuations
Average weekly growth was 750 to 243,000. U. S.
Imports fell, exports increased, and trade deficits tripled. 3% to $46. 5 billion.
Export growth of 0.
4%, imports fell by 0. 1%.
Crude oil prices fell in the medium term
In the afternoon, even in the bigger-than-
Domestic supply is expected to decrease. U. S.
Inventory fell 6.
In the past week, 3 million barrels, almost four times the expected decline.
Another report from the American Petroleum Institute shows that,S.
Oil stocks fell by 5.
There were 8 million barrels in the week ended June 30.
The decline was far greater than expected.
6 million barrels.
Gasoline stocks decreased while distillates increased.
Settlement of intermediate crude oil in West Texas 0.
$45, up 9%.
52 barrels on Thursday.
After the European Central Bank signaled a hawkish turn, the European market fell and even considered canceling its long-standing commitment to speed up quantitative easing if necessary.
In the minutes of the meeting on June, a member of the European Central Bank said it would speed up bond issuance.
Given recent improvements in the growth and prospects of the euro area, purchases are "likely to be reviewed ".
The European Central Bank decided not to delete the language. Non-
Manufacturing activities in the United StatesS.
Rising at a faster ratethan-
According to ISM non-expected speed in June
Manufacturing index
The index rose to 57.
4 from 56 in June.
Surprisingly, analysts expect the economy to fall to 56. 5.
Any reading of more than 50 indicates an expansion in service activity.
General Electric(GE -Get Report)
After JPMorgan's analysts became more pessimistic, it was the heaviest burden.
Analysts have a lower rating but cut their price target from $27 to $22.
They questioned the stock buyback plan and said there was no simple solution for the new CEO, John frankry.
Tricicis General is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
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China Holdings (YUMC -Get Report)
Pulled 14% back after a so-
So the second quarter
KFC and Pizza Hut's parent company in China received
27 cents a share, earning $1.
59 billion people were flat a year ago. Same-
Store sales increased by 3% year on year, higher than expected. 4%. PriceSmart (PSMT -Get Report)
Shares fell 9% after third-quarter profits and lower-than-expected sales.
Earnings of 62 cents per share were 5 cents less.
Increase in income 3. 7% to $730.
3 million, but not $4. 2 million. Herman Miller (MLHR -Get Report)
Fourth quarter growth of 7%.
Earnings of 64 cents per share exceeded consensus 9 cents.
Revenue fell 0. 9% to $577.
$2 million, missed an estimate of $6. 3 million.
Costco Wholesale(COST -Get Report)
China's economy has maintained healthy growth compared to June, especially after eliminating the effects of natural gas prices and currency exchange.
Net sales at this large retailer are $12.
In June, it was 17 billion per cent, up 7% per cent year on year.
Driven by 6, comparable sales increased by 6%.
The U. S. economy grew 5%. S. , a 3.
2% in Canada, 6.
International growth of 2%.
Excluding gasoline and foreign exchange fluctuations, overall comparable sales rose by 6.
5%, international market 7. 1% bump.
Costco shares rose slightly.
But as Brian Sozzi of Wall Street points out, Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
Buy Whole Foods (WFM)
The stock price of Costco plunged in a month. L Brands Inc. (LB -Get Report)
After a sharp drop in sales in June, the index fell by 14%.
Revenue from the parent company of Victoria Secret and Bath & Body Works fell 6% to $1.
21 billion, same-
Store sales fell 9%.
Sales fell by 9% in the 22 weeks ended July 1. HSN Inc. (HSNI)
After the free interactive company soared nearly 30%. (QVCA)
Agreed to buy part of the business it has not yet owned.
Liberty will buy the remaining 61.
8% of all shares
Shares worth about $2 are traded.
The equity value of $6 billion and $2. 1 billion. Tesla Inc. (TSLA -Get Report)
Entered the bear market area on Thursday, down 20% from 52-
Closed at $383 a week. 45 on June 23.
The electric car maker has fallen by about 15% since the beginning of this week.
Its second news.
On Wednesday, quarterly cuts fell 8% below Wall Street expectations.
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