museum of selfies: can an instagram hater enjoy la’s latest attraction? - wall mount bathroom sink vanity

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
museum of selfies: can an instagram hater enjoy la’s latest attraction?  -  wall mount bathroom sink vanity
"I am very indifferent to selfies," I said to my wife Ulrika as we walked into the newly opened selfie museum in Glendale, Los Angeles.
"It's because you're grumpy and British," she said . "
Besides complaining and English all the year round, I am also ridiculous when talking about selfie culture.
Social media has never been sexy to me;
I always feel pain in my ass.
For my generation, the Internet came too late.
In the early 2000 s, my attitude towards Myspace and Flickr was tepid, just like my current attitude towards Faceboast and Instasham was tepid.
As you might have guessed, to the extent of the complaint (
One was slightly invaded and 10 were ironed irrevocable)
I was seven years old before I set foot on the selfie museum.
I was also not sold on the word "museum.
It must have been deliberately misleading.
The dictionary is defined as: a building that preserves and displays objects of historical, scientific, artistic or cultural interest.
Selfies don't fall into these categories in my opinion.
They may have some interest in culture, I think-just like supermarkets, Morris dances, or fetishism.
Walking on the main building in Glendale, we were welcomed by our colleagues
Founder Tommy Honton, a writer and escape room designer from Kansas.
On the issue of selfies, he was cheerful, intelligent and eloquent, and he took pains to point out the tongue of the exhibition --in-cheek approach.
"I hate what you find in most museums," he said . ".
"All these hard-to-understand languages are driving me crazy.
"After five minutes at Tommy's company, I began to feel a little ashamed of myself.
In this typical California setting, my own suspicions appear like spots of dandruff under UV light.
Urika relieved my arm.
"Try to smile," she said . ".
The exhibition starts with a mirror wall.
As a novice selfie I checked if my teeth had spinach and tried it
Before strode to the floor of the museum, grab my phone like a newborn baby grabs the rattle.
"The game is starting," I thought-this is exactly the awkward phrase that pops up in the middle class mind --
The older Englishman is outside his comfort zone.
The first room was devoted to the art of human Image: prehistoric cave paintings, Roman sculptures, and works by Rembrandt and Van Gogh. portraits.
This is a beautiful set of pictures, but I can't see a very clear connection to the selfie.
I am not an art historian, but I find it difficult to equate the Phantom smile of Mona Lisa with the horrible duck face of Kim Kardashian.
Whatever Kim does in the bathroom mirror, it's definitely not art.
That is to say, these photos make me think;
Maybe that's what any good exhibition means.
After spying on a set of dark humor statistics (254 selfie-
Related deaths are by far the most popular)
My temper fell three times and I found myself eager to explore the room next door.
When I turned, I stumbled into a model.
In Van Gogh's unreliable alle bedroom.
I tried with my newly bought selfie stick and then ran away before someone found out I had a good time.
Right next door, I saw a group of Japanese schoolgirls trying on black and white hats in a black and white room full of black and white mirrors.
When they giggled and made their own claims, their innocent joy brought me back to my own youth.
I remember trying. and failing)
Imitating James Dean in the mirror in my bedroom, put Brylcreem on my edge and a cigarette dangling from my lower lip.
Vanity is the eternal of mankind.
This is also very interesting.
I think the focus of the selfie museum is fun.
Once I gave up the idea that the exhibition actually focused on art, culture, or anything particularly elegant, I started accepting my 21-centurykicks.
There was a mirror box that reflected my face 100 times;
A throne created entirely by a selfie stick;
A bird's eye view of downtown Los Angeles posted on the floor;
There is a gym with interesting house mirrors hanging on every wall.
It's not so much a museum as a carnival-a selfie circus where every man, woman and child is the star of the show.
I did my best to fit into the crowd: Another snapshot
A happy hand-in-hand that deliberately poses in front of a huge burger; a mirror-covered car;
A pink bathroom sink.
After an hour of inculcation, maybe I feel better about myself-just a digital daffodil with his own reflection.
Air New Zealand flies directly from Heathrow to Los Angeles.
Standard DTLAhas doubled from $233 (£165), room only.
Selfie museum for more information (
211 Glendale brand Avenue, California)
It opened on the 1 th and will remain open until May 31.
Tickets are $25 per person.
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