modern bathroom vanities rising in popularity - legs for wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
modern bathroom vanities rising in popularity  -  legs for wall mount sink
As a result, more and more homeowners choose simple rather than complex designs.
Take the bathroom.
The bathroom is a place where you spend your time almost every day (at least once).
So you must want the bathroom to look beautiful.
When it comes to bathroom design, there are many types of looks you can play.
For example, if you like a stronger look, you can make a bathroom vanity with stone.
But if you like simplicity, then modern vanity is ideal for you.
Here are some of the common features you can expect to see. Simple shapes.
Don't expect to see a lot of curves on the dresser.
Most of them appear in simple shapes, such as squares, rectangles, circles, or oval shapes.
You won't find anything complicated here.
Everything is simple.
Simple method.
In addition to keeping the shape simple, a minimalist approach is adopted.
This means that there will be no gorgeous design on the dresser.
Instead, you get a very practical bathroom dresser
Mirrors, sinks and taps, and a row of drawers underneath. Wall mounted.
This is why modern vanity is different from other types of vanity.
The furniture is mainly installed on the wall.
There will be no legs to support the furniture.
The cabinet looks like it's floating in the air.
This creates the illusion of extra space.
In other words, the bathroom looks more spacious than it actually is.
A variety of designs.
While most of the shapes remain simple, you may be surprised by the variety of designs you can choose from.
Create various designs using simple shapes.
Ultimately, your choice depends on several important factors.
First, is this the design you like for a long time to come?
Because the design is more classic, modern dressers often have a more lasting look.
Second, is it functional enough for you?
For example, there will be about 4 drawers in the cabinet.
Is this enough for the whole family?
How about the size of the drawer?
You need something bigger (or smaller)
Compartment for personal items?
Third, is the price within your budget?
Most modern dressers are affordable.
Many people can buy it for less than 1 thousand dollars.
Don't let the price be your only determinant, though.
Always remember, remember the factors of another month --
Design and functionality.
The balance between design and the practicality of furniture is always difficult.
The big suit looks more delicate and attractive.
But is it really practical to install such a big thing in the bathroom?
Do you really need space?
These are the issues you need to consider before buying a modern bathroom vanity.
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