Mission Impossible 6 | Tom Cruise thanks everyone for concern and support after breaking his ankle - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-01
Mission Impossible 6 | Tom Cruise thanks everyone for concern and support after breaking his ankle  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
The 55-year-
Known for performing his own death-
Despite the stunt, he was injured while trying to jump between buildings while connecting the cable, but fell and hit a concrete wall.
Paramount Pictures said on Wednesday that Tom Cruise broke his ankle on the upcoming set, causing the shooting to stop, and the action star, known for performing many of his own stunts, recovered.
Paramount said the film, one of Viacom's biggest franchises, was released on schedule on July 27, 2018 despite setbacks.
55-year-old Cruise was seen in a video on celebrity news site TMZ, who tried to jump between two high roofs
Shooting in London on the weekend, high-rise buildings, hard landing against the wall.
He was later seen limping away from the set.
"During the production of a recent film, Tom Cruise sprained his ankle while performing stunts.
"Production will continue to be interrupted when Tom recovers in full," Paramount said in a statement . ".
"Tom wants to thank everyone for their concern and support and can't wait to share the film with you next summer.
Paramount did not say how long production would be delayed.
The Hollywood trade paper Variety says that when Cruise recovers, filming can stop in six to three months.
Variety said the actor's hip was also hurt.
Movie tracking company Boxoffice Mojo says cruise replays the role of agent Ethan Hunt in the film, earning more than $0. 68 billion at the global box office in 2015.
ComCruise has become one of Hollywood's top stars.
Income and maximum time
Running action stars, most of which are built on the reputation of his own stunt shows, include rocking around Dubai's skyscrapers and hanging outside the cargo plane as they take off.
"I just don't sleep, I just move on," he said in a pitch on 2015 . ".
Director Christopher McQuarrie told British Imperial Magazine in an interview released on Wednesday that Cruise was "very good in spirit" after being injured ".
McQuarrie said that Cruise performed stunts in countless shots, and he was asked to hit the walls of the building hard, climb up the roof and kneel down on his knees.
In his fourth attempt, McQuarrie said Cruise "hit the building at a slightly different angle" with a broken ankle on his right foot.
"He is always thought to rush into the side of the building.
"This is the energy of the stunt," the director said . ".
"As soon as he hit the building, he knew he had broken his ankle.
McQuarrie said he didn't know how long the break was, but there were still seven or eight weeks to go before filming.
It is not clear whether the delay in shooting will also cause the problem of shooting for a long time.
The sequel to Cruise 1986 is also in Paramount.
, Scheduled for release on July 2019.
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