Media outlets launch new attacks against 2016 candidates; Huckabee: 'Trump's gotta be Trump' - wall hung kitchen sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
Media outlets launch new attacks against 2016 candidates; Huckabee: \'Trump\'s gotta be Trump\'  -  wall hung kitchen sink
This is a rush copy of "Kelly's file" in October 3, 2016.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Host Megan Kelly: only 36 days from Election Day tonight, reports of candidates exploded into strange accusations, crazy statements, and in the 2016 presidential campaign, the dangerous divide between fact and fiction.
Grab your seat.
Welcome to the Kelly archives ".
"I'm Megan Kelly.
In the past 24 hours, the relationship between big media and Donald Trump has officially ended.
You know, it's all over.
Because it's over, you can say L out of your lover.
They launched a coordinated attack on the Republican presidential candidate.
Keep in mind that this is a person who provides record ratings and readers for the media.
But it doesn't matter.
Now, a number of media outlets are accusing him of tax methods, gender discrimination, and even belittling the United States. S. troops.
Unwilling to fall behind, Trump's media allies are posting their own hot articles on the Clinton couple, including a dirty story of a secret love story, and about her health deteriorating and her imminent death
All of this happened when the vice presidential candidate was ready to get on the world stage in less than 24 hours.
I knew it today.
Like, who, what?
It will be their first and only debate, and we will discuss all the issues tonight. We have Jam-
This evening, when we tried to settle all the craziness fairly and in balance, we prepared a packed show for you.
In a moment, Chris stirewater, Howie Kurtz and Guy Benson will join the group at the media circus.
Governor Mike Huckabee spoke here about the latest information Donald Trump has given voters.
In addition, we will look at a series of new polls with Larry Sabato.
But we started with our follow-up Gallagher report from our West Coast newsroom, on the headlines that caused a stir in the US.
Boy, is Trace the hardest task today because he has to digest it all for you. Trace?
Fox News reporter trace gallagher: Megyn, it's hard to miss out, given that Trump's tax headlines lead most of the cable news and remain one of the biggest trenders on major news sites.
So, it is reported that so far, we all know that Trump lost $0. 916 billion in 1995 and may use this loss to offset the federal tax paid for 18 years.
Trump has no objection to the New York Times report.
In fact, he called it an outstanding use of tax law.
While the Clinton campaign says Trump has avoided paying taxes for 20 years, you have to read more deeply what experts agree if Trump doesn't pay federal taxes because the law says he doesn't owe federal taxes.
There are also reports from The Associated Press about members of The Apprentice TV program that Trump is obscene and gender-discriminatory.
The Associated Press interviewed 20 former contestants and crew members, eight of whom said they recalled Trump making inappropriate comments many times, including the crew he wanted to sleep.
The Trump camp thought the story was strange, with several former crew members telling The Associated Press that they had a positive experience with TrumpTrump.
New York Attorney General Eric schnederman said that if the Associated Press and The New York Times did not make enough of Trump's pot, today, supporters of Democrats and Hillary Clinton have ordered the Trump Foundation to immediately stop collecting charitable donations in New York because it is not legally registered in New York state.
The Trump campaign said it would abide by the agreement, but expressed concern about the company's political motives.
Not so much is a story on the front page of Draghi, accusing Bill Clinton of having a secret son named Danny, allegedly, the former president's father was an Arkansas prostitute in her 1980 s.
As early as 1999, the star claimed that the company checked the boy's DNA with the former president and proved that they were not associated.
But now the charge is that the test is not accurate.
According to the Daily Mail, US President Barack Obama is very worried about Hillary's health. he did a secret medical examination for her at Walter Reid hospital, but Clinton refused, because she was worried about a leak in her heart valve, her heart rate, and other problems.
For the record, the story was written by one of Hillary Clinton's most intense critics, and he might be careful.
Because of the way the authority told the conservative site, Hillary was once very concerned about what information Julian Assange might reveal, and she had allegedly asked, citing "can't we get this guy on a plane?
"A fact-finding website says the claim is unconfirmed ---Megyn. (LAUGHTER)
Thanks, Trace.
So Chris stirivott wants to talk about something, and so does Howie Kurtz.
Digital politics editor at Fox News and our host "MediaBuzz ".
"Guy Benson wants to go to the party together.
He's an editor at City Hall.
A contributor to Fox News. OMG.
Chris stirewater, I'll give it to you. OMG.
Secret love kids, secret visits to Walter Reid, or refusal to visit some heart valve leaks that have never been confirmed, $916 billion in losses in 18 years without paying taxes. Totally legal.
It is said to be frightened by it.
I want to have sex with an "apprentice" employee and say something bad on the AG. I mean, what?
Chris stirewater, digital politics editor at Fox News: I like unconfirmed stuff.
Whether Hillary Clinton is really a lizard in human clothing has not been confirmed.
This has never been proven, nor has it been proven.
Let's face the truth, America.
No one has denied this yet.
It's October.
We had a lot of hot garbage in October.
We do expect that.
It feels different this year.
The reason this year feels different is that both candidates and the media think it's not just an election, it's also a revelation.
The results of this election will always be written for human history and for the entire United States.
People scared the monster.
This is the case.
Kelly: Howie ,--
Look, we shared some of the stories that right-wing media did to Hillary Clinton.
But in the past few weeks, the vast majority of stories released this weekend have been about Trump.
A blow to Trump.
Listen to me now, that doesn't mean they're fake.
But they are very successful. they are very hard.
The same media organization, many of them can't give him enough favorable coverage during the Republican primary, now like, what have we done? We're sorry.
Let's go find the apprentice. War.
Host Howie Kurtz: Well, they threw a lot of stones and turned into an avalanche.
You see, just yesterday, Brian Fallon, press secretary for Hillary Clinton, told me that the media are holding Donald Trump accountable, which means they believe the media is defending them.
Now, among these rocks, pebbles and boulders, you have legal stories like The New York Times tax story.
Although this is not a Boulder, he can accept a deduction that is completely legal.
Then you have something like, you know, where is Donald Trump, we talk about fuel, but talk about Miss Universe and post it on Twitter.
But you also have something like these people, "apprentices," who said he was involved in the locker room conversation.
You know, it doesn't look so good, like every interview with Howard Stein, except that he was an entertainer at the time and then finally Megan, it's not fair that you have some stories, or completely out of context.
I don't know.
You tell me if the content of the apprentice can forgive him because he was an entertainer at the time.
Because the problem is that these people seek professional positions in the Trump Organization.
That being said, I mean, that's why I included what he said to a Celebrity Apprentice in the debate in August, 15.
It's not just an entertainment show, it's also a show for these young women to look for career opportunities.
Guy Benson, Fox News writer: Yes.
There are reality shows and Donald Trump.
It's like someone shows up in front of a bachelor and says, oh my God, there's someone drinking and having sex on this show.
I can't believe it.
Kelly: But do you think these women were told when they signed up that their breasts were not big enough?
No, I don't think so.
Of course, I will not defend him at this point.
But at this point, will it move a ticket to Megyn?
We did hear from your question in the debate.
Since then, we 've learned a bunch of ads from Hillary Clinton, all the bad things he says about women, and it's probably just. P.
You know, investigating what's said around him is basically a locker room or a water dispenser.
Kelly: Why didn't they do that in August 2015?
I mean, you know, the whole world sees the debate, where is. P.
August or September of 15 years?
You told Stirewalt why they didn't raise the issue until October, a few days before the election.
Jeb Kumar is making a malt shake for himself somewhere and would like to know the same thing.
So is Marco Rubio. -KELLY: Wait. Wait.
Can I interrupt you to prove your point?
We have Ted Cruz, who cried in the soup for a while before saying this.
Actually March 6. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)SEN. TED CRUZ, R-
Texas: Frankly, one of the reasons the media want Donald to be the nominee is because the media know Donald can't win the general.
Hillary will beat him.
All the attacks on Donald that the media is not talking about right now, you 'd better believe in September, October, November, he's the nominee, and every day on the evening news will separate Donald.
I can't tell you how much media I 've heard of such a wonderful exposure to Donald, exposure to his business deals or different aspects of the past.
But they said, you know, we have to stick to June or July.
We're not going--
You mean what the reporter told you?
Cruz: of course. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kelly: Chris, go ahead.
I mean, whether they have plans or not, I believe this is a tear on Ted Cruz's face when he wrote a Facebook post, and he said Internet regulation is enough for him to support Donald Trump or whatever.
I'm sure it's hard. I'm sure time is sad.
But the reality is that they ride the wind and waves.
The media used Donald Trump's clicks and reports and the wave of celebrities to do all these things.
Now, I think Cruz is right.
It's serious now.
It's October.
Nowadays, many media and mainstream media think this is completely unacceptable.
So they just started putting pressure on him until the election is over.
Kelly: Howie, what do you think of the New York Times allegations of hypocrisy for refusing to produce or print these emails
Mail related--
This undermines less debate about climate change because they say it is illegal to do so because they are illegally acquired, but they have no problem with Trump doing so.
Kurtz: I have to care about that because The Times did make a front line --
Page stories about these emails.
I mean, these tons of emails, and I see that the New York Times Company didn't pay taxes in 2014, which is even more hypocritical.
Kelly: Well, there's a problem with that. (CROSSTALK)
There's a question about this.
Sometimes reporters push back tonight.
Yes. But go to ahead kurtz.
But it seems to me, you know, you have a lot of stuff thrown on Donald Trump, some are legitimate, some are not, some are self-
It caused trauma, which is completely out of balance with the scrutiny Hillary Clinton received.
Then you also have cultural content here.
So, not just news agencies, but celebrities, most late-night comics, Kimmel, Samantha Bee, Seth Meyers, Steven Colbert--
Jennifer Lawrence says the end of the world will come if he wins the election.
So I think there is an effort here, some of which are intentional, some of which do not portray him as beyond acceptability.
I mean, those guys. -
Jon Stewart will never vote for Mitt Romney. Right?
When he did not do things late at night.
So it's not uncommon for people to oppose Republican nominees late at night.
It is unusual here that Sir has a lot of feedTrump.
In his defense, he did not pay as much attention as a politician to every word he said.
I mean, there is a lot of feed because he is a feed production machine.
You know, he's just an unusual character, he's a dynamic character, and a lot of Howard Stern's stuff is done to be a creator.
Benson: Actually, you can call me a huge feed factory.
But you have to separate.
Part of our work is to distinguish between what is real, what is legal, and what is the stupid season.
There's one thing to do today.
I think Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump because he thought he belittled veterans with post-traumatic stress.
Trump did nothing.
You know, they grabbed a word and turned it into a false dispute. KELLY: Uh-hm.
Benson: it's time for the kitchen sink.
Kelly: That's right.
They advised Donald Trump to shoot veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.
Everyone on our team looked at the tape and if you look at the sound clip in the context, he didn't do it at all. BENSON: Right. Exactly. KELLY: At all.
He meant to praise the power of the people in the room anyway.
There's a lot to talk about.
We barely scratch the surface.
Nice to meet you guys.
Thank you, Megan.
It's going to be the team for tonight's show, it's hot crap.
We brought the fork in half.
You know, we serve delicious food on Kelly's file.
"Well, a lot of multimedia is going on today (whispering)
Rejection by the United States. S.
Because they love America's tax policy. S. tax code.
Is Donald Trump breaking the law?
Next, we'll take a look and see if anyone cares about the arguments that Hillary actually made there.
Also, if you don't see Donald Trump's speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday night, wow.
When the governor of Huckabee and we talk together about the path of the next presidential debate, we will do so.
In the past 72 hours, a series of new polls have fallen.
Larry Sabato came here with the latest changes to the 2016 election map, and that was really important when we came back. Don't go away. (
Business break)
Are you sitting on more files?
Susan Craig, New York Times reporter: we are doing a lot of coverage on this.
So we have to keep going.
Man: OK.
So, yes, do you have more files besides these three files?
Craig: there may be no comment.
Man: No comment. (END VIDEO CLIP)
This is Susan Craig, the New York Times reporter.
She was the person who received the mysterious envelope of Trump's 1995 tax returns in her office mailbox at the end of September, and The Times later began publishing.
Some pointed out that the move could be illegal, while others praised the times for "taking risks ".
"Trace Gallagher took us through the contents of the envelope. Trace?
Gallagher: As you mentioned, Megyn of The New York Times said that tax documents were anonymously mailed to a "times" reporter last month, who had previously dealt with Donald Trump
Each of these three pages has the name and Social Security number of Trump and his then wife, Marra mappell.
The documents show that they were sent from the Trump Tower in New York City and are of course easy to forge.
The Times then submitted tax documents to lawyers and accountants who handled Trump's taxes for more than 30 years.
Those who retire now say the documents are legal.
These documents do not have any clue to Trump's net assets or charitable donations.
The Times notes that despite the billions of dollars lost by Trump, his cash flow is still plentiful.
Although his company's stock was hit hard.
But according to the IRS, Trump's net operating loss can be used to erase the taxable income of the first three years and 15 years after the loss.
We should point out that there is no evidence that Donald Trump has not paid the federal tax, but he thinks his knowledge of the IRS hole is excellent. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)Donald Trump
Presidential candidate: in my business mind, I was able to use the country's tax laws to dig into the real estate market mess and you would call it depression when few people can do what I do. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gallagher: but keep in mind, that's what Trump has said over and over again, "we can get rid of deductions, a lot of bad guys don't pay taxes, and hedge fund guys get away with murder.
Hillary Clinton is now trying to turn things around. (
Start Video Editing)
Hillary Clinton
Presidential candidate: he abused power, manipulated the system, and put his own interests above the national interests.
First, Trump, and finally others. (END VIDEO CLIP)
But according to tax experts, everything Trump does is legal.
In fact, according to Forbes magazine, The New York Times achieved zero taxes in 2014 and also received $3.
5 million refund.
Finally, we should note that the New York Times editor said he would risk publishing Donald Trump's tax return ---Megyn.
Kelly: Thanks, Trace.
I would now like to talk about Boris eppsteen, senior advisor to Trump's campaign, and Richard Fowler, senior fellow at the National Leadership Council.
Nice to meet you both.
So, Boris, let's skip the discussion about whether this is legal or not.
But what Trump has done is perfectly legitimate.
Boris eppsteyn, Trump's senior adviser to the campaign: of course.
Kelly: I don't know who else has more taxes than they actually owe.
I mean, just because they think it's morally right to do so.
Show me that guy.
I would love to see him.
So, let's talk about what Hillary's really going on in this argument, that is, what kind of outstanding businessman has lost 900-
Add millions of dollars a year and B, so what about all the small contractors and shareholders? They totally messed up the year he lost all this money, and then he used it for years and didn't pay taxes, but they were left behind--
They went out and tried.
Well, there are a few things.
First of all, don't let the audience here be too boring. KELLY: Good. Good policy.
But $1 billion, $0. 916 billion, is not a matter of a year.
This has been accumulated over a series of years.
Kelly: he lost in a year.
EPSHTEYN: that's what you do in terms of taxes.
By the way, GM lost 16 billion in 2009. KELLY: Okay.
But as an outstanding businessman, GM did not run for president.
Epstyne: No, but the truth is, it's a very accepted approach.
You did this because--KELLY: Fine.
We skip this.
You want your company to continue.
We skipped that part.
Because we will give you that view.
Let's continue to discuss the relevant issues.
EPSHTEYN: the reason you do this is because you want to keep doing business because the government wants you to keep doing business and hire employees.
That's what Donald Trump did.
You did not answer any of my questions.
The argument she made-
I give you a chance to respond to the argument she made anywhere today what a good businessman would suffer such a loss and he might be fine but he messed up the little guy, contractors, etc. that are not paid and shareholders who are paid in dollars.
He did not go to bed with anyone.
First, it is generally believed that Mr.
Trump made his fortune twice.
He made a lot of money then. -
Kelly: did he give it back to the people who were screwed up?
EPSHTEYN: Then there's a real estate crisis in the early 90 s.
He has made billions of dollars since then.
By the way, because he was able to bounce back, he has hired thousands of people since then, while Hillary Clinton has not found a job outside the Justice Department and the FBI. KELLY: Okay.
Let's get it there.
Richard, how about the last?
Because Trump is able to rebuild his business and hire so many people, because every job you offer actually creates a few other jobs and everything he does is completely legal, you will do the same.
Once he has accumulated wealth, he has no obligation to travel around and repay small businesses that have not been paid according to the law.
Richard Fowler, national joint radio host: I actually agree with Boris on this point.
In fact, he used the law.
But that is the question of the law and the reason why we have to change it.
I agree with that.
Fowler: If you look at Trump's tax plan, there's no point in changing it.
He did not say he would close the hole in hedge fund managers.
When the little guy suffered, he gave millions of dollars to reach people like him.
Although he is creating jobs, he may create jobs for builders, he may create jobs for secretaries, but they pay 42%, 39, taxes.
When Donald Trump-
He announced his tax return and he paid only 5%, maybe 6%.
I mean, because Mitt Romney paid 14%, I made a good guess.
So he has to pay less than Romney because he calls him an idiot.
So I thought--
Kelly: Well, we don't know how much Trump paid because he won't release the tax.
Boris, go ahead.
EPSHTEYN: as a lawyer, let me tell you, first of all, no one can guess Mr.
Trump paid.
We just want to know.
We know if he can release the return.
Epptyne: First, look.
Trump's tax plan
It is the reduction of all tax brackets, simply filling in tax brackets.
So I don't know where Richard is. -
Sounds good. EPSHTEYN: --
But this is not Trump's tax plan.
Kelly: Okay.
I want to ask you this, Boris.
I have to go, but I want to ask you this question.
Why did Trump say on Twitter that many bad guys don't pay taxes, criticize 50% of countries for not paying taxes, and criticize Obama for his tax rate when he doesn't pay taxes.
Well, again, you don't know.
It's just your charge, Megan.
Fowler: So why don't he publish the tax return?
Kelly: he admitted today that he used the tax law.
Trump defended the story of the New York Times, Boris, as you know me, it's not wrong, I don't have it, they're wrong about what I paid.
Donald Trump has paid millions of dollars in payroll taxes, real estate, etc.
Can we have a look?
And most importantly, he would--
Fowler: why can't we see it?
Let him finish, Richard.
Let me finish, Richard. Let me finish.
He wants to plug the hole.
He's closing the interest hole.
These hedge fund managers benefit from this. KELLY: Okay.
EPSHTEYN: he talked about this specifically.
Richard, I'll give you the last word. (CROSSTALK)
Boris, let Richard say
Fowler: The last one will be short, Megan.
This is very simple.
Like Ronald Reagan said, trust but check.
First of all, does the American people need to look at his tax return? Can I finish?
Before we talk about his tax policy, we need to look at his tax return.
Let's take a look at his tax return.
Every US president or presidential candidate has issued a tax return.
We are now less than 40 days away from him and haven't seen his tax return yet. KELLY: Okay. I got to go.
Fowler: What do you have to hide?
I have to go.
Thank you guys.
Fowler: What do you have to hide?
Boris, what are you hiding?
Kelly: Trump was ripped off on his tax return in the box, like he didn't check the box, and I wanted to donate a dollar to help some businesses.
I hate them doing that.
Because you don't know. -
Maybe you don't know anything about this charity. Right?
When you're like Dwayne Reid (ph)
Or something like CBS, would you be willing to donate a dollar to help dying animals?
You don't like it, no, I just want this pack of gum.
Like, oh, it's a pity.
But you don't know about charity.
Just like I would look into a charity or my own charity, I would contribute my time.
I have to take it off my chest.
I only donate to the no-killing shelter. That's anyway --
So Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, promised us that Hillary Clinton would be involved.
Just ahead, we will show you that we are only a few hours away from knowing what it is.
In addition, Trump is off course in a long, unscripted speech against Hillary Clinton.
Next is Governor Huckabee, who will tell how this message works in the campaign.
Until the next presidential debate. (
Start Video Editing)
TRUMP: You want to know the truth. I even think she is not loyal to Bill. (CROWDS BOOING)
Really, guys, really, why is she doing this, right? (END VIDEO CLIP)(
Business break)
Kelly: We are only 36 days away from deciding the next president of the United States.
Less than a week before the next presidential debate, one big problem is that Donald Trump will be in the race.
Is it someone who insists on the script, or someone who has interesting moments in his comments in Pennsylvania this weekend? (
Start Video Editing)
TRUMP: Now you say to your wife, let's go to the movies after Trump, but you're not going to do that because you're too high, so excited, and there's no movie to satisfy you. OK?
I can be an apprentice now.
I love Season 14 somehow.
How good is that?
Great success
Since I have heard too many stories about certain areas of Pennsylvania, you have to pay attention to your polling station.
I 've heard too many bad stories and we can't lose the election because you know what I'm talking about.
She should struggle with all these different things and she can't be 15 feet kilometers away from her car.
Let me have a rest.
Let me have a rest.
Let me have a rest.
She has a bad temper.
She might be crazy.
She might be crazy.
I don't even think she's loyal to Bill if you want to know the truth.
Really, why is she doing this, right? (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kelly: Well, in a moment, Governor Mike Huckabee will explain
Trump can re-post the news.
But first, the latest news about the rally that just ended, Carl Cameron, Carl?
Carl Cameron, chief political correspondent for Fox News: Hi Megan.
The vice presidential debate will be held tomorrow in Virginia, tonight.
Trump held his second rally in Colorado, today he did not mention once that the New York attorney general closed his charitable foundation for not applying for the necessary certificates and approvals to his charitable foundation to receive more than $25,000 in donations each year, both groups and individuals.
Not even coming up.
Instead, at a rally earlier today, he boasted that due to the loss of about $1. 916 billion in 1995, he was able to use the New York tax law in a way that did not require up to 18 years of tax payment.
This doesn't even include three other examples from a few years ago. his losses are so great that he doesn't need to pay taxes.
Clearly, he sees it as an asset, not as a political responsibility. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)
Trump: I used the tax law legally for my benefit.
My understanding of the tax law gives me a huge advantage over those who don't know the tax law, including many of my competitors who have lost everything and no one has heard from them anymore
Now they're gone, I'm here, I'm ready to turn things around for our country. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Cameron: Trump has been fighting back against Hillary Clinton and Democrats in the past few days to catch this.
There is no indication that it will stop.
In fact, according to all reports, Tim Kane is expected to raise this issue tomorrow when fighting Mike Pence in the vice president's debate, which is the only issue in the cycle. Megyn?
Thank you, Carl.
My Next Guest said it was only 36 days since Trump was out of attack mode.
Governor Mike Huckabee is with me now.
He is a former presidential candidate and a contributor to Fox News.
Good to meet you, Governor.
So, a lot of people come out and say, you know, Trump needs to stop this kind of behavior, Trump needs to re-post information, and Trump shouldn't copy Hillary's step down, you know, to a large extent, you can argue that what Trump will say has given him the nomination.
He is different.
He did not bow his head to the party's leaders.
He doesn't sound like anyone else.
He will not act like everyone else.
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee: You see, who is criticizing him?
This is the mainstream media, the mud in New York, the compost in Washington and all of their followers. And guess what?
Trump's supporters don't care what the media think.
They hate the media.
They don't trust the media.
This is what we are talking about. . .
Donald Trump objected. . .
He has supporters who are with him. That is clear.
Huckabee: That's right.
Kelly: they believe he's going to change things for them, but we're talking about Trump supporters.
So now we're talking about this group, and they say, I don't know him, and I don't like her either.
I don't know what to do.
So for these people, are these things helpful, are they hurting, or are they both?
It may not help him, but when they actually walk into the polling station ---
That's what they think Donald Trump is someone who is willing to go into hell on their behalf with a water gun, and Hillary Clinton is the one who keeps the flame going.
So it's clear to them that if they want to make a difference in this country, if they want someone to fight for them, their job, their future, their children, it will not be Hillary because she has been bought and sold by the donor class.
Kelly: But let me ask you this question, because Newt Gingrich was in hanniti on Friday night and he has very different voice suggestions for Trump.
Listen to him. (
Start Video Editing)
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: you can't tweet at 3: 00 in the morning.
There is no excuse, if you want to be president of the United States.
So he really has to make a decision and I think it's very important to understand that.
If he had to be himself, he probably wouldn't have won.
If he is willing to be president, he may win.
In fact, I think he will win. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kelly: Do you agree with that? Or are you better at making Trump?
Huckabee: I think Trump must be Trump.
You see, when he did, I said, oh my God, I wouldn't do that.
But you know what?
Trump is the nominee and I'm sitting here talking to you.
So, you know, let's figure it out.
In fact, Donald Trump is the most destructive candidate we have ever seen, and he has achieved it.
Some of the things he says are worth it for those of us who live in the mainstream and in the flow.
But when you step back, you realize that when he says something, it's affected by the media, the Liberals, the donor class, and even some frankly, megan is equally guilty and responsible for our nonsense in this country, as is the Democratic Party.
Kelly: his supporters think it means something fearless and it really attracts them.
Good to meet you, Governor.
HUCKABEE: Nice to meet you, MegynKELLY: Julie rokinski, a Democratic strategist and Fox News writer, with me.
Julie, let's start at the last point. I mean --
I'm not just talking about Trump supporters.
There was a group in the middle who didn't like the Washington agency and thought she was one of them, she said, I know he's politically incorrect and he said something bad, but like I want someone to break the system, will she go and laugh at the person she fell down when she gets pneumonia, that person?
Julie rokinsky, a Democratic strategist: I don't know.
You know, let's put the party fight aside and talk about the clip you played as a man who got into a meltdown.
Plus, this Alicia Machado is 3: 00. m. tweet (inaudible)
Not a person who doesn't even have the temperament of being a mayor of a big city, let alone a leader in the free world.
Ridicule opponents--
By the way, this is not the first time.
He derided a New York Times reporter for being disabled, and now he derided Hillary Clinton for having pneumonia and talking about the fact that she might be crazy.
I have never seen such a projection, I think. . .
And she's obviously not loyal to Bill. That's news.
Who knows? Who knew?
I mean, isn't that a projection?
Is this not absolute? -
It's like psychology 101.
This is someone who projects their problems to another person. . .
Kelly: Technically, this is empathy.
ROGINSKY: tag it as you want (ph)
You know, we have to ask a real psychiatrist.
I am not qualified to say.
Kelly: how about things like apprentice and woman?
There's actually another one. -
Another woman came out, a reporter for The Philadelphia Inquirer.
"Pennsylvania is a big state in this election.
In the 1980 s, Trump said she might be the worst word you have for a woman, she said.
Here you are. listen. (
Start Video Editing)
Jennifer Lin, former Philadelphia Inquirer: I worked in the Wall Street office of the Philadelphia Inquirer and got a call.
The woman said, Mr. Jean.
Then Mr. Trump.
Trump started yelling at me.
He told me I had (Bleep)for brains.
He told me I work for. Bleep)
What did the newspaper say to him? Bleep)was I writing? I was stunned. He hung up.
He called my boss in Philadelphia and had the same rant about my boss.
But then he said, he called me the C word.
I will not use the word Michael because it seems to me that mentioning a woman is the worst word in English. (END VIDEO CLIP)KELY: Julie.
ROGINSKY: Well, I would say, I was surprised that we all received some words from him and his supporters, so it wouldn't shock me.
Look, this is reality.
I don't care if you're a Democrat or a Republican.
These are policy differences.
This is about who is not fit in character, and I would like to say that it is not mentally appropriate to be a leader in the free world.
If someone could release a tax bill in this way or approach him like he criticized his position on Miss America, what would Putin do to him when the real 3: 00m.
He must answer the phone.
This is a person who is mentally unfit for the highest position in the country.
I would say the highest office in the world.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Megan.
Kelly: A few weeks ago, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, hinted at a huge surprise in October in the Kelly archives.
Next, we will detail the press conference he arranged in a few hours.
In addition, Larry Sabato is here to participate in a series of new polls and what they mean for the coming weeks.
Ladies and gentlemen, there's another month. (
Business break)
Kelly: There will be a major news report tonight for the Democratic presidential candidate.
Just five weeks ago, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appeared on the show and promised to be very surprised by Hillary Clinton.
He said it could change the election.
There are reports tonight that the announcement may be imminent.
Trace Gallagher from the West Coast newsroom of TG?
Fox News reporter trace gallagher: Megan, Julian Assange should have announced this big news tomorrow on the balcony of Ecuador's embassy in London, but due to Assange's security concerns, A video presentation has now been made in Berlin.
It will be video now.
Julian Assange has information to close the forecast (ph)
It may be too early for Hillary Clinton.
But history has proved that he does have the ability to move the needle.
Just before the August national convention on democracy, 20,000 national committee on internal democracy
The Mail showed that the Democratic National Committee appeared to collude in order to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.
The finding led to the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairman of the Democratic National Committee.
In general, about 10 million of WikiLeaks has been published
Including mail messages from prisoners in the Gulf of Guantanamo, operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Back in August, Assange was asked about the latest leaks in the Kelly archives. Watch. (
Start Video Editing)
Kelly: Do you believe that the information you have will change the rules of the game in the United States? S. election?
Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks: I think it's important.
You know, it depends on how it caught fire in the public and in the media. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Gallagher: Not only did former Trump campaign advisers think it was going to catch fire, but Roger Stone also thought it would mean the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign.
Stone wrote on Twitter, "I am confident that WikiLeaks and my hero Julian Assange will educate the American people. Lock her up.
"The latest leak is expected to drop at 10: 00 in the morning. m.
4: 00 eastern time in Berlin. Megyn.
We will see. Trace, thanks.
Well, this potential October surprise is in a series of new kunnipiac polls that show that Hillary Clinton has largely recovered ground on some of the key battlefields. Mrs.
Clinton's popularity in Florida is on the rise, with Donald Trump now up five percentage points.
She's also three percentage points ahead of North Carolina, and in Pennsylvania, it's a competitive place ---
They say it's purple, but it's really blue.
Voted for President Obama in the last two elections. -Mrs.
Clinton rose five points.
But it was Trump who won the seven-legged state.
Now, Ohio, my next guess is that Ohio has voted for every White House winner since 1964.
Join me now, Larry Sabato, director of the political center at the University of Virginia.
Nice to meet you, Larry.
So, what did you collect from the last round of voting?
Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia political Center: Well, the news is very, very good for Hillary Clinton.
In fact, she scored 11 points in a new poll in Colorado.
She has gained a big advantage in three national surveys by CBS, CNN and Monkey.
So, let me tell you, I think she got a real push from the first debate, and that push actually increased over time.
Megyn, let me note that these polls were not conducted after the New York Times disclosed Trump's taxes.
So that may have some impact and we have to wait until the next round of voting.
Kelly: So, I mean, is this going to cause you to change your election map?
When Donald Trump had a bad week and a half, you started to be a little more beneficial to her.
SABATO: Well, I want to see if these changes last, Megyn.
It's huge to remember that Clinton won a rally at the Democratic convention. But it faded.
My question is, when we approach election day, will we review the first debate and say that this is a key turning point in the general election, or we will say, no, it has been changed through two or three debates or some external events or revelations. . .
Kelly: like WikiLeaks. SABATO: . . .
This may change it.
Kelly: I mean Julian Assange has done it before.
This guy is not a complete exaggeration.
How big is this likely to be?
SABATO: Well, they didn't share the email, you know.
My mail, Megan.
I was disappointed.
But I can't tell you until I see what they have. Who knows?
As predicted, I don't think it's the end of her campaign.
I think it's a bit extreme.
But we will see what they have.
Yes, we will. then we will discuss more.
Larry, just give it a number before I let you go.
Hillary and Donald's win
Sabato: I think her chances are between 60 and 65%, 35 and 40% for him. KELLY: Wow.
Nice to meet you, Larry.
Thank you, Megan.
Kelly: after Hillary Clinton talked about Bernie Sanders supporters in the newly discovered audio, she faced a backlash from her own party.
We will tell you what Bernie is talking about and talk about the so-called love for children. 2016. Next. (
Business break)
Kelly: Well, Hillary Clinton is embracing the enthusiasm of the Trump campaign for some of the newly discovered audio of the last February private fundraising campaign, where she was heard talking about millennial voters. Listen. (
Start audio clips)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: they are children of the Great Recession.
They live in the basement of their parents.
If you feel that you have been commissioned to do a barista or some other job that is not much paid and doesn't have much opportunity, then maybe, just maybe, you may be part of the idea of a very attractive political revolution. (END AUDIO CLIP)
Kelly: reporter Griff Jenkins is now with me, and he's at the scene of tomorrow's presidential debate, detailing what millennials think about this election. Hey, Griff.
Steve Jenkins, Fox News reporter: Hey, Megan.
With this in mind, 69 million of millennials will be eligible to vote in November 8, 31% of all voters.
In 2008 and 2012 elections, about 20% of the votes were counted.
So how can Secretary Clinton really stand with them after calling them basement residents and insulting them?
In the latest Fox News poll, her approval rating was 44% and Trump's was 28%.
But liberal third party Gary Johnson is ranked 17%, and Jill Stein is ranked 8%.
In the Fox News vote earlier this year, Bernie Sanders-
When these millennials felt Berne, they beat her at 71% to 28%.
Our audience will remember Barack Obama running two to one in the election.
Clinton is clearly not performing well.
So I came to the campus behind me to understand how these millennial students feel. Take a look. (BEGIN VIDEO)
Unidentified male: College tuition and health care for young people and all citizens.
These are things that millennials care about.
Unidentified women: as a country, our bodies cannot afford the same liberal policies for four years that have doubled our national debt.
I think, you know, look at how they're going to create jobs.
In addition, climate change is out of control.
I feel strongly about equality.
Male: and sever (ph)terrorism.
Something important to me.
Woman: I haven't decided yet.
This will come down to this debate.
Unidentified male: When I was a senior in high school, I thought I could agree on something with Republicans and Democrats.
It surprised me and I thought it would take a middle zone and someone in the middle to get something done.
Do you think millennials will vote in this election?
Woman: Yes, of course I do.
Unidentified Woman: I think this election really got us out of the shell of the vote.
Unidentified male: I'm going to vote for candidates that I feel are positive and bring a lot of unity to this country.
Secretary Clinton said--
Millennial basement residents who live with their parents at home.
Every politician is not perfect.
Unidentified women: these two candidates, in particular, I feel like they have played a lot of their emotions and feelings on social media. (END VIDEO CLIP)KELLY: Griff?
Jenkins: So I think we'll find out what's going on online on Snapchat. Megyn.
Kelly: Thank you.
She didn't say the residents of the basement, but she said they were unhappy in the basement.
We will be back soon. (
Business break)
Kelly: A word about Bill Clinton's alleged love for children.
It is reported that this was overturned in 1999 due to the presence of DNA, and now Roger Stone says there is no DNA test, but he says a lot.
See you tomorrow.
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