matthew house is moving into a bigger home to help more refugees - bathroom vanities

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-11
matthew house is moving into a bigger home to help more refugees  -  bathroom vanities
The Windsor Matthew tower will leave three.
Bedroom building on Drouillard Road and with 18,000-square-
The foot ALPHA House on the forest open at the East End of Windsor.
The organization provides asylum for refugees, but it has grown faster than it used to be.
"Last year, we rejected everyone we were able to accommodate," said MikeMorency, executive director of Matthew house . ".
The new building the group is about to move into has been vacant for six years.
The organization says the new space requires a lot of work.
New floors, drywall, new paint coating, bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinets.
Matthew House is working with private businesses like human habitat and local community agencies to renovate it.
Fiona couglen, executive director of human habitat, said they had sent an appeal to the construction industry to provide them with the help of equipment, materials and hands on the deck.
The two organizations started a partnership in 2017 when Matthew house's basement was flooded and human habitat began to help repair.
Coughlin said the organization would be happy to help given that Matthew house had to enter the new space.
"It reduces the pressure on all systems," she said . ". "It's win-
We won the whole city, so we all won.
"The renovated ALPHA House will have space for offices, programming and services, and for other organizations to work.
One of the most exciting places in this new space is the children's playroom, renovated and provided by Heritage Park Union Church.
The city does not provide home for homeless people, but Matthew House will welcome families, said Morency.
The game room will provide a space for the children.
They hope to complete all the construction work within one month.
Morency and Coughlin asked volunteers to lend a hand or donate materials to help complete the project on time.
The Drouillard Road on the old location will be sold.
The new building, which is 18 times the size of the original, will accommodate more people than before, morensey said.
However, the organization still needs help in resettling some refugees
Because all the space in Alpha House has been said.
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